9 Of The Best Warming Massage Oils For Muscle Recovery Or A Sensual Touch

Warming massage oils are truly one of the best solutions to achieve a therapeutic experience for your mind and body. A warming massage oil is made up of a soothing blend of rich and infused oils that are used in a massage.

The wonders and benefits of these heating massage oils come from the mix of carrier oils, essential oils and natural spices to naturally emit gentle heat as the massage therapist works down your skin and muscles. If you’re troubled with stress, body pain, or muscle recovery, these will greatly help you in recovery and rejuvenation.

These warming body oils are perfect to attain a more aromatic relaxation to your normal massage sessions especially in calming, hydrating, and refreshing your skin. With all these amazing benefits, it can be confusing to choose the best warming massage oil that’s right for you. No need to worry though because we’ve rounded up only the ones worth trying out in this article.


1. Majestic Pure Arnica Warming Body Massage Oil With Lavender and Chamomile Essential Oils

Majestic Pure Arnica warming body massage oil

The good blend of essential oils in Majestic Pure Arnica is all-natural and contains arnica, which is ideal for sore muscles and skin repair issues. Arnica is a well-known ingredient in minimizing bruises and swelling which makes it a great option for recovery purposes. The natural arnica in oil form penetrates deeply into the skin and helps with inflammation. It’s also combined with olive oil that works best as an antioxidant to your skin with its natural ingredients.

Overall, your skin will benefit from softening effects. You can easily use this heating massage oil after a tiring workout or a busy day at work to relieve your stress, calm your mind, or get a satisfying sleep.

With its low price and generous bottle size of eight ounces, this warming oil is clearly a practical yet impressive option. It also has a piney aromatic goodness that upgrades your massage experience. The scent is helpful to create a carefree environment as you enjoy your well-deserved massage. It’s cruel-free and completely paraben free to guarantee its effectiveness even with sensitive skin.

2. Now Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil

Now Foods Arnica Warming Relief Massage OilThis generously sized, eight ounce bottle of warming relief massage oil contains natural arnica which is great for recovery purposes and for helping the skin to repair after trauma.

Arnica is particularly known for its ability to reduce bruising and swelling. Retailing at under the $9 mark (depending on where you purchase it from), this bottle delivers a lot of oil for an excellent, inexpensive price.

Geared toward reducing muscular tension and to deliver a therapeutic, soothing experience, the warming oil product is all-natural and totally paraben free.

The natural arnica is blended with olive oil as a carrier oil (olive oil is a known antioxidant, so good for cell renewal and for fighting free radicals that attack the skin). Now Arnica is suitable for use post workout or after a particularly busy day.

Softening too, skin feels remarkably smooth and muscles suitably relaxed to lull you into a calm state of mind or a peaceful slumber.

3. Prossage Heat Warming Relief Massage Oil For Therapeutic Massages, Topical Pain Reliever

Prossage Heat Warming Massage Oil for therapeutic massagesThis massage oil is ideal for therapeutic massages as well as for deep-tissue sports massage. It delivers a supreme aromatherapy experience as well as reducing muscular pain and soft tissue discomfort.

However, unlike other massage oils, this oil is designed to be area specific so not for all over body use. This is because it is very potent and will deeply penetrate the areas of concern to get rid of pain and soreness.

It glides over the area of concern well, without spreading too much so it’s easy to focus the oil exactly where you need it.

It’s also non-greasy and skin softening, containing no parabens and created with all-natural ingredients consisting of safflower seed oil, lanolin and lavender oil (the latter known for its calming, soothing benefits).

Retailing at approximately $25 (depending on where you purchase it from), it certainly isn’t the cheapest available, but you do get an 8 ounce bottle which should last a long while.

This particular brand of oil is used by professional sports massage therapists and is even suitable for orthopaedic massage. Gentle yet penetrating, it’s designed specifically to restore pain-free mobility and even aid in structural balance.

4. Skinsations Sensual Warming Massage Oil

Skinsations Sensual Warming Massage Oil Relxing, EdibleThis enticing sensual warming massage oil Skinstations is an edible and all-natural blend of the first-rate Tahitian Vanilla extract and four organic oils. The Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil are for your vitamin E essentials while the lightweight Coconut Oil is a natural glide element for extra smoothness.

The Golden Jojoba Oil ingredient is acknowledged to enhance skin tightness, reduce blemishes and even diminish scars. This sensual massage oil is perfect for couples celebrating intimate occasions since it has natural ingredients safe even for more sensitive areas hence its edibility.

Skinstations is a good choice for the ladies with its antioxidant ingredients that are key to a younger-looking skin. It’s also ideal for daily deep tissue massages with its efficient absorbency and beneficial skin repair benefits. The soothing vanilla scent also helps in releasing stress and lightening your mood. It’s a multi-purpose warming massage oil that you can use as a skin moisturizer, natural lubricant, and body massage oil in an instant. 

5. Herb&Root Edible Vanila Massage Oil With Warming Cinnamon Spice

Herb&Root Edible Vanila Warming Massage Oil This natural massage warming oil is a blend of high-quality oils that are infused to effortlessly produce heat and smoothen your skin for a therapeutic relief. It’s combined with exotic spices such as cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg to create a warming sensation for a professional-like deep tissue massage.

It easily glides on the skin but it’s non-greasy and non-sticky due to its natural base oils. This edible massage oil is also infused with fine vanilla beans which produce an inviting vanilla scent and flavor. This is specifically recommended for couples massage, for those who are searching to spice up their love life with a relaxing sensual experience. It’s 100% natural which makes it very safe to taste and enjoy.

The Herb&Root warming massage oil can be utilized as an anti-aging skin moisturizer by supplying vitamins and healing oils to the skin. A single bottle is already rich with sweet almond oil, vitamin E and cinnamon essential oils. It’s chemical free, cruelty-free and paraben free for your complete safety.

6. YoungYou Organix Euphoria Sensual Warming Massage Oil

YoungYou Organix Euphoria Sensual Warming Massage OilThis sensual warming massage oil claims an unforgettable massage experience with its 100% pure certified organic essential oils. It is a natural body moisturizer which includes aromatherapy to promote sensual stimulation and complete relaxation for you. It is a plant-based oil blend with sweet almond oil, patchouli, and organic lavender. These ingredients are known to effectively combat aching and sore muscles. This can easily be a staple massage oil in your home with its unique benefits. 

Another advantage of this YoungYou Organix stress relieving oil is its skin hydrating properties and natural healing ingredients that lessen inflammation. As a sensual warming massage oil, it also supports arousal and sensuality through its clary sage oil which balances you and your partner’s hormones. A single bottle can last a long usage because of its rich and soothing formula. It’s also ideal to use with its fast absorption to your skin without leaving any greasy residue.

7. Emotion Lotion Edible Warming Massage Oil

Emotion Lotion Edible Warming Massage OilThere’s no better way to level up your love life with this simple yet tasteful Emotion Lotion warming massage oil. This fun pack contains 6 samplers with six exciting flavors that are unique to the taste, smell, and feel. You can choose from the varied flavors of Cherry, Strawberry, and Cotton Candy if you are opting for something sweet while the Pina Colada and Blueberry flavors are distinct must-try flavors. 

Emotion Lotion has been in the market for 45 years now and its oil massage delights never fail to deliver different twists to their ingredients. In fact, this edible warming massage oil has a special formula which allows the oil to get warm when rubbed or blown with air for better skin sensations.

This special formula is also ideal for people who enjoy heated massages. The unique experience that Emotion Lotion brings to its users is highly valued because it promotes a relaxing massage with a twist. The different flavors can be used individually for different occasions depending on your mood. 

8. Exsens Warming Gourmet Massage Oil: Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla

Exsens Warming Gourmet Massage OilsOne of the best investments for your intimate moments is the Exsens Warming Massage Oil which is specially made to give a warming effect on your skin on both relaxing massages and loving moments. This edible massage oil can be thoroughly enjoyed with its three delicious flavors of Coconut, Strawberry, and Hot Vanilla. These refreshing flavors are formulated with massage oils that result in a warming effect on the skin for heightened satisfaction. Skin contact with the oil intensifies the heat effect of the product and makes the experience more sensual. 

Every 1-ounce bottle of this gourmet massage oil is accompanied by a rejuvenating aroma to suit your intimate massages. The bottle has glow in the dark strips to make it useful even at night. The formula is silky smooth and is guaranteed not to be too sticky. It’s also very safe to taste since it’s completely free of parabens or phenoxyethanol. Above all these perks, the Exsens warming massage oil is truly affordable considering its unique specifications. It’s a practical choice if you’re looking for some fun and relaxation with your loved one.

9.  Body Heat Flavoured Warming Massage Oil

_Body Heat Flavoured Warming Massage OilThe name says it all. Body Heat’s flavored warming massage oil is the perfect trigger of a heating action to your normal massages. This oil is ideal for couples who want notch up their nights through this warming massage oil which aims to relax tired muscles and heighten your senses. The best thing about it is that it has an amazing taste and smell. The green apple flavor is a refreshing twist to your usual sweetened flavors and will recreate a new type of massage experience for you. 

It is also very functional and can be used for different occasions. Whether you’re just looking for a relaxing massage after a long day at work or you want to spend more time with your special someone, this warming massage oil is sure to heat things up. It has a simplistic design and purpose. An 8 oz bottle will already last you long because the oil glides well enough on the skin without leaving it dry. The quality of the oils used is very fine and can be used regularly for better results.

How do warming massage oils work?

Warming massage oils are specifically created to provide a more spa-like experience for users through its heat-activated properties that ensure deeper relaxation once exposed to the skin. These oils are generally made out of plants, fruits, and herbs extracts, produced with only the most natural ingredients. Warming massage oils result in a more superior type of massage due to the calm heat it sends out to the skin and muscles.

How to give a hot oil massage?

There’s no  need to heat the oil with a massage oil warmer, if you’re planning to use on of these warming body oils. Once it has been applied, it provides relief to painful and tired muscles instantly.

It’s a level up from your normal massage sessions given the penetration of the oils into the skin to relieve pain and stiffness in the muscles. These oils can be used daily to reduce inflammation and hasten the healing processes in your body for a healthier version of you. 

Some of the best warming massage oils truly aid in relieving stress from your mind and body. The usage of warming massage oils also helps release toxins from our body that we accumulate as we get exposed to harmful variables in our everyday living. The difference of warming massage oils from other regular oils is that it is intricately formulated to produce heat to the skin for better sensation and relaxation. Warming massage oils are not only ideal for personal usage but for couples too.

The Sensual Effect Of Warming Massage Oils

The heat factor of these oils creates a better sensual feeling for both partners. These oils are targeted for intimate moments since they function to transfer heat to the skin of your partner. Warming massage oils also produce relaxing scents that alleviate any stress that you may be feeling. The overall combination of natural or organic oils, heat action, and aromatherapy is the reason why warming massage oils are a must-have for everyone’s homes.

Benefits of using warming massage oils - what are they good for?

Warming massage oils offer a wide array of benefits from physical to mental aspects.

1.Muscle recovery

The best warming massage oils in the market have been proven to aid in muscle recovery through its unique healing properties. Every massage becomes therapeutic for the user since it calms their mind and refreshes their body. It’s helpful for different sports with different exercises since it warms up the body for extreme movements. It’s a great way to keep your body’s blood circulation going through these rejuvenating massages. It becomes an advantage to those who would like to unwind after work. Since warming body oils are made up of all things natural, the oils become very useful to relax the body, mind, and soul.

2. Skin nourishment and hydration

Warming massage oils are also great investments in terms of skin care. The natural ingredients will guarantee you that your skin’s quality will get better through proper nourishment. It has no chemicals included and can greatly moisturize your body through its smooth consistency. Plant-based oils are also known to help with anti-aging. The best warming massage oils will not only relieve you from physical pain but also benefit you to suit your beauty and skin needs on the long run.  It will create wonders for your face and body with the hydration it delivers to your system.

3. Aromatherapy and sensual massage

It significantly caters to a luxurious experience since these warming oils are good stress relievers with its aromatherapy. The warming massage oils that we’ve compiled are beaming with various unique smells and flavors to specifically match your mood, liking, and lifestyle. The scents and tastes are additional refreshing factors that add up to complete a well-deserved massage with warming oils.

Look for Certified Oils

Before you buy your warming massage oil, you should look for Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (may or may not be free from pesticides) or Certified Organic Essential Oils, the latter are the highest grade and are free from pesticides and chemicals.

Warming massage oils have build up a whole new world of unique massage experiences that you can enjoy with along the benefits of various unique ingredients. Are you up for the challenge to try a new sensation in your massage session?


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