The 10 Best Massage Office Chairs for Your Home Office

The past year has brought a major shift in the way we work, with home offices becoming the new norm. In this guide we're taking a look at the best massage office chair for home use. Not only will it help to alleviate any discomfort, it should support you when you’re hard at work and give you an altogether beneficial wellness experience – while you're at the office!

If you're sitting in the same chair for more than 2 hours a day, you'll probably benefit from using a high quality ergonomic massage office chair, so that you don’t put your back and neck at risk of strain. Additionally, the best office massage chair for your needs allows you to enjoy a regular massage without having to leave the office. With our office massage chairs reviews you'll be able to find affordable, yet still high-quality models, as we rank products according to the value for money they provide, based on customer reviews.

High Back Executive Massage office chair

High Back Executive Office Massage Chair

Price : $$$

Dimensions : 34.5 x 22.8 x 30”

Massage : Shiatsu 

Material : PU leather

Max weight : 250 lbs

HomCom Office Massage Chair

Homcom Massage Office Chair

Price : $$

Dimensions : 32 x 25 x 14 inches

Massage : Vibrating Heated

Material : Faux leather

Max weight : 300 lbs

Essentials Massage Office Chair

Essentials Heated Shiatsu Massage Office chair

Price : $$

Dimensions : 34.5 x 22.8 x 30”

Massage84 pounds

Material : PU leather

Max weight : 280 lbs

Top 10 Best Massage Office Chairs Reviewed (Newest Models)

Here are our favorite office massage chairs to help you with that all-important decision:

1. HomCom Office Massage Computer Chair *WHITE, BLACK, BROWN, RED

Homcom White Massage office computer desk chair

At around $130 (depending on retailer) is this affordable massage office chair with a classic, timeless design. It is the only massage office chair in white that we could find, so it will look good in any office space, giving it an air of elegance. It also comes in a variety of other colours and it’s ergonomically designed to hug your body and features heat with vibration to promote relaxation and take the strain from the back.

Made out of eco-friendly leather, it will last for a very long time. There’s a remote control that operates from a distance too and you can enjoy the massage on your upper back, lower back as well as your legs.

The adjustable seat height gives you the ability to personalize your seating preference. All in all, this massage chair gives an excellent, soothing massage to reduce aches and pains and ensure that sitting at a computer for hours on end won’t put added strain on your back.

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2. High-Back Heated Executive Massage Office Chair *MOST COMFORTABLE

High Back Executive Massage office chairThe BestMassage High-Back Massage Office Chair With Heat comes at a price of approx. $250, adequate enough for the premium features it has to offer. It’s made of a soft PU leather upholstery, offering extra padding for better comfort as you enjoy your massage. Furthermore, the material is strong with its oil and water resistant properties to withstand any spills and the like.

This ergonomic office chair with massage and heat also offers the strong lumbar support and seat height adjustment suitable for individual needs, regardless of your height. That way, you won’t have to worry about any feelings of pressure or discomfort no matter how long you have to sit at your desk.

It also provides the different massage points (with heat function!) around the back, which you can easily adjust using a remote control. So you can opt for a full back deep tissue massage, or just the lumbaar area, while most of the office massage chairs just vibrate. Overall, I believe this massage office chair is for busy executives who plan on working for extended periods of time without compromizing on comfort or quality.

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3. Essentials Heated Shiatsu Massage Office Chair *MODERN DESIGN

Essentials Heated Shiatsu Massage Office ChairWhen focusing more on compact design without the frills, you’ll want to consider getting the Essentials Massage Chair. This plush office chair is suitable for any use, may it be for gaming or work. Adding to its versatility is its adjustable options, as well as the ergonomic posture support to relieve pain and pressure.

This massage chair features a good weight capacity of up to 250 pounds and a fully-adjustable seat height for anyone to use it. Besides this, it has the Shiatsu-style massage system to gently knead and roll your back. You can opt to use its heating function as well, adding to your relaxation while working or resting.

With its durable construction and long warranty, you’re assured a comfortable massage chair for years to come.

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4. “Best” Office Massage Chair *BUDGET, LOW COST

Best Massage Office Massage Chair

Our budget product on this list is the “Best” Massage office massage chair which retails at just $99.99 (depending on where you purchase it from). Constructed out of soft PU leather upholstery, it’s comfortable to sit in and there’s plenty of generous padding in the armrests and lumbar areas.

Water-resistant and oil resistant, it’s exceptionally easy to keep clean and with a 360-degree swivel, you can maneuver the chair with ease. The chair tilts too but doesn’t fully recline.

There are a variety of different heat and vibration settings to select from and it comes with a useful remote control.

5. Nexttechnology 6-Point Vibrating Office Massage Chair *BEST FOR LOWER BACK PAIN

Nexttechnology 6 point vibrating office massage chair

The Nexttechnology office massage chair is a 6 point vibrating high back chair with soft PU leather and 360 degree rotation. In the medium price range, it comes in chic black color that fits any conference room or executive office. The chair delivers the ultimate back massage while using heat and vibration for maximum effect. The back is adjustable to 125 degrees and this has two main advantages: you can position it at 100+ degrees during work, to take the pressure off the back, or you can tilt it to the max for the ultimate massage and back stretch session.

Ergonomically designed, the chair gives you good lumbar support which is ideal when you need to sit at a desk for a long while. It’s also height-adjustable so you can personalize your seating experience.

The massage function has five different modes. Choose from pulse, press, wave, auto and normal. It has a timer too, you can select a massage length of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour if you prefer. For convenience, like the others mentioned here, there’s a remote control so you can adjust the massage and heat settings.

Made out of PU leather upholstery and with plenty of padding, the chair is easy to maintain as it’s water resistant and oil resistant. Additional features include a 360-degree swivel base and generously padded armrests.

6. Ergonomic Massage Office Chair *BEST FOR HEATED LUMBAR SUPPORT

Essentials Heated Shiatsu Massage Office Chair

The Civigrape Massage Chair is the ultimate office massage chair on a budget. At just a price of $169.99, you get adequate comfort with massage functions around the waist and back. Many will appreciate the ergonomic and professional design the chair has, which is easy to assemble and maintain.

In terms of its comfort, the chair is made of PU leather with extra padding around the back, head, and armrests. Furthermore, the massager is more than adequate and would knead or roll around the right massage points. From its adjustable positions to added pressure relief from the massager, you get more than what you pay for!

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7. Flash Furniture High Back Black Office Massage Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Black Office Massage Chair

If you’re on a tight budget but want something offering enough strength and comfort, you’ll like the Flash Furniture Chair. At just $89.33, this is one of the most affordable massage office chairs available. It has a simple and contemporary office chair design with the soft leather upholstery, looking attractive in any office.

The chair also comes with built-in lumbar support which also acts as a vibrating massager. While the massager is more of an add-on, it’s still a nice touch and adds to its relaxing feeling.

For its ergonomic design that improves pressure relief, I believe it to be a good investment. Of course, it has massaging limitations (since it’s cheap), but it’s great in keeping you comfortable for long periods.

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8. VON RACER Recliner Gaming Massage Chair

VON RACER Recliner Gaming Massage Office ChairComing at just $179.99, the VON RACER is the ultimate gaming chair with so many options to enjoy. It has a wide and snug design with a high backrest, offering the ergonomic design to combine comfort and support.

Made with thick and soft material, this is ideal for hours of work or gaming.

As for its massage functions, it has the adjustable lumbar cushion with a USB electric massager. It keeps your back free from pressure and pain that comes with sitting for long periods.

While it doesn’t have versatility in massage points, you get a fully adjustable chair offering cushioning in the right places.

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9. The Mecor Office Massage Chair 

The Mecor Office Massage Chair

This executive chair is amazingly affordable at just $117 (depending on where you buy it from) and offers a superior seating experience, ideal for when you spend hours at a desk or opposite a computer.

In a smart brown color, it boasts a swivel base so you can easily maneuver your chair 360 degrees if required and there’s tilt too, so you can push backward if needed. As an added bonus, the chair is made with no less than six vibration options to target the muscles and joints in the upper back, lower back and seat area.
It’s made out of PU/PVC so looks smart and handsome, wherever you place it and the material is extremely soft so it’s genuinely comfortable to sit in. Additionally, there are padded armrests so you don’t get arm ache while working and lumbar support makes sure you experience back-ache from sitting at a desk for hours on end!
The remote control is a useful feature so you can change the level of massage and heat in an instant. You can adjust the back position to suit your size and posture and with durable casters at the base, it won’t scratch your floors.

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10. Mecor Race Car Style Massage Office Chair *GAMING COMPUTER CHAIR

Mecor Race Car Style Massage Office ChairMecor Massage Chair. It has a cool race car style design with a variety of massage options to make massage experiences relaxing.

The chair is made of PU/PVC leather with soft padding and thick armrests. Because of this, it’s comfortable to sit on even without using its massage modes yet. It even has the 360-degree swivel option and comes with different adjustments to fit what YOU want.

Furthermore, the massage programs are just as vast, with heating functions and six vibration massage options. Simply use the remote control to select your massage mode and change the setting as you go, adding convenience to comfort.

If you want an attractive design with added comfort, this massage chair is a nice option.

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Main Types Of Massage Office Chairs: Complete Buying Guide

There are actually several different main types of massage office chairs to choose from, knowing what to expect can help make your final decision.  Here are the main types to look into:

1. Massage Office Chairs With Heat

These massage heated desk chairs provide the regular massages, this time having heat functions for extra benefits. It’s actually a feature that comes as a major advantage because of the relief it brings. With added heat, it can improve blood circulation and relax tense muscles, common problems when sitting for long periods.

2. Shiatsu Massage Chairs

These chairs borrow its name from the traditional Shiatsu massages. As the name suggests, these office chairs offer Shiatsu massages. The office chair would apply gentle pressure to different pressure points, specifically around the back, neck, and waist.

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3. Massage Office Chairs With Footrest

Even while at work or gaming, we want to put our feet up to help with overall blood circulation. Because of this, many massage office chairs also add a built-in or retractable footrest.

Having a footrest with your chair adds to one’s comfort and allows you to stretch lower body muscles. However, these footrests may or may not have massage features, though are still a good addition for full-body relaxation.

4. Executive Massage Office Chairs

Executive massage office chairs are the ultimate chairs for the professional, having a high back, high-quality materials, full adjustability AND a massager. Usually, these massage chairs would have casters and wheels so you’re able to rotate and move from all directions. They also have adjustable backrests, better material, and construction, as well as higher-quality massage functions.

5. 8-Point Massage Office Chairs

An 8-point office massage chair offers pressure-relieving massages to eight main pressure points around the full back. Through focusing on these eight points, you’re able to experience looser, more relaxed muscles ready to work more. It’s great for those who suffer from achy muscles from staying on their seats for hours at a time. It provides a superior experience compared to the 6 point massagers, which cover only the lumbar area.

6. Gaming Massage Office Chairs

Gamers know the struggle of having to sit through uncomfortable chairs, especially since they can stay gaming for days! That’s why there are gaming massage office chairs now available, designed with attractiveness and pressure relief in mind. Having extra padding around the chair and quality massage options, it’s able to support you during the longer sitting periods.

7. Vibrating Massage Office Chairs

These types of chairs utilize vibration massage therapies which work on various muscle groups. Vibration massages can actually help your muscles reach optimum positions to release tension and support better posture. It can also improve nerve function while relaxing specific muscles (chairs usually add lumbar support with vibration).

Office massage chair in the room

What to Consider Before Getting a Massage Office Chair

Besides the different types of office massage chairs, you also have to consider other factors according to your individual needs. Here are some aspects to consider in selecting the suitable massage office chair:

1. Ergonomic Design

correct posture in an office desk chairIn all office chairs, ergonomic design is a must. If you’ll be sitting for long periods, you need to have enough support to prevent any back muscle pain. The principles or ergonomy, while sitting at the desk dictate that feet should be comfortably reaching the floor, while your lower back should be supported at all times.

  • You should aim to reach all the way back in your seat for this, and ideally not seat with your legs crossed, as this stops the blood flow in the feet and can lead to numbness. 
  • The back should be straight, shoulders relaxed but not arched and you should aim to have a straight line from your ears to the shoulders. 
  • Focus on getting an office chair known for its pressure-relieving support. It shouldn’t only have good padding, but also pads located in the right places to improve your posture and comfort. Also, the office chair should allow you to adjust the seat height, according to your body size and the reclining angle of the back.
  • If you work on a computer, ideally your eyes should look straight in front, so a desk screen is a much better option than a laptop, if you’ll be working long hours.

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2. Price

Office massage chairs are fairly cheaper than recliners or full body massage chairs, ranging between $80 to $290. Consider setting a reasonable budget so you know what you’re able to get, may it be simple or with added features. Normally, you get what you pay for – the cheapest models have a limited ergonomic functionality, few customization options, and the massage function is limited to the lumbar area. The more advanced models offer full back massage, heat, customizeable to your preference and Shiatsu massage not just vibration.

3. Material

One of the most popular and suggested office massage chair material is durable PU leather. Not only does this add to the attractiveness of a massage chair, but it keeps the chair lasting long. Consider the amount of padding it has around the chair, including pads on its armrests, headrests, and added back supper.

4. Reclining Function

I highly recommend that you get a massage office chair that includes a reclining function and more adjustability options. This can add to your relaxation, as you can take breaks from time to time and lean on the backrest while enjoying a relaxing massage.

Also, contrary to common belief, the data from the Chiropractic Association shows that, in order to minimize disc pressure while sitting for work, the correct posture is to angle your backrest at 100 or 110 degrees, not sitting straight at 90 degrees or less as we’re used to. 

Besides reclining, focus on office chairs with adjustable height, 360-degree swiveling, and tilting functions.

5. Retractable Footrest Option

Like mentioned, having a footrest is a huge plus if you want your legs to stretch out and relax. Just like the reclining function, it adds to your comfort and support, also maintaining blood flow around your lower body.

6. Color and Design

The color and design of your chair is also an added consideration, adding style to your office. After all, you’ll want your chair to match and look great in the room. Whether you want favorite colors or to sit seamlessly in your interior design, choose the chair suitable with your taste.

7. Massage Function Type

The massage office chairs offer Shiatsu or Vibrating massage functions that can cover the whole back area, the seat or just the lumbar zone. Usually the price varies according the the area covered and the intensity option provided. Some chairs have a standard setting and some provide a customizable experience, according to your sensitivity level.

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Massage Office Chair BRAND





HomCom Office Massage Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Best Massage Executive Chair


Full body Shiatsu massage & heat

PU Leather

280 lbs

Von Racer Reclining Office Chair


Lumbar vibrating

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Mecor Massage Office Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

PU Leather

280 lbs

Murtisol Office Massage Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Best Massage Office Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Mecor Race Car Chair


6 Points vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

250 lbs

Essentials  Shiatsu Massage Chair


Shiatsu & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Ergonomic Massage Office Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Flash Furniture Massage Chair


Full body vibrating & heated

Faux Leather

300 lbs

Wrap up

If you want to make work relaxing as you sit for hours at a time, consider getting an office massage chair! Your muscles will definitely thank you for the added relief and improved posture.

I hope this review on the best office massage chairs helped inspire you in making this small investment in you wellbeing at the office!