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Secrets Of The Best Warming Massage Oils

Warming massage oil has so many positive benefits. It aids in muscle recovery post-workout or after injury and it delivers an aromatic, therapeutic experience for body and mind.

Additionally, it calms, soothes, rejuvenates, refreshes, hydrates and softens the skin so it makes sense to factor in a massage session as regularly as possible.

What is a warming massage oil?

As well as the regular massage oils available to buy today; there are certain massage oils that can be warmed, which come with added advantages.

Generally, if you’re careful you can warm most massage oils (do check first) but it’s best to use something specifically designed for heating so you don’t scald skin.

As a guide, 140 Deg F (60 Deg C) is warm enough for using on the skin but remember that you should always test warm massage oil before applying it, again, to protect from scalding.

How do warming massage oils work?

Generally, warming massage oils are made out of extracts from plants, fruit and herbs and they should be as natural as possible.

These types of warming massage oils deliver a superior massage experience because they emit gentle heat while they’re being worked into the skin and muscles.

This is especially beneficial if you suffer with sore, tired or painful muscles and joints as the heat helps to increase circulation and loosen up tight areas. Warm oil is also a comforting feeling when applied.

For Sensual Massage

Of course, warming massage oils have another excellent purpose too; they’re sensual and are often used in couples’ massage to ignite the passions!

So, if you enjoy massage, you can take it to the next level, whether it’s for relieving muscular knots, soothing sore joints or perhaps to enjoy with your partner.

Look for Certified Oils

Before you buy your warming massage oil, you should look for Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (may or may not be free from pesticides) or Certified Organic Essential Oils, the latter are the highest grade and are free from pesticides and chemicals.

Best warming massage oils for home use

Here are my two favourite warming oils and why you should try them.

Now Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil

This generously sized, eight ounce bottle of warming relief massage oil contains natural arnica which is great for recovery purposes and for helping the skin to repair after trauma.

Arnica is particularly known for its ability to reduce bruising and swelling. Retailing at under the $9 mark (depending on where you purchase it from), this bottle delivers a lot of oil for an excellent, inexpensive price.

Geared toward reducing muscular tension and to deliver a therapeutic, soothing experience, the warming oil product is all-natural and totally paraben free.

The natural arnica is blended with olive oil as a carrier oil (olive oil is a known antioxidant, so good for cell renewal and for fighting free radicals that attack the skin). Now Arnica is suitable for use post workout or after a particularly busy day.

Softening too, skin feels remarkably smooth and muscles suitably relaxed to lull you into a calm state of mind or a peaceful slumber.

Prossage Heat Warming Massage Oil

This massage oil is ideal for therapeutic massages as well as for deep-tissue sports massage. It delivers a supreme aromatherapy experience as well as reducing muscular pain and soft tissue discomfort.

However, unlike other massage oils, this oil is designed to be area specific so not for all over body use. This is because it is very potent and will deeply penetrate the areas of concern to get rid of pain and soreness.

It glides over the area of concern well, without spreading too much so it’s easy to focus the oil exactly where you need it.

It’s also non-greasy and skin softening, containing no parabens and created with all-natural ingredients consisting of safflower seed oil, lanolin and lavender oil (the latter known for its calming, soothing benefits).

Retailing at approximately $25 (depending on where you purchase it from), it certainly isn’t the cheapest available, but you do get an 8 ounce bottle which should last a long while.

This particular brand of oil is used by professional sports massage therapists and is even suitable for orthopaedic massage. Gentle yet penetrating, it’s designed specifically to restore pain-free mobility and even aid in structural balance.


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