The Best Massage Lotion Creams for Stretch Marks

Those streaky lines that have appeared on your tummy, legs or thighs are stretch marks. They usually start off as a purple or red colour and gradually fade to slim, silvery lines and generally, they’re quite long and thin. We researched a lot of products available now and we have put together a list of
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What is Thai Massage?

History | Technique | Benefits There are so many different types of massage, particularly in Western culture, for example, there’s Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage but look further afield and you will find Thai massage. The question is what’s the difference? Is it specific to certain muscles or parts of the body and what
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Homemade Massage Oils

Before having a massage or giving a massage, you need massage suitable oil. Some oils are more massage-worthy than others and that’s because they’re therapeutic with healing properties so give the massage recipient even greater benefit. It’s important to use the right oil too and that’s why sometimes, it’s a good idea to make your
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Deep Tissue Massage Side Effects

Deep tissue massage is designed especially to relieve discomfort in specific muscle groups that are positioned close to your bones, joints, or both. With strain or injury, muscles can shift position. The result is uncomfortable tension, tightness, pressure or even mild to significant pain. Deep tissue massage works hard to loosen up the muscles so
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What Do I Wear To My First Massage?

This might seem like an obvious question to answer but you’d be amazed how many people turn up to their massage inappropriately dressed! The bottom line is, it really doesn’t matter what you wear as you’re going to strip off to almost naked. They key is to be comfortable. Your massage therapist will ask you
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8 Tried and Tested Methods to Loosen Tight Muscles

We all suffer from muscular tension at some point – some people experience it daily, others might get it every now and again but understanding how to restore flexibility is paramount if you want to continue your daily routine in comfort. There are lots of reasons why muscular tension occurs too. It could be you’ve
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Swedish Vs Deep Tissue Vs Sports Massage – The Differences

If you need a massage but you’re not sure what will work for you, it might be worth reading this article which details the differences between three popular massage techniques. Of course, there are so many options and really, it depends on many different things, such as the discomfort you’re in, the type of result
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Using Coconut Oil for Cellulite

Most women experience cellulite at some point or other and unless it’s dealt with, it usually deteriorates. What is Cellulite? Cellulite is the name for pockets of fat that appear in the skin’s tissue. It also consists of toxins and impurities that haven’t been flushed away efficiently. As they are pockets, they push against the
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