Cellulite massagers

Can Cellulite Be Removed By Massage?

Cellulite massage is different to normal massage techniques as it is specifically developed to administer pressure on the areas affected. The aim isn’t to relieve tension like regular massage, it’s to disperse fatty deposits and smooth out dimpled skin so toxins are removed via the lymphatic system.

Cellulite massage pressure supposedly breaks down fatty deposits and encourages better blood circulation. If you go to a specific cellulite masseuse, they will usually squeeze and pinch areas and then knead the muscles to really boost circulation and smooth out the dimpling. Of course, a masseuse might add in an anti-cellulite cream or essential to promote the best possible results.

What Is a Cellulite Massager?

Cellulite massagers mean different things. They can be wooden brushes with bristles or plastic brushes with rubber tips. Some of them are actually machines but all are designed to break down fatty deposits, smooth out dimpled skin and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Types of Cellulite Massagers

Cellulite massage machines

The machines are easy to use but they aren’t necessarily cheap. Some massage clinics use large, electrically operated cellulite massagers on their patients but there are plenty of manual versions available for use in the comfort of your own home.

The mechanical versions come with different nozzle heads which gives you the flexibility to use the right one for your grade of cellulite. They also do the work for you – there’s no need to pummel or knead your body and they are very good at really delivering a deep and satisfying massage.

Each massager comes with a different power setting so you choose the level of massage (light, moderate or deep). The massager vibrates according to your setting and helps to increase blood circulation. This action promotes better blood flow and at the same time, the strong vibrations breakdown fatty deposits transporting them through the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and fluid.

Additionally, the massage action stimulates skin elasticity, firming the area. The result is a smoother looking skin, with a less dimpled appearance.

Manual Massagers

There are also cellulite massagers that are not electrical and these look like round (or oval) brushes with a handle on top. Many are made out of plastic and feature rigid, knobbly bristles on top. These bristles are specifically designed to really deliver a deep massage and encourage blood flow as well as the breakdown of fatty deposits.

Used properly, and with the right amount of pressure applied, they can be very effective. However, you do need to continue the massage every day for a few weeks before you’ll notice a difference. Once you see a difference, you should still continue to use your cellulite massager and work it into your daily routine, much like daily moisturizing.

This will encourage long-term results but it’s one of those things that will only deliver results if you keep it up!

No doubt you want to know if this method works, according to Dr. Justine Hextall at the Harley Medical Group, massage is effective but it is something that you have to keep up in order to maintain the results.

Dry Brushes

Other cellulite massagers are similar to the plastic versions but made out of wood and have bristles (dry brushes) with round, flexible balls in-between, these help with the massaging motion and deliver a really intense, deep-tissue massage depending on the pressure you administer.

Dry brushing benefitsThis television programme recently aired on the UK’s BBC1 and testers tried a variety of different methods to banish cellulite. Of all the methods tried, dry brushing, similar to cellulite massagers (dry brushing involves using a wooden brush with bristles and little moveable balls) was the most successful with some users noticing a 26% reduction of cellulite after 5 weeks of use.

Best Cellulite Massagers Reviewed

So what method is right for you? We review the six best cellulite massagers available on the market today to help you make an informed decision.

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VOYOR Handheld Massager

VOYOR Handheld Massager

You can use the facial and body cleansing brush in the shower as a face brush or body cleansing brush to help your lotion, facial cleanser or oil to penetrate deep into your skin and bring you a soft, effective & relaxing skin cleansing experience. They can also clean and minimize your clogged pores as a Pore Minimizer; Harmless silicone rubber material makes it easy for cleansing & skin exfoliation without irritating your skin and will not store any bacteria.

VOYOR Handheld Massager

This massage head can work as a cordless handheld facial massager/neck massager/head massager/shoulder massager. It comes with 8 special designed deep tissue rotating rollers which can bring you powerful rotation massage of 2500-2700RPM to relieve your headache, tensions and release the muscle pains on your face, scalp, head, shoulder, neck, foot & leg.

For facial and body skin cleansing; it is suitable to use in the shower as a face brush or body cleansing shower brush and it can also help your lotion, facial cleanser or oil to penetrate deep into your skin and bring you a soft, effective and relaxing skin cleansing experience.

Lifestyle Massage Set

Lifestyle Massage Set

This value-for-money set retails at under $15 (depending on retailer) and comes with different pieces to give you the ultimate cellulite massage. The pack comprises of three different massagers designed to stimulate circulation, tighten and tone skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Additionally, it’s promoted as a stress-reliever as it refreshes muscles. Covered with a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s worth trying out. Use it on the moist skin by holding it by the handle and pushing downwards over the cellulite affected area. It’s best to administer moderate pressure and increase pressure as desired.

Move the massager in large circles and continue for up to 5 minutes per area for best results. Expect to see a difference within a few weeks of daily use.

Coolife Faschia Blaster

Coolife Faschia Blaster

At approximately $15 (depending on retailer) is this rather interesting massage brush from Coolife. It features a triple set of knobs on a long handle and is suitable for arms, legs, abdomen and thighs. It’s also convenient as you don’t need to use it in the shower, and you can use it with or without essential oil or cellulite cream.

Roll it firmly over your affected areas to deliver a deep tissue massage for approximately five to ten minutes and repeat daily. In order to experience the best results, you do need patience but you should see a firmer, smoother skin within four to five weeks of daily use.

Note, if you have sensitive skin, don’t press too hard and remember to drink plenty of water and lead a healthy lifestyle for best results.

DR.J 2200mAh Cordless Handheld Body Massager

DR.J 2200mAh Cordless Handheld Body Massager

Unlike the other cheap massager on the market which can only be used for several times, our DR.J Cordless Massager offers every customer a 3 YEAR WARRANTY & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can contact us at any time if you met any quality issues. So why not buy DR.J Cordless Massager with none risks.

DR.J Handheld Massager has five massager heads with five initial functions for deep tissue, ideal for neck, back and other body relaxing, speeding up muscle recovery.

DR.J 2200mAh Cordless Handheld Body Massager

Don’t like the other handheld body massager, our DR.J cordless massager was much inconvenient for daily use. You can do anything you like while you use our cordless massager, especially for outdoor use.

Sculptor Body Massager

Sculptor Body Massager

Our second electronic massager is this one, by Sculptor which retails at under the $40 mark and has been reviewed on television. This is another all-over-body massager that also helps to diminish cellulite. It works on all areas of the body including abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, back and muscles.

Each setting is completely adaptable to suit your needs. It’s also small so it’s easy to take on travels. It delivers a good level of deep-tissue massage and helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Use it once or twice a day as a tension reliever as necessary but for cellulite removal, this piece needs to be used daily for a few weeks although generally, electronic massagers deliver quicker results than hand-held manual devices. Expect to see a difference within three to four weeks of regular use.

New Body Life Anti Cellulite Cup with Cellulite Massager

New Body Life Anti Cellulite Cup with Cellulite Massager

Suction cups massaging action helps flush out toxins and fluid containing fat/cellulite. The choicest one anti-cellulite vacuum cup set eliminates irregularities of the skin, supports lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction, and the brush further enhances efficacy while improving blood circulation.

With our cellulite cups made up of FDA approved medical grade silicone, this cellulite blaster set is an UNBEATABLE CHOICE. 2 different sizes of silicone suction cups compressing effortlessly for creating a vacuum, anti-cellulite massage cup ensure suitability for different body parts

ROSENA Dry Brushing Body Brush

ROSENA Dry Brushing Body Brush

Now you can have the pampering experience of an expensive day spa right in your own home – every day. Dry brushing before you bathes or wet brushing while in the shower can dramatically improve your skin’s production of collagen and fresh cells.

Natural Boar’s bristles effectively exfoliate dry and dead skin cells, revealing the bright, younger looking skin beneath the surface. Encourages skin’s natural production of collagen and clear pores.

ROSENA Dry Brushing Body Brush

Increase lymphatic drainage and help move toxins out of the body naturally with stimulating brushing. The convenient strap makes the brush an extension of your own hand for more natural movement.

DIY Anti-Cellulite Massage Techniques

There are various different techniques using hands, dry brushes or cellulite massagers. Mainly, manual cellulite massagers should be used together with anti-cellulite creams or essential oils although some can be used alone. Most are used in the shower but some brushes can be used outside of the shower (e.g. dry brushing).

Generally, with manual massagers, you administer the pressure according to your comfort and they should be used in large, sweeping and circular motions. You can also use your hands to knead, pummel and squeeze flesh as well, this helps to break up the fatty deposits and encourage lymphatic drainage.

How To Use a Cellulite Massager

  1. Set aside ten minutes a day to massage your affected areas
  2. Work from your feet upwards towards your heart as this encourages blood flow through the peripheral veins.
  3. Use a massager and administer long, sweeping strokes upward, putting moderate pressure on your skin
  4. Then target specific areas using large, circular brush strokes for a few minutes
  5. If you want to, you can change to using your fingers and knead the areas alternate between kneading and pummeling (using your knuckles) do this for a few minutes
  6. Revert back to the massaging brush, begin with large, circular strokes and gradually move to long, sweeping strokes, slowing down to relax the body
  7. The massage action helps to break down the stubborn fatty deposits below the skin. Once broken down, the lymphatic system flushes them out as toxins.

Cellulite Massagers Vs Dry Brushing Vs Cupping

Cellulite Massagers

To remove cellulite yourself at home, there are four different methods. You can either use a cellulite massager (machine or manual), you can dry-brush, you can hand-massage or you can try cupping. We have already discussed cellulite massagers and dry brushing works the same way as cellulite massage but what is cupping?

Cupping involves using a cup-shaped piece made out of glass or medical grade silicone that creates a sucking sensation. Some cupping methods use heat as well; the cups are heated up to a certain temperature and then placed on the body, delivering suction and heat to break down fatty deposits.

This method is widely used in weight reduction and also for cellulite removal. One of the big advantages of cupping for cellulite is that it’s non-invasive and delivers a deep-tissue massage. The suction works by causing a reverse pressure that breaks up cellulite and at the same time, stimulates blood circulation.

The fatty deposits and toxins then travel out of the body through the lymphatic system. This study does conclude that dry cupping works on cellulite removal, however; it has limitations depending on lifestyle, age, and level of cellulite.

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