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How Often Should You Get A Massage?

There’s no doubt that massage benefits your mental and physical health. But how often should you book a treatment? Professor Tiffany Field, Director of the Touch Research Institute, compares massage with exercise. As a general rule, the more massages you get, the better you will feel. However, ideal massage frequency is an understudied topic. Most […]

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How To Prevent Getting A Headache After Massage

Most people feel relaxed and rejuvenated following a massage, but there’s a small chance you may experience negative side-effects. Some people report getting headaches, which are generally accompanied by a feeling of malaise. This isn’t normally a cause for concern, but these symptoms can be very uncomfortable. Why do some people get a headache following […]

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Why Do Massages Feel Good?

It’s no secret that massages feel good, but have you ever wondered why they are so relaxing? Research shows that massage triggers a set of biological processes that relieve mental and physical stress. It is a truly holistic treatment that improves both physical and emotional functioning. Specifically, massage treatments feel amazing for the following reasons: […]

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Thai Foot Massage Benefits And Products

When was the last time you gave your feet the time and attention they deserve? They carry us around all day, but we often take them for granted. If you need to show them a little more care, why not start with a foot massage? In this article, we’ll look at a popular treatment with […]

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“Masseuse,” “Masseur,” & “Massage Therapist” – What’s The Difference & Why Does It Matter?

If you don’t know much about massage, you may assume that the terms “masseuse,” “masseur,” and “massage therapist” are interchangeable. However, massage therapists are sensitive to the terminology people use when referring to their profession. What is a masseuse? What is a masseur? The original meaning of the term “masseuse” was simply “a woman who […]

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4 Hand Massage – All You Need To Know

Most massage treatments are given by a single therapist. A four hands massage, otherwise known as a four-handed massage, offers a different kind of experience. During a session, two therapists work on the same client to perform a synchronized full-body massage. According to therapists at the Mandala Day Spa, four hand massage originates in the […]

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What To Do After A Massage?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sheer relaxation you get at the end of a massage. But did you know that what you do following a treatment can help you reap the benefits for hours afterwards? Here’s what you should do after your massage treatment: 1. Have a snack: Massage can lower your blood […]

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