Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Review

Relaxing at the end of the day is what everybody is looking forward to right after their work ends. The best way to relax is to use foot massagers to soothe away those aching soles. The Naipo Foot and Calf Massager is a top foot and calf massage machine that does not only help your feet relax, but it also extends comfort to your calves. This is a unique foot massager that is customizable to provide you the overall best massaging experience. 

In-depth Features of Naipo Foot and Calf Massager

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager

Product Dimensions: 20 x 19.5 x 14 inches

Weight: 30.6 pounds


The Naipo Foot and Calf Massager can be returned as long as it’s in the original packaging with complete accessories and manuals. You can return a damaged or defective massager within 30 days from the date of purchase

In-depth Features of Naipo Foot and Calf Massager

The Naipo Foot and Calf Massager comes with a multi-functional foot massaging capability. It has kneading nodes to deliver a Shiatsu-like rolling massage to your feet. It also comes with a vibration feature that further enhances the relaxing experience. The vibration goes up to three levels of frequencies, which you can customize depending on your preference. 

Another useful feature of this massager is its unique air compression therapy. The compression function snuggly massages the calf and feet to provide an overall relaxing feeling. There are three intensities of compression that users can choose, depending on how much pressure he/she can tolerate. Air compression on the calf and feet is proven to improve blood circulation, which is most beneficial for people with diabetes. 

The Naipo Foot and Calf massager is also packed with a heat function, a feature that is not present with other lesser brands. The heating effect can be paired with the heel vibration to heighten the relaxing effect the machine brings. The heat temperature, which takes 3 minutes to get started, can go up to a maximum of 112°F. If you think that that level is too hot, you don’t have to worry because it’s built with an overheat protection feature that prevents users from getting burned.


  • Unique and foldable design that accommodates both feet and legs during the massage.
  • Comes with air compression to both feet and legs to help improve blood circulation
  • Comes with overheat protection to avoid heat function to exceed the maximum temperature
  • Air compression and rolling massage can be activated separately for a customizable experience


  • The massager can only cater up to feet size 11


The most unique feature of this foot and calf massager is its unique foldable design. Using a touch-activated panel, you can unfold the massager to let your legs also enjoy the massaging experience. The air compression and the rolling massage functions can be activated separately, letting you customize your massaging experience within reach. The foldable design also helps in storing the foot massager easily when not in use. Finally, the covers of the machine for the calf area are easily removable, so you can wash them regularly to keep it hygienic. 


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