Oakworks One Massage Package Review

If you're looking for a long-lasting massage table, then you'll enjoy the Oakworks One. Not only is it best known for its portability, but many commend its design and soft feel as well. From its complete package down to the premium material, both massage therapists and customers will love its features. Made in US, it has several distinct features and benefits that make it one of the best portable massage table models, an excellent choice for massage therapists on the go. But what exactly can you expect from this massage table? Read on to learn more about the features offered and what makes it a great buy!


Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package


Table size: 73x30x24 inches

Table weight: 44 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 500 pounds

Material: Bluegrass Upholstery and modern style

Cushion thickness: 3 inches

Oakworks One Portable Massage Table Features

The Oakworks One Portable Massage Table boasts of the multi-layer comfortable padding, which improves your customer's coziness. It has the three-inch padding, adding more cushioning for better relaxation during massages. As for the frame itself, you can see and feel how sturdy it is. It's made with the excellent material and construction to last and withstand up to 500 pounds of weight and pressure.
Furthermore, it's built with the patented Integra Hinge, which is exclusive only to Oakworks themselves. With this hinge, it strengthens the attachment of the table's bracing system, adding even more strength without the heavy weight.
The table overall is lightweight and easy to carry around, though will take time to understand how to fold and set up. Besides this, you'll have no trouble moving or transporting it to your customers.
Besides its cushioning and material, it also comes at a complete package to use right away. The package includes the following:

•Portable massage table
•TerraTouch Fabric
•Aero-Cel Face Rest Crescent
•Adjustable Face Rest Platform
•Arm Hammock with Adjustable Height
•Carry Case

Warranty and Service

The massage table typically comes with 1 or 2-year warranty, ensuring that you get your money's worth. There isn't a money back guarantee of much information regarding the warranty, though you can contact Oakworks for more of their exact terms.

Oakworks Professional Massage Equipment Presentation


  • Sturdy table made with the durable materials to last
  • Reliable company with an efficient warranty
  • Offers three-inch padding for better comfort
  • Strong massage table but lightweight to bring around easily
  • Includes complete package to begin using immediately


  • May be a bit difficult to fold and store
  • Takes longer to set up and stabilize for use


This massage table is definitely one of the best available today with its combination of necessary features. Not only do you get better adjustability and ease of use, but multi-layer comfort for your customers to love!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with this portable massage table, then comment below!


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