Hi, I’m Clara! I help energetic high achievers stay balanced and release stress. I believe massage therapy is not an indulgence or a treat, but an integral part of our routine for healthy living, just like exercising and eating right.  Massageaholic is on a mission to increase awareness of how massage can help you fill your energy cup, so you can better serve not only yourself, but others around you as well.

Massage A-Z

Self care with massage therapies

Stress makes you sick, quite literally, when nothing is actually wrong with you. Combat it with simple moments of bliss to break up the pressure of the daily grind.

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Be the best version of you

Well-being practices

Everything is energy. Incorporating healthy practices into your routine, will help you take control of your health and well-being and make you feel like a new person

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Guide to best home massagers

Shiatsu, vibrating, heating soothing devices

Massagers provide great ways to reduce the buildup of stress and tension in our bodies. The benefits go beyond physical, improving anxiety and insomnia

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Thai Yoga massage

Thai Yoga Massage – What It Feels Like To Try It

The Awesome Effects Of Thai Yoga Massage Are the stresses and strains of modern life weighing you down? Does your ...
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6 Steps To Give Yourself A Facial Treatment And Massage At Home

Self-Facial – 6 Steps To Give Yourself A Facial Treatment And Massage At Home

If you simply don’t have time to get to a massage therapist for a face or body massage, or you ...
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Best eye massagers reviewed - guide

Eye Massage For Dark Circles and Wrinkles: Eye Massagers Reviewed

Contrary to popular belief, you can massage the eye area. However, you need the right tools to perform the treatment ...
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Best Facial Roller Massagers

5 Facial Roller Massagers For Wrinkles, Acne, Turkey Neck And Lymphatic Drainage

Massage on any part of the body brings a tremendous sense of wellbeing. As well as alleviating pain and discomfort ...
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Facial cleansing brushes reviewed

The Best Facial Cleansing Brush Massagers – Better Your Skin Self-Care Routine

If you follow a good skincare routine then you’ll no doubt clean your face with your favorite creams and serums ...
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The 9 Best Self-Massage Tools

The 9 Best Self-Massage Tools For Neck & Shoulders, Back, Feet, For Athletes and Runners

Massage is perceived as a luxury but for many, it’s a necessity. While most massages at a clinic tend to ...
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Journey To A Better Life

Massage Therapies

Used for thousands of years by people living all over the world as a means of naturally treating both mental and physical body ailments. Find the practitioner and the method that is best for you.