Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table Review

If you're looking for a quality massage table that offers the complete package and it's ease to transport, you'll enjoy STRONGLITE.  We commend it for its robust and solid construction. Besides this, it's one of the lightest for easy moving. If you're interested in what what makes the Stronglite one of the best portable massage tables on the market, read on for the full review and see if this table is right for you!


Stronglite Olympia Portable Massage Table

Table size: 28x73x35 inches

Table weight: 35 pounds

Maximum supported weight: 450 pounds

Material: Hardwood beech

Cushion thickness: 2.5 inches dual layer

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Features

The STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Olympia is made of hardwood beech with round corners to prevent any hits and accidents. It also comes with an adjustable face cradle and a face pillow, as well as a bolster and carry case. 

It's one of the lightest portable massage tables out there, weighing 35 pounds but still having enough stability. It has corner and double knobs, even a cabling system and end panels for better strength as you handle the table. 

For its lighter weight, it can still withstand heavier working weights of up to 450 pounds. While it might wobble a little, it's nothing users can't handle and is still bearable.

As for its cushioning, the table offers the responsive cushioning that adds to its comfort level. Besides the soft feel, the 2.5-inch padding's also smooth and just as durable as the table's frame construction. It's upholstered with double-stitched vinyl, feeling smoother to the touch and strong to prevent tearing.

With its light weight, it travels well and you can store it in car trunks or closets easily. Just keep its accessories within the table, fold it, and bring or store as needed.

Stronglite Massage Table Presentation


  • Not too light but with balance weight for sturdiness and ease of moving
  • Holds up to intense and daily use for years 


  • The face rest will need a bit of breaking in
  • Some complaints about it wobbling sometimes

Warranty and Service:

All Stroglite portable massage tables are guaranteed to last for at least five years. This is against any defects against the frame's material and craftsmanship. As for its foam and vinyl, they offer a two-year guarantee. Both these warranties don't cover any damage from wear and tear, neglect, accidents, or misuse. 


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