Review: Gideon Back & Body Portable Handheld Massager

The Gideon Back and Body Deep Tissue Massager is a handheld portable massager that comes at an affordable price. The model comes with 3 interchangeable head nodes, 5 massaging modes, and 5 speeds to relieve muscle pain. With its value for money positioning and positive user feedback, it made the list of the best handheld massagers on the market.


Gideon Back and body portable handheld massager

Cordless: Yes

Massage Speed: 4000 PPM

Massage Attachments: 3

Battery Life: 1.5 hours


For warranty and service information about Gideon Back and Body Deep Tissue Massager, you have to contact the manufacturer directly.

Features and programs

This handheld massager provides a deep tissue massage for common muscle pain and back pain but it also alleviates pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries, joint pain, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. The 5 massaging modes and 5 speeds allow for a fully customized massage session.

One of the advantages of this Gideon model is that it comes with 3 interchangeable head nodes. Unlike other models that have one type of head and provide only one massage experience, this massager will provide 3 different experiences. Each massager head is designed for a different task and you can use them to personalize your massage sessions as you see fit. You can choose from a single deep penetrating head, a 3 mini-node head, and a 4 nodes head with multiple micro-heads.

The fact that you can change the head nodes, adjust speed and intensity means you can use this unit for a full body massage. You can effectively massage your neck, shoulders, legs, feet, back, and arms.

Another advantage of Gideon Back and Body Deep Tissue Massager is its ergonomic design and extra-long handle that allows easy access to all areas you want to massage. In this way, you can give yourself a deep massage in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re looking for a thorough massage for your sore muscles, increase the speed to up to 4000 pulsations per minute for powerful muscle penetration. This type of massage promotes healing and alleviates pressure by increasing the blood supply to the affected areas.

For a gentle massaging session, set the handheld massager at low speed. This gentle massage is great to relax tight muscles and increase flexibility after a long day you spent sitting at your desk.


  • Easy To Use – The massager is designed well and the long handle is easy to hold for a long period of time. You don’t have to struggle to move the massager up and down your back allowing for a comfortable massage session. The massage heads are also easy to change.
  • Good Massage Attachments – This handheld massager comes with good attachment heads. The massage heads are effective and deliver different massage experiences.


  • Can Be Too Gentle – If you have severe tightness or serious back pain, the Gideon Back and Body Deep Tissue Massager can be too gentle for you. The model provides a deep tissue massage but people who like a strong massage might find it too gentle. If that’s the case for you, increase the intensity and speed.
  • Can Be Loud – Unlike other handheld massagers, this model beeps with every button pressing and this can be a disadvantage for some users.
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