BestMassage Portable Massage Table Spa Bed Review

The BestMassage is one of the most affordable portable massage tables out there and best if you're on a budget. It's not the most premium or longest-lasting, but it comes with all the basic necessities and from a reputable company. You get the simple and no-frills table that's still comfortable to use for both you and the client to enjoy. If you're still considering getting a budget-friendly portable massage table, what makes this the right choice? 


BestMassage Portable Massage Table

Table size: 73x28x33 inches

Table weight: 28 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 450 pounds

Material: beechwood with reinforced hardwood corners

Cushion thickness: Two inches dual layer

BestMassage Portable Massage Table Features

The BestMassage Portable Massage Table's best feature is its portability. It's probably one of the lightest, if not the lightest, table weighing only 28 pounds. This makes the table extremely easy to bring around or move to store. 

Other than its ease of storage, many commend the straightforward setup, using no tools and only taking a few minutes. It's great to use if you're traveling masseur on a budget, also coming with a carry case. But take note that the case may not be as durable, susceptible to tearing.

In regards to its frame, it's made with the strong wood and adequate construction to last. It may not be as solid and take the advertised 450-pound working weight. But, it can take pressure and weight of up to 200 pounds well enough and have clients enjoy the softer cushioning. 

I do commend the portable table's padding though, as well as its adjustability. You adjust the height itself, using its adjustable knobs and setting it to heights between 24-33 inches. 

Besides that, it's made with two-inch sponge for a softer feel, enough to keep your clients relaxed during the massage. Also, it's covered with PVC leather for smoothness and hassle-free  cleaning


  • Very affordable price with good value and sturdy construction
  • No issues with balance and stability with normal weights
  • Has armrests and a face cradle piece for extra comfort
  • Easy to bring and store for its lighter weight


  • The carry case has durability issues and may rip easily
  • Table's durability is questionable and can't withstand heavier weight

Wrapping it up:

BestMassage is a company known best for its wide variety of massage products available. Because of that, you can find value in their portable massage table without the high price. It may not be the most durable, but for its tool-less assembly and lightweight construction, you'll love the portability.


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