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The Best Foot Massagers Reviewed [Guide]

Your feet are busy every day. The stand, they walk, they run, they exercise and even when you’re sitting down, they take some strain. It’s no wonder they often ache by the time you’re ready to take a break. Foot massage benefits Foot massage has tremendous wellbeing benefits; a really good massage improves circulation, alleviates […]

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Best Handheld Massagers Reviewed

For traveling | Deep Tissue Pain | Whole body | Double head | For athletes | Heated Massager | For Cellulite We’d all love to live a world where Francois is in the next room preparing our daily massage with all manner of oils, lotions and creams to relax our muscles, de-age our skin and […]

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What are the Best Facial Massage Tools?

Facial massage can be as beneficial as a full body massage if done with the correct tools and technique. Think about when you have a full facial at a spa; it’s so deliciously relaxing that you might find yourself falling asleep during the treatment! That’s because a good facial masseuse will know exactly what trigger […]

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