With our increasingly busy lives, where we hardly seem to disconnect from work, most of the energetic, ambitious people who try to have it all, often prioritize everybody but themselves on their daily agendas. I made the same mistake for years, thinking that juggling many responsibilities and having a full agenda was the best way to show up in life. My personal favorite activities often fell to the bottom of my to-do list. With time, burnout caught up with me. As a busy mom and entrepreneur, I had to learn the hard way that self-care is not selfish and, moreover, it is not an indulgence.

Carmen Comsa, Founder Massageaholic

“At Massageaholic we help energetic high achievers build habits for well-being. I believe massage therapy is not an indulgence or a treat, but an integral part of our self-care routine, just like exercising and eating right.  Massageaholic is on a mission to increase awareness of how habits for wellbeing like massage, can help you fill your energy cup, so you can better serve not only yourself, but others around you as well..”

It took me months to regain my vibe, spirit and motivation. I intentionally started to build habits for wellbeing: exercising and relaxation massage, long walks in nature, swimming, reading and spending quality time with uplifting persons - close friends and family.

I sold my first business and founded Massageaholic with a purpose-driven mission: to share everything I learned in my self-care journey.
Strong achievers need fill their energy cup so that they can better serve not only themselves but others around them as well. Building healthy habits for wellbeing is a great start and I commend you for showing up for yourself! 

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