NRG Karma Portable Massage Table Review

The NRG Karma Massage Table offers a simple and straightforward design. While it's not feature-packed, it's the simplicity that makes this table a great choice.

Made for the professional massage therapist, this portable massage table is made to bring around and still keep your clients comfortable. But what makes the NRG one of the best portable massage table models?


NRG Karma Portable Massage Table

Table size: 30x72x34 inches

Table weight: 49 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 450 pounds

Material: Strong wood with Reiki end panels

Cushion thickness: Three inches dual layer

The NRG Karma Massage Table Features

NRG brand specializes in professional massage products. The table was made with the name Karma in mind, referring to capturing good spirits and positive vibes. 

The table does provide a positive experience through its high-quality build, ensuring a comfortable massage. NRG built this to last for years, having the sturdy wood frame, as well as double wheel and Reiki end panels.

Besides this, it has the excellent 3-inch triple density foam padding and Levante vinyl upholstery. With these two combined, it adds plush comfort when clients lie down and withstands wear or tear from daily use. It's also resistant to stains and easier to clean or wipe down as needed.

As for the Karma Massage Table's portability, it isn't the most transportable available on the market. But it's still lighter than the standard table, weighing less than 40 pounds. It also has the smaller dimensions when folded down, though large enough for most shapes and sizes. 

Furthermore, the massage table can work with weights of up to 450 pounds. It comes with the adjustability. according to you and your client's preference. You can adjust its height between 23 to 34 inches and easily maneuver it with its Shiatsu cables and rounded corners. 


  • Smooth three-inch foam to add relaxation to massages
  • Made for the professional setting and can last for years of use
  • Levante vinyl upholstery that resists stains and tears


  • The face cradle might not feel as comfortable or durable
  • No extra features or accessories included in the package


The NRG Karma Massage Table is a moderately-priced massage table with simplicity and profession in mind. Built for masseurs, you'll find the ease of transporting and adjustability as you use the table.


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