Top 5 Trending Massage Office Chairs: Get A Massage at the Office

Top 5 Trending Massage Office Chairs

If you’re thinking about replacing your office chair or you could do with something that eases aching muscles and joints, perhaps consider purchasing a specially designed massage office chair. Not only will it help to alleviate any discomfort, it should support you when you’re hard at work and give you an altogether beneficial experience – while you at the office!

Sitting in the same chair hour after hour means you need something of high quality so you don’t put your back and neck at risk of strain. Additionally, an office massage chair allows you to enjoy a regular massage without having to leave the office.

Despite what you might think, nowadays, massage chairs are far more affordable yet still of high-quality construction.

Top 5 Best Massage office chairs

Here are our favorite office massage chairs to help you with that all-important decision:

The Mecor Office Massage Chair

The Mecor Office Massage Chair

This executive chair is amazingly affordable at just $117 (depending on where you buy it from) and offers a superior seating experience, ideal for when you spend hours at a desk or opposite a computer.

In a smart brown color, it boasts a swivel base so you can easily maneuver your chair 360 degrees if required and there’s tilt too, so you can push backward if needed. As an added bonus, the chair is made with no less than six vibration options to target the muscles and joints in the upper back, lower back and seat area.

It’s made out of PU/PVC with genuine leather so looks smart and handsome, wherever you place it and the material is extremely soft so it’s genuinely comfortable to sit in. Additionally, there are padded armrests so you don’t get arm ache while working and lumbar support makes sure you experience back-ache from sitting at a desk for hours on end!

The remote control is a useful feature so you can change the level of massage and heat in an instant. You can adjust the back position to suit your size and posture and with durable casters at the base, it won’t scratch your floors.

HomCom Office Massage Chair

At $179 (depending on retailer) is this outstanding and affordable office brown colored massage chair. This chair is ideal when seated at your desk or for use in your home office. It’s ergonomically designed to hug your body and features heat with vibration.

Made out of recycled eco-friendly leather, it will last for a very long time. There’s a remote control that operates from a distance too and you can enjoy the massage on your upper back, lower back as well as your legs.

The adjustable seat height gives you the ability to personalize your seating preference. All in all, this massage chair gives an excellent, soothing massage to reduce aches and pains and ensure that sitting at a computer for hours on end won’t put added strain on your back.

Murtisol Office Massage Chair

Murtisol Office Massage Chair

The Murtisol office massage chair is one of the cheaper products on this list, retailing at just $114 (depending on where you buy it from). In a chic brown color, the chair delivers the ultimate back massage while using heat and vibration for maximum effect.

Ergonomically designed, the chair gives you good lumbar support which is ideal when you need to sit at a desk for a long while. It’s also height-adjustable so you can personalize your seating experience.

The massage function has five different modes. Choose from pulse, press, wave, auto and normal. It has a timer too, you can select a massage length of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour if you prefer. For convenience, like the others mentioned here, there’s a remote control so you can adjust the massage and heat settings.

Made out of PU leather upholstery and with plenty of padding, the chair is easy to maintain as it’s water resistant and oil resistant. Additional features include a 360-degree swivel base and generously padded armrests.

“Best” Office Massage Chair

Best Massage Office Massage Chair

Our budget product on this list is the “Best” Massage office massage chair which retails at just $99.99 (depending on where you purchase it from). Constructed out of soft PU leather upholstery, it’s comfortable to sit in and there’s plenty of generous padding in the armrests and lumbar areas.

Water-resistant and oil resistant, it’s exceptionally easy to keep clean and with a 360-degree swivel, you can maneuver the chair with ease. The chair tilts too but doesn’t fully recline.

There are a variety of different heat and vibration settings to select from and it comes with a useful remote control.

Massage Chair Cushions

Of course, if you already have a superb chair for the office, you can still enjoy all the benefits of massage with a massage cushion – here’s one we recommend:

Belmint Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Belmint Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This massage cushion is designed to fit an executive chair and features an abundance of functions including heat, kneading, and rolling vibration. It’s ideal for a full back massage and gives you excellent support. The beauty of this cushion is that while it’s excellent for an office chair, it’s portable so you can take it home with you and still enjoy the benefits of massage.

Retailing at $69.99, the cushion is exceptionally beneficial when you feel your body tense as it delivers a relaxing yet invigorating massage. With all the features of a spa massage chair, it’s ideal to get rid of knots and muscular spasm. With adjustable shiatsu massage nodes, you choose the position where you need massage most.

The cushion boasts three vibration settings (low, medium and high) and includes added heat so you get the advantage of gentle warmth which increases blood circulation and alleviates discomfort.

There are three-time settings, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. For convenience, the chair comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee for added peace of mind – you just can’t go wrong!


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