Hi, I’m Clara! I help energetic high achievers stay balanced and release stress. I believe massage therapy is not an indulgence or a treat, but an integral part of our routine for healthy living, just like exercising and eating right.  Massageaholic is on a mission to increase awareness of how massage can help you fill your energy cup, so you can better serve not only yourself, but others around you as well.

Massage A-Z

Self care with massage therapies

Stress makes you sick, quite literally, when nothing is actually wrong with you. Combat it with simple moments of bliss to break up the pressure of the daily grind.

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Be the best version of you

Well-being practices

Everything is energy. Incorporating healthy practices into your routine, will help you take control of your health and well-being and make you feel like a new person

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Guide to best home massagers

Shiatsu, vibrating, heating soothing devices

Massagers provide great ways to reduce the buildup of stress and tension in our bodies. The benefits go beyond physical, improving anxiety and insomnia

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Living in the moment

73 Truly Inspirational Quotes About Living In The Moment

Why You Need to Live in the Moment The truth is, dwelling on the past doesn’t change a situation and ...
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Massage therapist

How Much Should You Tip Your Massage Therapist?

A massage is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but you won’t enjoy it if you’re worrying about how much ...
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Hot Stone massage benefits

How To Enjoy The Amazing Health Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Do you suffer from aches and pains, depression, insomnia, or poor circulation? Perhaps conventional Western medicine hasn’t relieved your symptoms, ...
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Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu Massage – A Truly Holistic Approach

Are you intrigued by holistic therapies, but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you want a massage that realigns your ...
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Japanese Shiatsu hand massage pressure points for anxiety and stress

Japanese Shiatsu Hand Self-Massage For Stress And Anxiety

Japanese Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that consists of gentle finger pressure on certain points on the hands' connective ...
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Ayurvedic massage benefits

The Phenomenal Healing Properties Of Ayurvedic Massage

Are you plagued by chronic health problems? Maybe you often have random aches and pains. Perhaps you have ongoing stress, ...
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Journey To A Better Life

Massage Therapies

Used for thousands of years by people living all over the world as a means of naturally treating both mental and physical body ailments. Find the practitioner and the method that is best for you.