Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager Review

The Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager comes at a cheap price but offers deep tissue relief delivering a strong percussion massage that soothes pain, soreness, and tightness of muscles with ease. This Theraflow model includes 3 head attachments, allows massage intensity customization, and comes with an extended power cord. It's one of the best handheld massagers on the market, according to enthusiastic reviewers.


Theraflow deep tissue percussion massager

Weight: 2.5 lbs

Massager Size: 14.8 inches length

Cordless: No

Voltage: 110 V

Massage Attachments: 3

Battery Life: N/A


Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager comes with a 1-year guarantee warranty. The manufacturer will repair or replace any defective units within this period.

Features and programs

One of the advantages of Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is that it provides a therapeutic massage by deeply penetrating the knots and sore muscles in your body. The powerful massage provides pain and aches relief and it also removes any tension accumulated in your body throughout the day.

The electric massager comes with 3 different attachment heads, acupoint, shiatsu, and kneading, allowing you to customize every massage session as you see fit. All the attachments are made of flexible silicone making them neither too hard, nor too soft. Each attachment serves a different purpose and you can customize your massage session based on your preferences and needs.

For example, the kneading attachment is a dual point attachment that mimics the finger movements of a massage therapist. This attachment head is perfect for a strong shoulder and back massage. While the shiatsu one feels like a deep pressure massage performed using the knuckles. If you need fast and targeted relief, you can use this head attachment on your acupuncture pressure points to get rid of muscle tension and pain.

The fact that this handheld massager comes with a bristle attachment as well enables you to give yourself a scalp massage. You can use the bristle attachment when you want to get rid of headaches by massaging your scalp or you can use it on other sensitive areas of your body such as the neck.  

The massage intensity is also easy to adjust with the massage intensity dial. You can make it as powerful or as gentle as you want for an invigorating or relaxing massage.

Another advantage of this model is that, despite being electric, it has a long reach thanks to the extended cord that enables flexibility and further reach during usage.


  • Great Value For Money - Theraflow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is affordable but it performs very well providing a deep tissue massage and melting away knots, tension, and pain.
  • Long Power Cord – The handheld massager’s long power cord is a good feature because it allows you to move the massager comfortably from one part of your body to another or up and down your back without tripping over the cord or interrupting the massage session to move around the power outlet.


  • Can Be Strong – If you don’t like a powerful massage, this massager can be too strong for you even on its lowest intensity setting. This product provides a deep massage, which might make it less suitable for people who prefer a gentle and relaxing massage.
  • Heavy – This handheld massager can be quite heavy for people with a slim build who might find it hard to hold it and move it around for the entire massage session.

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