10 Of The Best Portable Massage Table Models – Expert Reviews

A portable massage table is a massage therapists’ best strategy to maximize mobility and add another stream of income for on demand massage therapy. This allows you to visit clients at in the comfort of their home beyond regular practice hours. Additionally, the best portable massage table for your needs can allow you to build strategic local partnerships with a chiropractor office or beauty salon by adding massage therapy as part of the service offered to their clients. 

With our portable massage table reviews you'll be able to find affordable, yet still high-quality models.You want to make sure that you find the right balance between convenience and comfort to keep your clients happy and relaxed. Here are some of the best portable massage tables on the market:

Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package

Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package

Price : $$$

Dimensions : 73 x 30 x 24”

Weight : 44 pounds

Material : PU leather

Max capacity : 500 lbs

Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table

Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table

Price : $$

Dimensions : 73 x 30 x 33”

Weight : 38 pounds

Material : PU leather

Max capacity300 Pounds

Master Massage Santana Portable Table

Master Massage Santana Portable Table

Price : $$

Dimensions : 38 x 32 x 10”

Weight : 35 lbs

Material : PU leather

Max capacity1500 lbs

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Price : $

Dimensions : 72 x 28 x 33.1”

Weight : 40.8 pounds

Material : PU leather

Max capacity450 lbs

NRG Karma Portable Massage Table

NRG Karma Portable Massage Table

Price : $$

Dimensions : 30 x 72 x 34”

Weight : 49 pounds

Material : PU leather

Max capacity450 lbs

Best Portable Massage Table Reviews (Newest Models)

1. Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package *COMMERCIAL GRADE

Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package

Oakworks’ One Portable Massage Table package is a  premium quality product, made in the USA that can last for years. Its design allows height adjustment from 24” to 34”, and offers product strength on its frame that can support up to 500 lbs. 

Oakworks’ One Portable Massage Table is equipped with over 3 inches of high-quality multi-layer comfort padding covered in PVC-free premium polyurethane fabric that is resistant to tears, oils and abrasions. This fabric also passes the Cytotoxicity, Skin Irritation, and Sensitization testing, making it safe and comfortable for customer use.

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2. Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table With Heavy Duty Case *BEST RATED

Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table

Earthlite’s Portable Massage Table called the Harmony DX is an Eco-Friendly portable massage table that can carry up to 800 lbs. in weight. It is an easy fold massage table, with a height that can adjust up to 33”, and an upholstered bed that is 30” by 73” that may accommodate people of all sizes. Its bedding is made from Natursoft fabric, making it supple and soft to touch, providing an extra level of comfort to the clients. 

The table was designed to provide rigidity and durability, with its hardwood legs made from hard maple, ergonomic knobs, full length piano hinge and outlets that gives the table its needed extra strength to hold client weight of over 800 lbs. It is also equipped with a patented deluxe adjustable head rest and face cradle cushion made from poly-gel blend for extra comfort.

Pros: The table is easy to adjust. The unique face cradle cushion material provides the extra comfort, and the product offers good quality value for lesser price. 

Cons: The provided nylon carrier is not sturdy enough and easily tears. The table is partly made of plastic and seems like it will easily break if not handled properly.

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3. Master Massage Santana Portable Table Memory Foam Reiki *BEST REIKI PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE

Master Massage Santana Portable Table

The Master Massage Santana Portable Massage Table Package is a 31” x 84” foldable massage table, with an adjustable height of up to 34”, and a table top filled with up to 3” thick cushion of memory foam. The bed is upholstered in polyurethane fabric, which is oil and waterproof, making it a good material for massages and therapies. Apart from the maximum height adjustment, the table itself may also be laid flat on the floor, that may allow various massage and service options such as shiatsu treatment.

Master Massage Santana’s portable table also provides an adjustable face cradle made from memory foam, serving to comfortably support clients. The table is also equipped with a contoured armrest shelf that may be adjusted accordingly. The overall table is made portable with a deluxe carry case designed with 2 accessory pockets, to provide easy maneuvering and efficient handling and transportation. 

Pro: The portable massage table is strong and sturdy enough to handle heavy weight of up to 1,500 lbs. The carrier bag is made from good quality material and can hold the table properly and efficiently. The 2 side pockets are nice to have for handling extra materials for the therapy. The product comes with a warranty, securing your product in case of wear and tear.

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4. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table *SMALL MASSAGE TABLE

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

The All-inclusive portable massage table provided by SierraComfort is made from high-quality beach timber, with a table frame that may be adjusted up to 33”, and a 2.5-inch table top or bed made from high-density foam. It has a removable face cradle to provide efficient head support as needed. It also has arm supports and arm rest for any extension needed to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation.

The deck covering is made from polyurethane leather, making it oil and water resistant— a typical good requirement for therapy and massage use. The massage table is also equipped with a bundle of massage accessories, including disposable face sheets, oil storage pouch, arm shelf, a towel hanger and a semi-circle bolster. A cotton fitted sheet is also provided for your table top for your client’s extra comfort. The entire package is packed on a durable carrying bag for efficient setup and mobility.

Pro: Logistics for the product is fast, and table setup is easy and efficient. The bedding itself is soft, with enough consistency, making it just right for massaging. The entire table, although may be quite big even if folded and tucked in its bag is not very heavy, and may easily be carried around with a crossbody strap.

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5. NRG Karma Portable Massage Table

NRG Karma Portable Massage Table

NRG Karma’s Portable Massage Table is made from top quality white oak that guarantees its hardness and resistance to moisture. It’s table top is made from triple density foam, providing extra comfort to the customer. With its adjustable height of up to 34”, and length of up to 73”, this portable massage table can hold up to 550 lbs at maximum capacity.

The knobs and extensions are made of rubber to provide efficient and quick adjustment. Its bed covering is made from Vinyl, making it resistant to oil and water. Bolts on the other hand, are designed to be rounded and recessed, while the edges are rounded for safer handling.

As a trademark of its manufacturer, NRG, the massage table has its standard rounded corners, with Reiki end panels for easy access. The table is also equipped with double knobs for extra strength and durability.

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6. Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table *STURDY

Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table

The Stronglite Portable Massage Olympia Table offers a full package that is lightweight and portable. The table is made from hardwood and may be adjusted up to 35” in height. The bedding on the other hand, is made from foam and is upholstered in vinyl fabric that makes it resistant to oil and water, providing an full comfort to the customer. The product comes with a rugged nylon carry case with heavy duty zippers and can easily be stored in car trunks and closets. The Stronglite, as the name suggests, offers a solution that guarantees strength and durability, with over 500 lbs maximum weight capacity. The entire table is supported by double knobs and cable system, further fortifying the table and guaranteeing sturdiness. Stronglite offers a 5-year warranty on the portable massage table structure, and a separate 2-year warranty for the upholstered bed. The Stronglite Portable Massage Table Olympia may be purchased in two types of packages; either as a Bolster set, or as Bolster with extra sheet set.

Pros: The portable massage table holds true to its brand and proves to be strong and sturdy, given the hardwood and metal cable system that it has as its bed frame. The product is easy to set up and is a good to bring for traveling.

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7. BestMassage Portable Massage Table Bed Spa *PORTABLE MASSAGE TABLE UNDER $100

BestMassage Portable Massage Table

BestMassage’s portable massage bed is a 73” long and 28” wide adjustable table that may be adjusted up to 33” in height and may be folded into 2 for convenience and portability. The table surface is filled with 2 inches of highly dense foam padding to provide support for the whole body and enhanced massage experience, and us further upholstered with PVC leather fabric as a covering, ensuring a skin friendly experience for the customers. It can hold up to 450 lbs in weight, with its solid hardwood legs and thick frames reinforced with durable metal hinges and high-tensile wire ropes for fortifying the table’s strength.

The portable massage table is further equipped with a flexible headrest that provides cushion for the face and neck. This head cushion may be adjusted to either tighten or loosen to provide better head angling, ensuring the extra layer of comfort that the customer may need. It also has an attached hand pallet located in front of the headrest to support the customer’s hands and ensure their comfort when facing down on the bed. The table also comes with removable side arms support and can be adjusted and removed easily through its wooden pegs. The entire portable table comes with a carrying bag for efficient setup and packing, especially when bringing it to travel.

Pros: The table is stable enough, and there is no racking or creaking when being used. The product is lightweight and easy to bring and maneuver especially for mobile therapists. It is easy to adjust with the wooden pegs.

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8. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

The Saloniture portable folding massage table offers convenience and comfort for a lesser cost. It is equipped with a 2” thick layer of high-density foam, and is covered by a polyurethane synthetic leather fabric, making it oil and water proof. The frame is made from hardwood peppered with steel support cables, giving it enough strength to support weight of up to 450 lbs. The table is lightweight with only over 37 lbs and can be folded into half for convenient packing. It is light and small enough to be tucked in a car trunk or kept in a cabinet. The table may be locked using a chrome lock to keep all the parts together, and may be kept in the carrier bag for efficient packing and travelling. The table also comes with detachable accessories, allowing a customized setup for each customer for maximum and efficient use. It has a detachable and adjustable winged armrest so that the customers may move and adjust their arms accordingly. An arm sling is also strategically located below the head rest for the customer’s convenience when they have to lie face down.

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9. Uenjoy Folding Massage Table Professional Massage Bed

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table

The Uenjoy Folding Massage Table offers portability with 23.6” width and height that can be adjusted up to 33.5”. Its material is made from over 2.75” of high-density foam, and fully covered by a leather pad that is waterproof and oil resistant. Its frame is made from top grade hardwood supported by a sturdy steel that reinforces its strength and durability, handling up to over 500 lbs of weight as its maximum capacity.

The portable massage table offers a removable and adjustable face cradle. The arm sling and arm rest are also detachable and may be adjusted according to customer’s needs. It also includes a carrying handle and carry case, offering efficiency and portability. A semi-circle pillow is also provided as part of the package. The portable massage table is also easy to set up with the table only needing to be unfolded, and then everything is already set in place. A free parts replacement as part of warranty is available for over 1 year.

Pros: The product is very easy to set up. Very efficient use for lashing and waxing. The product, although slim, is very sturdy.

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10. Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed

Merax Aluminium 3 Part Folding Portable Massage Table

This professional massage bed adopts high-quality materials. The bed is supported by aluminum alloy and plastic. The cushion is filled with soft sponge and covered by durable PVC leather. The surface is smooth and soft without unpleasant stitches.

The whole height can be adjusted within 8 different positions, up to 34.6inch. According to your various needs, you can change the heights by pressing the knobs easily. Plus, for better experiences, the headrest adopts a quick-fix locking device, through which the angle of the headrest can be adjusted and locked.

This professional spa table comes with a headrest, a pair of armrests, and a hand pallet. These accessories can be removed if you do not need them. It is easy to put in position or pull out.

The Complete Guide To Portable Massage Tables

Massage table portability depends on a number of things, such as its weight, dimensions when folded, and the sturdiness of its design By taking all these into consideration, a massage table becomes a handy companion that you can bring anywhere with ease and convenience.

Main Types of Portable Massage Tables

1. Structure: Wood vs Aluminium Portable Massage Tables

Wood Massage Table

Wood massage tables are usually sturdy. These massage tables made from wood are typically selected for the purpose of aesthetics, as the structure of a wooden table is usually designed to be pleasing to the eyes. Further, it can hold a heavier weight as wooden tables are proven to stand stronger pressure and is therefore ideal for massage and therapy. Wood tables, however, are usually heavier and are not very ideal for mobility and transportation.

Metal Massage Tables

Metal massage tables are lighter and are often considered as the modern version of portable tables. The table’s durability and strength depend on the material where it was made from. Materials for metal massage tables are usually made from iron or aluminum, depending on your preference and usage. Metals are efficient materials that provides increased strength to endure the overall weight that the table can handle. Compared to a wooden table, metals, more particularly aluminum tables, are lighter and more efficient for mobility.

2. Portability: 2-Fold vs 3-Fold Portable Massage Tables

Portable tables must be handy and movable so you may conveniently lift it and move it around as needed. For that, massage tables are specifically designed to be foldable either 2-fold or 3-fold.

2-Fold Tables

2-fold tables are usually folded in the middle. Since folded in half, they usually appear bigger. Fortunately, this also means that there are extra spaces within the furniture to accommodate more accessories, and so 2-fold tables usually have extra features with them such as detachable armrests, hand pallets, and head rests. 2-fold tables are usually made from bulkier materials, suggesting that the table is specifically made to be sturdy and durable for professional use. Further, most portable massage tables have detached accessories that you can add at any time. A downside of a 2-fold table, however, is that while it is designed to be portable and movable, it may prove to be heavier as compared to a 3-fold table and may not easily fit some places where you may store it such as cabinets.

3-Fold Tables

3-fold tables consume less space as they are folded twice. These would fit better in car trunks and closets more suitably. These portable tables are usually lighter so that mobility and set up is more efficient. Moreover, the available space is more constricted and limited, and would therefore need the parts and materials to be flexible and small for easier tucking and releasing. In general, 3-fold tables are easier to move and carry around due to its smaller size when folded, although may be less sturdy as compared to a 2-fold table. 

3. Price Point: Deluxe vs Affordable Portable Massage Tables

General price range for portable massage tables are usually categorized into three types; first are the budget tables in which the price ranges from USD120 and below, the entry level massage tables wherein the price ranges from USD150 to USD250, and the professional level, which typically costs USD250 and above.

Budget Portable Massage Tables Under $120

The budget tables are usually selected by professionals with deep limitations for their budget. Young entrepreneurs who barely started or professionals in quite a pinch would usually select this table. These budget tables are less sturdy and has shorter lifespan as it may easily break especially if used for heavy weight and strong pressure. In the beauty care and lifestyle industry, apart from the new players, these budget tables are typically used by lashing technicians and tattoo artists. This is so because lash extensions and tattooing only requires for the customer to lie down, and no extra pressure is added by the technician.

Entry Level Portable Massage Tables $120-$250

Entry level portable massage tables are the options in-between or the best available table that offers a compromise between quality and value. Compared to a typical budget table, the entry level tables have stronger raw materials and have more attached and added features, and at the same time they are affordable enough for professionals to purchase without breaking the bank. The increased durability allows it for massage specialists to consider and select these types of tables. Although it may not be as sturdy as a high end, expensive table, these hold enough strength and power to hold a customer with a heavy weight or the added pressure you will be providing as a massage therapist.

PRO Commercial Grade Portable Massage Tables $250+

The professional level massage tables, on the other hand, require a higher level of capital commitment, and are more likely to last for years. A more expensive massage table would typically suggest that the features, durability, and raw materials are of the best quality, and would therefore cater to harsh conditions, increased weight limits, and heavy pressures that usually occurs in a massage service. Despite these being portable and therefore with limited capabilities, these professional level massage tables would have extra level of comfort and unique enhancements that a customer would enjoy.

Choosing The Best Portable Massage Table For Your Practice

Transportability and Ease of Storage

For starters, you have to consider just how easy it is to bring your chosen portable massage table around! After all, that’s one of the major reasons why you need it since you want something easier to bring.

Here are the few points to consider for its portability:

  • Its overall weight, including any materials and accessories included
  • If it comes with a strong carrying case or built-in wheels to roll around
  • Its ease of setting up or folding down, which also affects how easy it is to store
  • The size and if it folds down to a compact form for easier transport

The main focus should be getting something you can bring around without the hassle.

Lightweight For Carrying Ease

A major factor to the massage table’s portability is its weight. You can’t bring a table around if it’s too heavy, which is why the lighter, the better. There are different ways you can reduce the weight of a portable massage table:

  • Choosing aluminum base over wooden ones
  • Get a portable massage table that doesn’t come with extra features that weigh it down. Or, you can opt for tables that have removable accessories to make it more useful but still lighter
  • Choose a portable massage table that comes in smaller dimensions, like a reduced width and length

With that being said, I don’t recommend that you go for the lightest massage table. Why? Because this can lessen its stability and weight capacity. Quality portable massage tables with solid construction usually weigh between 22 to 46 pounds, so choose one around that range.

Size when extended: width, length, and height

The size you get depends on your usual clients’ size and height. If you want something more versatile and can accommodate various sizes, getting a bigger one helps. But this affects the weight and portability, so it’s best to find the middle ground. 


You will want to make sure that the height of the table may be adjusted to your waist level so as to properly reach your clients and apply the proper force without harming or damaging your back. On the other hand, if you are using the table for lashing services, then you may want to lift the table high enough that you will be able to see your client’s face without leaning down too much. Range varies between 23″ to 34″. If you want to have an idea on what exact height suits best for you, follow this:

  • Stand straight with closed fists and your arms on your side
  • Measure the distance from your knuckles to the ground
  • That measurement is your ideal height for a massage table, though you can adjust it to a few inches taller or smaller. 


A good rule of thumb to try out is getting a narrow table of about 28 inches if you’re smaller. If you’re taller or want to give your clients more room, then 30-33 inches is better. 


Standard measurement is about 73 inches, with longer ones available up to 84″. However, there are shorter models if you want something lighter, though this can be uncomfortable for taller clients. Because of this, I recommend you get a table with a removable face cradle for more flexibility and adjustable length. 

Weight Capacity

If the clients you service are heavy weight, or if you practice shiatsu, ashiatsu or strong sports massage regularly you will want an extra sturdy massage table – the maximum capacity is around 550 lbs. If that’s not the case for you, and you’re looking for something lightweight that you can easily carry around and set up, I recommend choosing a lighter option around 280 lbs-350 lbs.

Carry case type

Carry cases are usually vinyl carry bags that are specifically designed and made for the folded portable massage tables to slip into. These carry bags serve its purpose by making the movement of these massage tables convenient. The carry bags are usually equipped with few extra pockets for the accessories and other equipment that the customers use, such as essential massage oils and lotions, and are usually tailor made to specifically fit the massage tables when they are folded. Most budget and entry level massage tables usually come with separate vinyl carry bags, which consumes a few extra minutes of setup time for unloading or slipping back on, but still proves to be a useful accessory for convenient mobility and storage. Further, having vinyl carry bags are convenient for owners, as they can simply wear it as a bag by carrying it across their shoulder or their body, allowing it to be moved efficiently and fast.

An embedded carry case on the other hand, is an efficient and unique approach in space saving and efficient product mobility. Unlike the separate bags wherein you have to take out the table out of the bag to set it up or slip it back in for storage, embedded carry cases provides immediate resolution for mobility as they are already a part of the product, and all the owner has to do is to lock the table closed after folding it and lifting it by the handle. This design offers a more convenient and faster way for owners to carry their tables around.

Upholstery and foam type

Cheaper massage tables use PVC vinyl leather upholstery when covering the massage table, while higher-priced ones use PU leather. PVC is a synthetic material which is easy to clean and durable, though not the most comfortable. That’s why I recommend that you go for PU leather upholstery, which is pricier, but worth it. This is also synthetic leather, but it has a similar feel and look to real leather. Furthermore, it’s pretty soft and feels luxurious on the skin, while still being easy to clean and stronger than PVC leather. 

Water-Resistance and Oil-Proof Material 

Besides the upholstery strength and softness, you should also consider its durability. Since you’ll usually use massage oils or other products, and your clients will produce bodily fluids, this affects the foam. That’s why it’s crucial looking for foam that’s both waterproof and oil-proof. This is so you can use massage products without worrying about damaging the upholstery. Furthermore, it makes the table easier to clean and maintain in the long run.


The additional accessories that portable massage tables have are the added perks that makes your service unique and special.

  • Face cradle and face frame
  • Removable Armrests
  • Extra wedge pillows
  • Carrying case
  • End plates
  • Other sheets and protective covers

You can even consider getting an eco-friendly massage table made with natural materials. This is a great choice for environment-friendly therapists who focus on both quality and ethics.


There are some brands which offers warranty up to as long as 5 years or lifetime for structure. Massage tables are expected to experience hard pressure given the nature of a therapists’ work. It would therefore provide an extra sense of security  if the item is covered under warranty, should it eventually break prematurely.







Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package


73 x 30 x 24”

44 lbs

500 lbs

Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table


73 x 30 x 33”

38 lbs

300 lbs

Master Massage Santana Portable Table


38 x 32 x 10”

35 lbs

1500 lbs

Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table


72 x 28 x 33.1”

40.8 lbs

450 lbs

NRG Karma Portable Massage Table


30 x 72 x 34”

49 Pounds

450 lbs

Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table


28 x 73 x 35”

350 Pounds

450 lbs

BestMassage Portable Massage Table


28 x 73 x 35”

37.5 Pounds

450 lbs

Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table


36 X 7-1/4 X 28"

37.5 Pounds

450 Pounds

Uenjoy Folding Massage Table


84 × 23.6 × (22.8''-33.5'')"

42 Pounds

500 lbs

Merax Aluminium 3 Part Folding Portable Massage Table


73 x 27 x (24"-32")

37 lbs

500 lbs


Buying the best portable massage table for your practice will help you take your service to the next level, while ensuring you operate at the right quality standards proving a full experience that clients will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight or commercial grade model, with these reviews of the best portable massage table models you’ll find the right equipment for your practice.