Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager

The Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager is one of the best foot massagers out there, with a unique innovative design for maximum versatility. Its kneading nodes can help provide relief to your feet after a long day of strain. The heating feature that this massager comes with is perfect for massage sessions on cold Winter nights. But what’s unique about this massager is that it has dual-purpose; making it able to massage other parts of the body. 


Gideo Quilted Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager

8 Massaging Nodes

Voltage: 110v, 30W

Cord length: 7 ft.

Size: 12 x 12 inches

Auto-off: 15 minutes

In-depth Features of the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Heated Foot and Back Massager

The Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager is designed to provide a relaxing and soothing massage to your feet. It comes with eight deep penetrating massaging nodes that deliver a Shiatsu-type massage. These kneading nodes are designed to imitate the skill of a professional masseuse, providing top-notched massage sessions. The massager primarily focuses on the bottom of the feet and helps relieve common foot aches such as bunions and arthritis. 

What makes the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager different from other massagers is that it is designed to give warmth as well. While most foot massagers come with two pockets, one for each foot, this massager’s single pocket is big enough to accommodate both of your feet. The space inside the pocket is big enough to support even those who have large feet. 

The foot massager comes with Infrared-induced heat therapy. This feature allows the massager to emit a comfortable warmth, which helps soothe the aches away from the feet. What’s great about it is that you can select the option to enable the heating feature during a massage or just use it separately to warm your feet. Foot massaging paired with the heating helps improve the blood circulation on your feet. You can set the settings with the easy-to-use remote control that comes with the massager. It also shuts off automatically after 15 minutes to avoid overheating.  Perfect for warm and comfortable massage sessions during the harsh cold Winter nights.  

The factor that sets apart the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager’s is its multi-purpose capability. It’s an all-around massager that does not only massages the feet but also other parts of the body. The massager comes with a zipper at the side that lets you remove the foot pocket. Just unzip it and place the massager in the desired body parts such as the legs or the back.

The simple and compact design of the Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager allows you to place it anywhere. Its plush-soft fleece foot pocket is cushioned and cozy like a pair of mittens. The foot pocket is removable and can be machine washed, making it easy to maintain. 


  • Comes with 8 kneading nodes that produces realistic Shiatsu-style massage
  • Multi-purpose usage allows the massager to be used in other parts of the body.
  • It’s simple and compact design allows easy usage and transport
  • Comes with Infrared-induced heater that can be used alongside the massage or can be used separately as a heater.


  • The massager takes time for the heat to start emitting warmth
  • Difficult to massage the top part of the feet
  • May require a transformer for 220v usage

Warranty and Service

The Gideon Quilted Shiatsu Foot Massager comes with a full 1-year warranty. It requires users to fill-up the warranty registration form found at their website to obtain the warranty.

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