What’s The Best Full Body Massage Chair On The Market? [Guide]

A full body massage is the ultimate in relaxation, pampering and the care of your entire body. It’s an environment where you can release stress and tension, turn your thoughts inward, unplug from our increasingly digital society and just be present in the moment. Nowadays you can achieve such a massage using a Full Body
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What You Need To Know About the Pure Wave Massager

What You Need To Know About the Pure Wave Massager When you want a deep tissue massage, doubtless the best place you can get one is at your local masseuse but sometimes you’re too busy to get out or maybe you’re too uncomfortable to endure the journey (particularly if you’re in pain). There might not
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What You Need To Know About Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Do you love a massage but find it inconvenient to get to a massage salon? Would you rather be able to have one in the comfort of your own home and without worrying about getting someone to do it for you? Then a Shiatsu Massage Chair will probably be one of the best investments you
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The Best Home Foot Spas and Baths Reviewed

Our feet go through an awful lot every day. You stand on them, use them to get to places, perhaps you power walk or you jog or run but whatever you do, there’s no doubt, your feet work hard. Sometimes, being on your feet all day long can lead to intense foot pain. Many people
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The Best Foot Massagers Reviewed [Guide]

Your feet are busy every day. The stand, they walk, they run, they exercise and even when you’re sitting down, they take some strain. It’s no wonder they often ache by the time you’re ready to take a break. Foot massage benefits Foot massage has tremendous wellbeing benefits; a really good massage improves circulation, alleviates
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Best Back Massagers Reviewed. Back Self-Massage Techniques

Unfortunately, most adults in life will suffer with some form of back pain, whether it’s occasional or occurs regularly. There’s no doubt that back pain can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes can render you completely inactive. I should know, I’ve been a backache sufferer on and off since the age of 18. Sometimes, my back
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Best Cellulite Massagers Reviewed. Can Massage Remove Cellulite?

Can Cellulite Be Removed By Massage? Cellulite massage is different to normal massage techniques as it is specifically developed to administer pressure on the areas affected. The aim isn’t to relieve tension like regular massage, it’s to disperse fatty deposits and smooth out dimpled skin so toxins are removed via the lymphatic system. Cellulite massage
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Best Handheld Massagers Reviewed

For traveling | Deep Tissue Pain | Whole body | Double head | For athletes | Heated Massager | For Cellulite We’d all love to live a world where Francois is in the next room preparing our daily massage with all manner of oils, lotions and creams to relax our muscles, de-age our skin and
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