Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager Review

It’s hard to get a peaceful sleep at night when you’re feet are sore from standing all day. One way to soothe muscle pain and improve your sleep is by using the Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager at least once a week. With its combined ozone therapy and heated hydrotherapy, Carepeutic is one of the best foot spa massagers, that increases the uptake of oxygen in your feet and calf. This means that you will relieve your muscle pain while improving your body’s blood circulation.


Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall foot spa bath massager (1)

Product Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 18 inches

Weight: 17 pounds

Color: Red/White


The Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager comes with a limited one year warranty that covers default on the parts and workmanship of the product.

In-Depth Features of Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager Review

The best features of the Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager is the multiple options for automatic massage programs. It has four automatic massage programs which are the rolling massage, ozone therapy, air bubble massage, and heated water surfing therapy. All of this is made possible by its 4 built-in motorized rollers, waterfall and waterjet system, and infrared light heating system. With any of these massage programs, your default massage time of 50 minutes will ensure a very relaxing massage session. It will relieve your foot and calf strains plus improve your overall discomfort.

The Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager is also built with a smart thermal control system. This means that the foot spa massager will automatically balance your desired temperature of the water while you’re using it. The heat of the water can go as high as 119F, ensuring an extremely soothing foot spa experience.

More than a foot spa experience, Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager also massages your calves! The tub of this foot spa massager can soak up to 8” of your calves and can comfortably accommodate up to 14” of foot size. Your calves will be massaged while the waterfall and water jet systems are activated. You can also add herbal bags or bath oils inside its detachable herbal bag container and mineral stones! Doing this will add aromatherapy to your whole experience. The product also comes with an extra mineral stone container.

Another thing that the Carepeutic Foot Spa Massager is proud of is its manufacturing. They used very durable materials to build it with double insulation and overheat protection. This ensures the users safety while having a relaxing massage experience. More than a splash guard, it has a lid that acts as a cover for better storage. Draining the tub of this foot spa massager is also easy! It has a built-in system that will drain the water of the tub with just a push of a button. Storing the product is also made easier with hidden power cord storage and water drainage valve. 


  • Ozone therapy combined with heated hydrotherapy for better oxygen uptake
  • Soaks the calves as well up to 8 inches
  • Easy storage and draining system
  • Comes with an extra mineral stone container


  • Some reported draining system malfunctions

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