Relaxzen 10 Motor Massage Seat Cushion Review

The Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion is one of the best massage chair pads, designed to provide rejuvenating massages in the car, at home or at the office. This multi-purpose cushion is highly-praised given its 50% extra seat foam focused for relaxation and concentrated massages.


Relaxzen 10 Motor Massage Seat Cushion

Product Dimensions: 42.5 x 18 x 2.5 inches

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Massage function: pulse or vibration

Features and Programs

This 60-2910P Massage Seat Cushion has a lot of advantages when it comes to its 10 strong massage motors that are strategically created with 5 sets of concentrated zones. These areas can be extended to your upper back, middle back, lower back, and even the thighs for you to achieve a complete massage experience. 

The variety of this cushion’s functions will allow you to personalize your massage through its 5 massage modes, 8 intensity levels and other variable speeds. You can also benefit from its pulse or vibration massage mode if you prefer a stronger pressure to your muscles. Another extra setting that you can enjoy is its soothing lumbar heat mode which targets sore muscles and better relaxation. 

The good thing about this cushion is its accessibility through its AC & DC adapters. There won’t be any hassle in plugging it at your home, car, or even at work. The mobility of this cushion is very convenient when you’re always on the go and need an equipment that you can take anywhere to relax every now and then. Some people also prefer to use it in their beds and claimed a better quality of sleeping after regularly using the Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion.

It’s also trouble-free to control with a hand-held remote to select the mode of your liking. The control can make it easy for you to identify the spots that you are aiming to massage. You can even try to experience the 5 zones at once when you’re looking for an extraordinary type of massage. For simpler options, you can try the modes individually and find out the best mode suited for you.

One of its perks also includes its seat which is enhanced with 50% more foam assuring you comfortable massages at all times. The better foam feature lessens the impact of the motor massages so that you can enjoy the experience smoothly.


  • High Quality of Foam - The 50% more foam feature of the cushion provides better comfort to the users and lessens the pressure of the massage motors
  • Varied Massage Settings - Achieves more customized massages depending on the users’ preference
  • Strong Massage Motors - Delivers well on the pressure and concentration to ease muscle pain, tension, and stress


  • Thigh Massage Setting May Be Too Strong - Some users may need to adjust it to a lower setting to avoid strong pressure
  • 30-Minute Timer May Be Too Short - Some users may want a longer period of usage without inputting a new setting or mode

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