10 Of The Best Cellulite Massagers in 2022 | New Models Reviewed

Cellulite massage is different to normal massage techniques as it specifically targets areas most often affected by cellulite: legs, arms, buttocks and even the belly. The aim isn’t to relieve tension like regular massage, it’s to disperse fatty deposits and smooth out dimpled skin, so toxins are removed via the lymphatic system. Cellulite massage pressure supposedly breaks down fatty deposits and encourages better blood circulation. A massage therapist will usually squeeze and pinch areas and then knead the muscles to really boost circulation and smooth out the dimpling.

The best cellulite massager for your skin type and pressure sensitivity, will allow you to replicate these effects through regular usage at home. With our latest cellulite massage reviews you'll be able to find affordable, yet still high-quality models that are proven to work. Of course, adding an anti-cellulite cream or essential oil will promote the best possible results over time.

Glo910 Anti Cellulite Massage Machine

Glo910+ Anti Cellulite Massage Machine with 4 Massage Heads

Price : $$

Collagen Activation

Battery operated, USB cable included


Sculptor Electric Cellulite Body Massager

Price : $$

Fat Removing

Oscillates over 4500 times per minute

AMAYSE handheld Fat Cellulite massager remover

AMEISEYE Handheld Fat Cellulite Massager

Price : $$

Oscillates over 2500 times per minute


FasciaBlaster Cellulite Massager

FasciaBlaster cellulite Massager

Price : $

Contains: nugget, face blaster, fascia blaster

Top Notch cellulite Remover Massager

Top Notch cellulite Remover Massager

Price : $

Size 3" x 3" (9.5cm x 8) with specially designed handle for secure grip


1. Glo910+ Anti Cellulite Massage Machine with 4 Massage Heads

Glo910+ Anti Cellulite Massage Machine with 4 Massage HeadsThis is an interesting take on cellulite massagers, with the Glo910 utilizing advanced technology meant to reduce the fat. This body massager works adequately in relaxing muscles, but us best used in different medical purposes. It has the wide applicability for you to use it on your back, buttocks, legs, and even the breasts for smoother skin.

Many people have noticed amazing results upon using this massager, especially with smoother skin. Without any surgery or injections, the roller helps improve blood flow and reduce any imperfections quickly. All this without the side effects, only calmer and pain-free muscles. The unit is very easy to use and at a portable size to take anywhere, coming in a complete package. You can use different sized cups for all-around body use, utilizing the right massage according to your wants and needs.

From evening out skin tone, smoothening skin, even bringing out body contours, it does a lot for anyone!


  • Comes in different cups and massagers for any use
  • Extremely effective in smoothening skin and reducing cellulite
  • Portable and easy to travel with
  • Wide applicability for all types of bodies


  • Some complaints of receiving incomplete package
  • The unit comes at an expensive price

2. Sculptor Electric Cellulite Body Massager

The Sculptor Body Massager is one of the simple yet innovative products to help reduce cellulite today. It’s made for home use, also having the compact size to bring everywhere you go. That means you can bring the unit while traveling and use it while reaping its benefits. This handy massager isn’t only comfortable but works in reducing cellulite in all parts of your body. It works effectively around your buttocks, abdomen, arms, back, and a whole lot more muscles! Furthermore, it helps relax stiff muscles thanks to its amazing power of up to 2,700 revolutions per minute.

Another notable thing about the massager is that it’s also easy to adjust. It comes with adjustable massage settings according to your preference and comfort for a good massage every time.

All in all, this is an excellent choice if your aim is simplicity and ease of use. It surpasses expectations for its price tag!


  • Can be used at home or anywhere else
  • Massages in all parts of the body efficiently
  • Can adjust massage settings easily
  • Has a lightweight and strong feel
  • Takes a long time in reducing cellulite for some users


  • It only uses 110V power
  • Some complaints about durability

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3. AMEISEYE Handheld Fat Cellulite Massager Remover

AMAYSE handheld Fat Cellulite massager removerIf your main focus is a good massager to calm your muscles, then you’ll like the AMEISEYE. This is a handheld massager that has a 360-degree off-centered axis design, meant to help with your muscle stiffness and tension. This is because it has the amazing power of up to 2,500 revolutions per minute for a small unit! Another great part about this massager is that it can reduce cellulite and be used for a variety of functions. It comes with the different heads to use all throughout the body, and you can choose between the following:

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • Deep Tissue to do point-deep massages and accelerate your blood flow
  • Exfoliate for smoother and cleaner skin
  • Mesh for a good massage without any hair getting inside the machine

You get everything you need with the massager, including the unit, heads, warranty, and excellent customer service. From its ergonomic and comfortable design to good power, it’s definitely worth the price.


  • Multi-functional and comes with different heads
  • Efficient power enough for any use
  • Has a comfortable and ergonomic design
  • People see improvements in cellulite reduction within weeks


  • Doesn’t run on battery, needs a plug
  • Might not be powerful enough for some users

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4. FasciaBlaster Cellulite Massager

FasciaBlaster Cellulite MassagerAnother very interesting massager is the FasciaBlaster by Ashley Black, meant for smooth skin and anti-cellulite! It’s a manual massager so it doesn’t use electricity or power, a self-massaging tool that focuses on your muscle tissue. While it may seem like an inconvenience, it’s actually advantageous since you won’t have to worry about plugging it in to work.

What makes this massager unique is the presence of a nugget, which is known to smooth out connective tissue. Through smoothing it out, it diminishes cellulite appearance to the point it’s no longer visible to the naked eye! When combining it with the whole massager, it targets both large and challenging areas around your body. It also comes with the FaceBlaster, a small tool which provides similar benefits to the FasciaBlaster. This time, it focuses more on delicate areas like your face. It increases blood circulation around those areas, making it smoother and healthier.


  • Comes with different parts to fit the body
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Easy to use for massaging
  • Meant to lessen cellulite effectively


  • No power and needs to be used manually
  • The unit breaks easily if dropped
  • No shopping warranty included in the package

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5. Top Notch Cellulite Remover Massager

Top Notch cellulite Remover MassagerThis is another simple yet effective massager, the TopNotch Cellulite Remover that works amazingly anywhere. Yes, it doesn’t use any power and electricity, but it’s affordable, does the job, and can be brought wherever! This is a huge advantage especially for travelers who want something small and compact without the worry of power usage. This small and handy massager is meant to smoothen out muscles while reducing cellulite. You can use it directly on the skin with or without any creams, in the shower, or as a massager. While it’s not the most efficient in relaxing the muscles, it does a job well done in reducing any appearance of cellulite around the body. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to use, with the ergonomic design that sits on hands comfortably. It’s designed in such a way to promote comfort and give a more secure grip. Overall, such an affordable long term investment.


  • Comes at an extremely inexpensive price
  • Very small and compact size to massage all parts of the body
  • Has a money back guarantee and warranty
  • The comfortable grip that sits on hand easily


  • It’s a manual massager and uses no power
  • Nodes make a sound and feel loose or wiggly

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6. Voyor Handheld Cellulite Massager

Voyor handheld cellulite massagerThe VOYOR Handheld Massager is one of my top choices for several reasons, and it isn’t just because of its power! I love this product because it doesn’t only help with cellulite, but it’s efficient in releasing any tension and pain. The massager comes with eight groups of massage rollers and various wave heads to use according to your needs! As for its power, it offers up to 42,900 revolutions a minute to really help with blood circulation. As a result, it lessens the tension AND reduces the appearance of cellulite instantly. You can choose between three strength levels and two massage directions, which is simple enough but useful.  Another excellent feature is its strong body, which isn’t just compact, but it’s also waterproof and portable. You can use it anywhere without worry of it running out of battery or getting damaged by liquids. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive but worth the price considering you receive everything and the efficient results.


  • Releases tension and muscle pain while reducing cellulite
  • Excellent strength levels and power for blood flow
  • Complete package with different massage heads
  • Multifunctional and comfortable to use


  • It has an expensive price tag
  • Instructions included don’t have many details

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7. Coolife Anticellulite Roller

Coolife anticellulite rollerThere are many maul massagers that come in similar designs, but the Coolife Massager is one of the unique products. This is because it comes in a roller form and has a comfortable grip to have your massage with ease. It’s also multifunctional and can be used in almost all parts of the body, including challenging areas.

While the massager is best used for lessening the appearance of cellulite, it also works for blood flow. It’s great to use for warmup and cooldowns during the gym, releasing muscle tension and preventing any pain. Furthermore, it’s extremely easy to use, as you just need to roll it on various parts of the body with enough pressure.

You can roll it on dry skin or use lotion, oils, or creams according to what you need for the massager. It’s a sturdy and strong massager that lasts for years of use, all without damaging your muscles!


  • Sturdy and strong, can last for years
  • Comfortable to grip and roll around the body
  • Relieves sore muscles while lessening cellulite in a week
  • Multifunctional and can be used for all bodies


  • No power and requires manual pressure for use
  • Small and takes more time to massage the whole body

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8. Coolife Fascia Blaster

Coolife fascia blasterFor those who want something cute and efficient, you’ll appreciate the Coolife Fascia Release Massage Stick. This works ad both a massage stick and roller, giving it more function and effectivity with your muscles. What you’ll love about the massager is that you can use it to reduce cellulite while releasing any tension around the body. You can choose between different colors according to what you love, and enjoy how lightweight it is! It’s a long roller yet lightweight to handle with ease, reaching your back down to your legs without hassle. It’s got the large and intensive knobs, which lessen pressure as you continue rolling your body daily. Many have experienced better pain relief AND less cellulite appearance within weeks of using it. It provides a deep tissue massage even without the power, just the pressure from your own body.


  • Comes in different colors to choose from for the design
  • Simple and lightweight, easy to roll around the body yourself
  • Removes cellulite, numbness, and muscle tension within weeks
  • Made of strong and sturdy material to last for long


  • May cause bruising if you add too much pressure
  • It takes time to break into and get used to the feel

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9. New Body Anticellulite Cup and Massager

New Body anticellulite cup and massagerThe New Body Life Anti-Cellulite Cup is a great option if your main focus is to reduce cellulite. While it does help in muscle tension, it’s best known for cellulite removal thank to its suction cups. It comes with these cups that offer a massaging action, flushing out toxins and any fluids that have fat or cellulite. Besides this, it also has a massaging action, which can improve blood circulation best for lessening skin irregularities. It can smoothen your skin, even out the tone, and improve its overall health! It has a great body, with the assurance it’s made of the quality and durable parts. The cups are made of FDA-approved medical grade silicone so you know it’s safe for you to place on your body. It even comes with a warranty so you know it’s made to last for a lifetime of use. While it’s a bit confusing to use at first, you’ll get the hang of it and experience results within a week!


  • Extremely effective in removing cellulite in days
  • Safe materials and can be used all around the body
  • Small and compact to use anywhere


  • A bit difficult to grip because of its design
  • Difficult to understand how to use at first

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10. Anticellulite Brush Massager

Anticellulite brush massagerLast but not least, the uniquely-designed C.S.M. Body Brush and Massager! Many people will love the design of this massager because it doesn’t only help in massaging, but as an exfoliated, too. It has the body brush design to make exfoliation even more efficient, which in turn, helps in reducing cellulite. Many have reported getting smooth and glowing skin upon using this with effective creams and products. Furthermore, the soft and sturdy bristles feel great on the skin, encouraging blood circulation and collagen growth. Designed for the easy grip AND made of natural bristles with real wood, this brush is a great addition to your bathroom routine.


  • Can be used in the bath as a body brush
  • Made of all-natural wood and bristles
  • Feels soft and comfortable on the skin
  • Massages and soothes muscles while exfoliating for cellulite-reduction


  • Difficult to clean out after use
  • Straps are too long for small hands

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Cellulite massagers mean different things. They can be wooden brushes with bristles or plastic brushes with rubber tips. Some of them are actually machines but all are designed to break down fatty deposits, smooth out dimpled skin and encourage lymphatic drainage.


1. Electric Cellulite Massage Machines

The cellulite machines are easy to use but they aren’t necessarily cheap. Some massage clinics use large, electrically operated cellulite massagers on their patients but there are plenty of manual versions available for use in the comfort of your own home.

The electric versions come with different nozzle heads which gives you the flexibility to use the right one for your grade of cellulite. They also do the work for you – there’s no need to pummel or knead your body and they are very good at really delivering a deep and satisfying massage.

Each massager comes with a different power setting so you choose the level of massage (light, moderate or deep). The massager vibrates according to your setting and helps to increase blood circulation. This action promotes better blood flow and at the same time, the strong vibrations breakdown fatty deposits transporting them through the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins and fluid.

Additionally, the massage action stimulates skin elasticity, firming the area. The result is a smoother looking skin, with a less dimpled appearance.

2. Manual Cellulite Massagers

There are also cellulite massagers that are not electrical and these look like round (or oval) brushes with a handle on top. Many are made out of plastic and feature rigid, knobbly bristles on top. These bristles are specifically designed to really deliver a deep massage and encourage blood flow as well as the breakdown of fatty deposits.

Used properly, and with the right amount of pressure applied, they can be very effective. However, you do need to continue the massage every day for a few weeks before you’ll notice a difference. Once you see a difference, you should still continue to use your cellulite massager and work it into your daily routine, much like daily moisturizing.

This will encourage long-term results but it’s one of those things that will only deliver results if you keep it up! 

o doubt you want to know if this method works, according to Dr. Justine Hextall at the Harley Medical Group, massage is effective but it is something that you have to keep up in order to maintain the results.

3. Dry Brushes

Other cellulite massagers are similar to the plastic versions but made out of wood and have bristles (dry brushes) with round, flexible balls in-between, these help with the massaging motion and deliver a really intense, deep-tissue massage depending on the pressure you administer.

This television programme recently aired on the UK’s BBC1 and testers tried a variety of different methods to banish cellulite. Of all the methods tried, dry brushing, similar to cellulite massagers (dry brushing involves using a wooden brush with bristles and little moveable balls) was the most successful with some users noticing a 26% reduction of cellulite after 5 weeks of use.

DIY Anti-Cellulite Massage Techniques

There are various different techniques using hands, dry brushes or cellulite massagers. Mainly, manual cellulite massagers should be used together with anti-cellulite creams or essential oils although some can be used alone. Most are used in the shower but some brushes can be used outside of the shower (e.g. dry brushing).

Generally, with manual massagers, you administer the pressure according to your comfort and they should be used in large, sweeping and circular motions. You can also use your hands to knead, pummel and squeeze flesh as well, this helps to break up the fatty deposits and encourage lymphatic drainage.

How To Use a Cellulite Massager

  1. Set aside ten minutes a day to massage your affected areas
  2. Work from your feet upwards towards your heart as this encourages blood flow through the peripheral veins.
  3. Use a massager and administer long, sweeping strokes upward, putting moderate pressure on your skin
  4. Then target specific areas using large, circular brush strokes for a few minutes
  5. If you want to, you can change to using your fingers and knead the areas alternate between kneading and pummeling (using your knuckles) do this for a few minutes
  6. Revert back to the massaging brush, begin with large, circular strokes and gradually move to long, sweeping strokes, slowing down to relax the body
  7. The massage action helps to break down the stubborn fatty deposits below the skin. Once broken down, the lymphatic system flushes them out as toxins.

Cellulite Massagers Vs Dry Brushing Vs Cupping

Cellulite Massagers vs cupping vs dry brushing

To remove cellulite yourself at home, there are four different methods. You can either use a cellulite massager (machine or manual), you can dry-brush, you can hand-massage or you can try cupping.

Cupping involves using a cup-shaped piece made out of glass or medical grade silicone that creates a sucking sensation. Some cupping methods use heat as well; the cups are heated up to a certain temperature and then placed on the body, delivering suction and heat to break down fatty deposits.

This method is widely used in weight reduction and also for cellulite removal. One of the big advantages of cupping for cellulite is that it’s non-invasive and delivers a deep-tissue massage. The suction works by causing a reverse pressure that breaks up cellulite and at the same time, stimulates blood circulation.

The fatty deposits and toxins then travel out of the body through the lymphatic system. This study does conclude that dry cupping works on cellulite removal, however; it has limitations depending on lifestyle, age, and level of cellulite.