Master Massage Santana LX Memory Foam Reiki

Portable massage tables are extremely helpful in making traveling easier and add more flexibility to any massage practice. With that being said, you'll need to make sure that you get the right functionality and don't compromise on quality. That's where the Master Massage Portable Massage Table comes in, as one of the best portable massage table models on the market, according to enthusiastic users.

This table is best suited for those who are focusing on size and weight capacity in mind. But just because it comes at a bigger size doesn't mean it's tougher to bring around, it weighs less than standard tables for your convenience! 


Master Massage Santana Portable Table Review

Table size: 38x32x10 inches

Table weight: 53 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 650 pounds

 • Material: Forest Hard European Beech Wood and Dura-Seal protected the finish

Cushion thickness: Three inches multi-layer

Master Massage Portable Massage Table Features

The Master Massage Portable Massage Table is made with the amazingly sturdy material that can last long. But what makes it a great option is its sizable room for all types of clients. With its longer and wider dimensions, it can accommodate all shapes and sizes, withstanding weights of up to 600 pounds.
The cushioning is made of memory foam with the PU upholstery that's both oil and water-resistant. That way, you can massage without the worry about your massage oils or body sweat ruining the material.
Furthermore, the body and frame itself are made with high-quality and hardwood, which adds to its strength and durability. The manufacturer claims that it can last for over five years without the upholstery or frame wearing out.
For the combination of big size, durability, and soft padding, it's worth the investment. 

Master Massage Massage Table Set Up Guide


  • Comes in an XL size for more freedom with your massages and room for clients
  • Stable and solid construction that can last for years despite the heavy use
  • Soft memory foam cushioning for improved comfort for clients
  • Sturdy and stays in place regardless of the heavy weight or pressure


  • Headpiece uses plastic support bars and isn't as durable
  • Heavier to bring around compared to other portable massage tables


I highly recommend the Master Massage Portable Massage Table for its large size and premium quality. Its memory foam feature turns any massage session into a special experience.

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