Mecor Car Race Office Chair Review

Sit comfortably on a very hippy and teen-like chair (even while you working in the office) with the Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair. This piece of furniture will make you feel like a gamer while you seat and work on your office tasks

It boasts of a 6-point massage function designed with only state-of-the-art standards. With that, you get to enjoy a spa right inside your office. The massage also goes hand-in-hand with the heating feature to effectively soothe aching muscles or back pains. Besides that, this chair features 360-degree swivel action, tilting ability, and gas lift height adjustments, making it one of the best office massage chairs for any working environment.


Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair Review (1)

Material: PU/PVC Leather
Maximum capacity: 300 lbs.
Seat Width: 21.3”
Back Thickness: 21.3”
Seat Thickness: 19.5”
Dimensions: 24 x 30 x 45.3 inches

Features of the Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair

Be a more efficient employee with the help of Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair. Its ergonomic capabilities - 360-degree swivel, durable 5-point smooth-rolling casters, gas lift height adjustment, and tilt and lock function - makes your every movement while sitting on it very convenient. All of these features will help you accomplish more tasks without feeling too tired.

Muscle ache, tired hips, tense shoulders, and lower back pain are the common issues when you’re sitting for long hours at work, especially when you have to pull an all-nighter to finish a report. The Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair features a six-point vibration massage and heating function in the chair’s seat and upper and lower back portions. Using this, say goodbye to these problems. The health benefits that this chair provides are better blood circulation, stimulated tired and aching muscles, and most of all, tension relief all over the body. Without a doubt, a comfortable and relaxing sitting experience is guaranteed with this massage chair.

Operating the functions of this office chair is a walk in the park as it comes with a remote to control everything. You only need to press a button to switch between the five different massage modes that the chair offers. You can also modify the intensity of the vibration and the heating level of the chair with just a press of a button.

One of the concerns when choosing an office chair is its durability and stability. The Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair assures you of those as it is made from quality synthetic leather and heavy-duty metal frames and base. There’s also ample padding and extra thick armrest to keep you comfortable while you work or play for extended periods of time.


  • Get relaxed and comfortable while you sit in its built-in heating and vibration massage feature.
  • Controlling the features of your chair is very easy, thanks to its remote.
  • It is made of the best synthetic PU/PVC leather and upholstery for durability and stability.


  • Doesn’t have a warranty


The Mecor Car Race Massage Office Chair will make you feel like a gamer while you seat and work on your office tasks, taking the strain off your back when you have to sit long hours.


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