Comfier Full Back Massage Chair Pad With Heat And Compression Review

The Comfier Shiatsu Neck And Back Massager is a versatile and innovative 2D/3D massage chair which merges Shiatsu, Finger Pressure, Kneading, Rolling, Spot Air Compression and infrared heating functions to offer customizable massages.

This multipurpose massage chair pad is guaranteed to target specific areas in the body and effectively provide complete relaxation comparable to a professional back massage service, making it one of the best back massagers for chair on the market.


Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage Cushion

Package Dimensions: 32.5 x 20.5 x 8 inches

Weight: 19.75 pounds

Warrantee: 30 days money back

Features and Programs of Comfier Massage Cushion

What makes the Comfier Multipurpose Shiatsu Massage standout among the rest is its Omni Design which aims to relax your shoulder, neck, back, waist, and thighs. For a unique neck and back relaxation, the Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder massage has 4 unique nodes that provide deep tissue massage with two rotation directions. The latest innovative technology that this massager offers a 2D or 3D finger pressure shiatsu massage wherein it incorporates and inward and outward motion by the massaging nodes. 

Another one of the best features of this chair massager is its adjustable rolling and spot massage. This functions through a soft rolling massage along the back spine. This is very ideal for those who are experiencing muscle pain across their back since it relaxes muscles and avoids further tension. It’s also easy to adjust its width to accommodate the right fit for your body. The spot massage function is highly-beneficial to users who want to pinpoint a single area that they want to improve. For instance, you can have a full back massage or have it targeted at your upper back or lower back for better concentration.

The customization properties of the Comfier Multipurpose Shiatsu Massage is also superb when it comes to its optional heat function. The infrared heat delivers gentle warmth to eliminate muscle tension as well as deep relaxation. 

You can also benefit from this chair massager with its adjustable air compression feature which will allow you to experience an air massage from two airbags positioned on your waist and hips. It goes to your advantage since it is a full-coverage treat of a deep tissue massage available with three adjustable intensity levels. 


  • Targets Different Body Areas - Ideal for a whole body relaxation since it can pinpoint certain areas that you wish to focus on
  • Versatile Usage and Comfortability - This chair massager is easy to transfer to your sofa, couch, recliner, dining chair or even your office chair to indulge in a therapeutic massage any time of the day


  • May not be ideal for short users- Users who have a height shorter than 5’4 feet may place pillows on the seating area to properly reach their back at the chair
  • 2D/ 3D massage feature may deliver too much pressure - You may first try out gentler settings if you are sensitive to high-pressure massages

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