Gideon Full Back Massaging Cushion With Heat Review

The Gideon Full Back Shiatsu Massaging Cushion With Heat is an all-in-one essential that features four Shiatsu massaging nodes to help you unwind and destress anytime. Considered by enthusiastic reviewers one of the best massage chair pad models on the market,  with its adjustable spot focus massaging, soothing three levels of vibration options, and reliable control functions, it provides complete spa-like in-chair massage.


Gideon Full Back Massaging Cushion With Heat

Massaging nodes & vibration massage

Home AC adapter

Car DC adapter

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Features and programs

The number one advantage of the Gideon massaging cushion is its four Shiatsu massaging nodes that navigate up and down to massage your entire back. It can be customized for a lower back, upper back or a full back massage. There are also optional features that you can enjoy such as heat therapy or radiating gentle warmth to boost your mood when you feel stressed or tired. 

You can also greatly benefit from its adjustable spot focus massaging feature wherein the moving Shiatsu massage nodes can be set to a certain spot on your back depending on where you need it. Just simply press the arrows up to navigate the nodes higher on your back or press them down when you want the massage to be focused on your lower back. The intensity of the massage may also be adjusted according to how hard you press against the buttons. Through these, you get to have a total control on your preferred massage type.

This seat cushion also features a double deep penetrating vibration nodes along with three intensity levels of vibration. It’s designed with 3D counter-rotating and multi-directional balls which will soothe your tissues and muscles. The experience is comparable to a real therapist’s hands with its vigorous kneading and penetration.

It’s also ideal to use anywhere whether you’re just sitting at home, at work or even when you’re driving in your car. The simple strapping system makes it easy to transfer and store so you can use it again for your next massage. More than this, it also comes with a safety auto-off timer wherein you can effortlessly manage the length of your massage. It will automatically shut-off the massager with an option of five, ten, or fifteen minutes. This massager package already includes a home AC adapter, car DC adapter, and an owner’s manual to kickstart your massage sessions.


  • Has powerful 3D massage features - Its target for deep tissue and muscle massage is ideal for relieving stress in your back with amazing results
  • Full Control Of The Massage - The customizable settings allow you to have your own personal preference on the area and intensity of your massage
  • Easy To Use Hand Control - Has a convenient control keypad to select functions


  • May be too loud - The massager may be too loud and is preferably seated in 90 degrees to lessen noise
  • May have strong pressure - The massaging nodes may be strong for users who prefer light massages. You may try out lower settings first to suit the massage pressure you wish to achieve
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