Earthlite Harmony DX – Ecofriendly Design Review

Today, we're focusing on eco-friendly products that help with the Earth's sustainability. By purchasing products made of sustainable and strong materials, you get your money's worth while doing your part to save the environment. But besides its naturally sourced materials, what makes Earthlite table unique among the rest? Read this full review to see why we consider Earthlite to be one of the best portable massage tables on the market today.


Earthlite Harmony Portable Massage Table

Table size: 73x30x33 inches

Table weight: 47 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 600 pounds

Material: Hard Maplewood and Nature's touch upholstery

Cushion thickness: 2.5 inches dual layer

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Features

The EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table is an all-in-one product that comes with everything you need. It has the excellent dual-layer cushioning made with a soft density that doesn't wear out easily. It's made with the Natursoft fabric, which is both durable and soft, which many people will appreciate as they lay down on it.

As for its table and construction, it's amazingly constructed with professional and intense use in mind. It's built with the strong wood frame and with non-slip and stable feet to stay in place no matter the weight or pressure you put on it. Furthermore, it has the grippy knob and full-length piano hinge, which can keep the frame in place well.

The table also comes with excellent and professional features like the face cradle cushioning to add comfort for your clients. Overall, a simple design but filled with necessary features that perform well.

Earthlite Massage Tables Presentation


  • Amazing customer service and lifetime warranty included
  • Comes with a strong and durable case to easily bring around
  • Extremely solid construction and stays stable regardless of weight
  • Sets up within a minute and is easy to adjust


  • Some complaints about shipment issues
  • People say that it's heavier than advertised


This portable massage table offers the best features considering it's made of high-quality and sustainable material. I would recommend EARTHLITE not just for the environment-conscious, but for people who want something light and easy to bring for massages!

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