Review: Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager

The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager is an affordable and powerful handheld massager that uses percussion technology to relax muscles and relieve pain. This model is cordless and comes with 5 interchangeable head-attachments you can use to massage different areas of your body including shoulders, neck, back, arms, legs, and feet. It's one of the best handheld massager models according to reviewers. 


Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager

Weight: 1.76 lbs

Massager Size: 15.55×4.72×5.5 Inches

Cordless: Yes

Voltage: DC8.4V 12W

Massage Speed: 3600 PPM

Massage Attachments: 5

Battery Life: 140 minutes


The Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Features and programs

One of the best things Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager has to offer is the completely different massage experiences it provides thanks to the 5 interchangeable head-attachments.

If you prefer a deep tissue firm massage, the round-ball and one-point heads are what you should use. These massager heads break up knots, speed muscle recovery, and are great to use for shoulder and back massages.

A fitting massage for arms and legs is best to perform with the curved head. If you’re looking for a softer massage to alleviate pain, the 3-points rubber-coated head is the perfect choice for you. This massager head is also great for joints and is safe to use on shoulder blades, knees, ankles, and cervical vertebra since it offers softer contact.

The 3-intensive head is a rubber-coated massager head as well and works great if you prefer a soft massage on a bigger area. This massage head successfully eliminates fatigue and loosen the stiffness of tight muscles.

The deep tissue massager also has 3 intensity and 4 percussion modes that are adjustable for each massager head.

Another great thing about the Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager is the fact that it’s cordless and very easy to use. Electric massagers do not offer the same freedom of movement as this cordless massager does.

The fact that the massager automatically stops after 20 minutes is also an advantage since it’s easy to prevent overheating of the product.


  • Good Massage Attachments – This product comes with good attachment heads. The massage heads are effective and they allow for a personalized full body massage with ease. Each massage head offers a different massage experience and sensation.
  • Lightweight - Renpho Rechargeable Deep Tissue Handheld Massager is sturdy but lightweight and you can use it comfortably to massage areas of your body that are not easily reached without struggling to hold the massager or to move it up and down.


  • Cannot Be Used While Charging – To use this cordless massager you have to charge it first. You can’t use it while it’s still charging and this can be a disadvantage if you are in a hurry. However, the battery life allows for multiple massage sessions once fully charged so make sure you charge it then use it when you need to relax your muscles.
  • Can Be Loud – Compared to other massagers this model can be loud. It produces a high-pitched sound, especially if you put pressure on the massager while massaging.
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