Miko Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Review

With so many brands out there, finding the right foot massager to provide comfort to our tired and wearied legs could be quite a task. But if you are planning to buy one that not only gives promises but also guarantees actual results, you might want to check out the Miko Shiatsu Deep-kneading Foot Massager. 

Featuring the right combination of effectiveness, portability, and control convenience, this product encapsulates the essence of an innovative, top rated foot massager. Designed to give you utmost comfort and relaxation, the Miko Shiatsu Deep-kneading Foot Massager is the perfect company while you are seated. 


Miko Shiatsu deep-kneading foot massager

Fits all foot sizes up to 12 US

Massage Strength: 5 levels

Shipping weight: 12 pounds

Product Dimension: 43 x 40 x 20 cm

Packaging: 44 x 42 x 22 cm

A Closer View into Miko Shiatsu Deep-kneading Foot Massager’s Features

This foot massager is a product that actually lives up to its promises of soothing our beat feet. It is capable of giving deep kneading, rolling, and subtle vibrating massages all in one go; these combined techniques target specific pressure points on the sole and hills of the feet. As a result, muscle tension, knots, and soreness are eased and relieved. Also, doing a pressure massage to our feet improves its blood circulation.

When operating the machine, you can choose one of its five different pressure settings. If you find level 1 too soft, then you can raise the intensity to level 5. It is recommended to use this foot massager 15 minutes every day. For beginners, start at level 1 with socks on to assess the hardness of the massage. Raise the intensity level as you get accustomed to it. 

Unlike other foot massagers that only massage the sole, this machine is capable of giving soothing sensations to all parts of the feet. Its two independent foot chambers massage the side, while the air-pressure feature applies tingling pressure to the rest of the feet. 

Aimed also to be operated comfortably while seated, the product’s built-in wireless remote makes controlling this machine all the more convenient. Select your desired setting with just a press of a button. The best part is it comes in two; the other one serves as a replacement in case one is lost or misplaced.


  • Effective in relieving tightness and soreness of the feet by specifically targeting pressure point of the feet
  • Compact and portable, enabling users to carry it around anywhere
  • Offers varying degrees of intensity (5 levels) for a customizable experience
  • Chambers can fit up to size 12 (US)


  • Only targets bottom and top of the foot as per actual operation
  • For older models, massage could become painful for users who have a low pain tolerance. Newest models have a softer massage function option

Warranty and service:

The Miko Shiatsu Deep-kneading Foot Massager comes with a 1-year warranty. If the product is delivered with defects or if the parts went broken after some time, you can have them replaced and their customer representative will be more than glad to process the transaction for you.  

The previous version of this machine received complaints from customers that the massage it produces is too intense to the point that it’s become unbearable. The brand has answered that issue by toning down the intensity. If your unit feels a bit extreme for you,  you can ask for a replacement from a customer representative.

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