New Body Anti-cellulite Cup And Massager Review

Preparing for the beach season, I wanted to focus more on discovering the best anti-cellulite massagers and stumbled upon the New Body Cup and Massager. At first, I was a bit skeptic considering it used suction cups and may be uncomfortable. But once I tested it out, I was amazed by the quick results and how comfortable it had me feel!


New Body anticellulite cup and massager

2 cellulite vacuum cups

1 cellulite massager silicone brush


The New Body Life offers the Anti-Cellulite Cup, truly made to remove cellulite while reaping more benefits. It's known to flush out toxins, removing not just cellulite appearance, but the cellulite itself and other fats around. And yes, it does more than simply remove cellulite with its compact body and suction cups. So, what else can this cellulite massager do? Learn more about how the massager operates from these features:

Flush Out Fat

How do these massagers and suction cups work, exactly? The silicone suction cups help flush out any toxins and/or fluids that contain fat and cellulite. As it flushes down these toxicities, it also reduces any skin irregularities or imperfections, including the cellulite. Besides this, it helps with lymphatic drainage and enhances efficacy, along with improving one's blood circulation. The package comes with two silicone cups of different sizes to compress easily and create a vacuum, which fits different body parts. 

Excellent Quality Body

You don't have to worry about receiving defective or unsafe items with the massager. The massager itself is made of the quality and durable materials known to last for years of usage. Besides this, it also comes with high-quality silicone cups for suction and cellulite removal.

The cellulite suction cups are made with FDA-approved medical grade silicone. It's completely safe to put on your body without any side effects, making it a suitable choice for anyone.

Easy to Use

The suction cups and massager, when together, can be difficult to understand at first. But once you begin to use it, it'll start becoming easier, only taking a minute to set up for a session.

Overall, the unit and the suction cups are hassle-free to operate, working with long battery life. Furthermore, you just need to switch it on, place the suction cups on the affected area, and let the massager do its thing. No need for huge efforts!

Includes Everything You Need

We all want something that comes in a complete package so we won't have to worry about spending more. Fortunately, while the Suction Massager may come at a slightly higher price, it comes with all you need.

Not only does it come with two different suction cups, but it also has the quality body and battery, as all as the massage head. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee so you know you're receiving the best massagers to last for a long time.

Reduces Muscle Tension and Pain

While the massager is known best as an anti-cellulite remover, you can also use it for muscle relief! When you use the brush head, you can expect better blood circulation around the body parts you target.

Because of improved blood circulation, any tension around your muscles or body parts can find relief. So you don't only need to use it solely for removing cellulite. I also recommend that you use it to lessen any pain from work, exercise or stiff muscles.

Efficient Results In Days

Besides the complete package and comfortable operation, it's known to offer the results you want within days. Many consumers report that they have less pain around their body and also less cellulite. Some have reviewed the product, saying that it only took a few days before they noticed less cellulite appearance!

Besides this, people are also happy to note that they experience less pain and better muscle relief. That's thanks to the massager feature of New Body.

Wrapping It Up

When you want something meant to remove cellulite while keeping your skin healthier, you'll love New Body. Hopefully, my review on it helped you see if it's meant for you! If you've tried it out yourself, let me know what you think about it below.


Carmen is an entrepreneur and content marketer. In a former life, as a corporate business executive, she relied on yoga, reflexology and other alternative practices to fight stress, anxiety and find balance. She’s on a mission to build healthy habits for a balanced, healthy life, connecting body, mind and spirit.