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Reviews Bootcamp
with ZERO Paid Ads and NO Freebies

Mastering reviews: Reach more people, make more money & set yourself apart in Google local search

Did you know that…. Almost 90% of consumers read customer reviews before they decide to work with a local business?

In fact, ranking high in Google local search with a score of 4.5 stars and above, will pretty much guarantee that you get new clients for FREE on autopilot.

So, you’re ready to take your practice to the next level and reach more people with the brilliant work that you do. You know you should have a thriving business, as you love helping people with massage and you clients are satisfied; in fact many of them keep coming back as repeat customers or refer you to friends and family.

If only there was a way to scale up, so that more people would get to hear about the benefits of working with you…

Unfortunately, it may take years to grow your business by simply relying on referrals. And trying to accelerate your growth with paid advertising, free massages or coupons often proves to be unsustainable, as bargain hunters are never your best customers as they seldom return. 

But what if there was an easy way for you to attract the FREE, highest converting traffic from Google local searches, without having to wait for years? And it didn’t have to be time consuming or overwhelming…


Get ALL your happy customers to post their 5 stars reviews in Google daily, for everybody to see, without adding more hours to your day

Gain a leader position in Google local searches that brings enough new clients based on your reputation, without ever having to pay for ads again, or offer freebies

Uplift your practice the entire massage therapist profession with your expert positioning

(Even if you’re a beginner, have never claimed your Google My Business Account, or aren’t super tech savvy)

Hi there,I’m Carmen!
(Seeps tea) I founded with a purpose-driven mission: to share what I learned on my journey to sell my first business for six figures last year, and inspire entrepreneurs to build their business with intention, making sure their practice becomes a sellable asset. When you try to reach the next level (like earning more money and making a greater impact), you realize that the tactics you used to get where you're at are no longer enough.

I’m going to show you exactly the approach I use with client reviews, that helped me build my six-figure business with 100% with FREE traffic from Google.

Yes, you read that right...

I NEVER do paid ads, give away stuff for free, instead I let my customers do the marketing.

I just make sure I do my best to provide value with my service and rely on their authentic, genuine feedback to bring in more interested customers from Google local search…

I also make it easy for them to give me 5 star reviews, as I’ve reduced the process to take less than 1 minute of their time.

Not only is this the cheapest form of marketing out there, but also, it  builds a reputable online brand, an asset that has intrinsic value.

In fact, I credit the online reputation as a major success factor that helped me be my own boss and sell my first business for 6 figures last year.

Want to know how I got to learn that building online reviews is the best marketing? 

I didn’t go from zero to six figures overnight (I wish).

When I first started with online marketing 10 years ago, I spent around 1,200 / month in ads and agency fees just to be able to get enough clients through the door. That’s around $15,000 a year spent on ads

It took a LOT OF TIME for my reviews to start adding up in Google enough to generate a steady flow of customers with ZERO acquisition costs.

That’s when I became the target of gelous competitors who started writing fake 1 star reviews in an attempt to overtake me.

The stress of having to deal with negative reviews on top of trying to manage the day to day operations, took its toll on me and I experienced heavy burnout.

That’s when I knew I needed to have a SYSTEM and scale up, to be able to:

Add more positive reviews daily than my competitors

Deal professionally with negative reviews, without feeling overwhelmed. In fact I learned to turn negative reviews to my advantage and generate more business in the process

Scale up the free traffic from Google to generate predictable income

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what it takes to really be successful at online marketing when running a massage therapy practice. In fact, 56% of local businesses don’t even have a Google my business account, or have reviews online. If you’re in this situation, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t worry!

If I’ve learned anything is that you need a clear plan and a step-by-step blueprint for building your online reputation with reviews and getting FREE clients on autopilot.

This is exactly what I’m going to show you in Reviews Bootcamp: 


Laying the foundation

Laying the foundation:

  1. Build an active online presence: mobile optimized site, google my listing, Facebook business page
  2. Creating your unique focus (branding, specializing, position as expert)
  3. How to attract free traffic with high purchase intent

What makes a great review profile and how to build one in 30 days

    1. The 5 KPIs that make a great review profile

    2. How to create a system that works to build your online expert profile

    3. 3 steps to manage reviews like a PRO

How to get many positive reviews on auto-pilot without adding more hours to your day

    1. The 3 golden rules of getting good reviews

    2. Outreach for reviews (Review me link, Review me SMS, Review me email)

    3. Answering positive reviews

How to deal with negative reviews from customers and become a customer care leader:

    1. Changing a negative review to a positive one

    2. Answering a negative as a customer care expert

    3. When you can delete a negative review

The 4 easy steps to delete negative reviews by non-clients, competitors etc (yes, it can be done)



20 Pro-designed Instagram & Facebook engaging visuals with massage and self care quotes to help you truly engage your audience ($115 value)

How to use Yelp before yelp uses you. Introduction to Yelp: tips and tricks on how to master this popular reviews platform ($47 value)

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization): the list of relevant keywords for massage related local searches to optimize your site description and content. Critical local ranking factors checklist that will help you rank higher in Google than 95% of local massage business owners ($297 value)



Over 56% of local wellness businesses are leaving big money on the table by not proactively managing reviews online. 
Not only that, this is the first impression most people have of you and your business. And you want it to be good, right?

There are a few things that hold most massage therapists back from having a big online impact and generating sales from Google. And it usually comes down to…

The feeling that asking for reviews feels too salesy, is like asking a favor and risking being rejected. Plus, some of my students even confessed that they feel like they need to trade their tips in exchange for reviews. In fact, from my experience people are more than happy to give stellar reviews when they feel they can reciprocate.

Not understanding that people rely on reviews to form an opinion before they try your service. Not having enough, could mean ZERO sales.This is what works in real life. None of the old school marketing tactics are able to generate a steady, predictable inflow of clients like reviews marketing for local searches.

No idea how to put all the pieces together with the least amount of effort. I know there’s a lot of technobabble out there and it can get confusing. That’s why I’m going to walk you through each piece together.



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