VITALZEN Plus Foot And Leg Massager Review

With an innovative hight tech design and full foot, leg, knee and thighs massage function, the VITALZEN Plus® Massager is one of the best foot and calf massagers on the market. Apart from largest leg coverage, a thermal function and custom massage intensities make this foot and calf machine one of our favorites.

VITALZEN Foot And Leg Massager Specifications

VITALZEN Plus Massager for Feet, Legs, Knees, and Thighs

Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 19.5 x 22.4"


The VITALZEN Plus® Massager is covered with a two years official warranty with an option to extend up to 5 years.

A Closer Look into the Features of the VITALZEN Plus® Foot And Leg Massager

If you are looking for the most innovative and all-around foot massager, Global Relax’s VITALZEN Plus® is one that you should consider. This foot massager is able to massage reflexology points in your calf and feet, allowing for a full and deep massage experience. It comes with three different pressure systems – continuous, short breaks, and long breaks – which you can adjust according to your preference.  

Vitalzen is also equipped with a unique thermal massage capability, which helps in making your muscles relax and breath. The kneading massage combined with the sturdy rolling massage helps promote better blood circulation in your feet because it stimulates blood flow in that area. The effect is immediate relief from muscle soreness and pains.

This foot massager also has three intensity levels for its massage, which range from low, medium, and up to high. It also has the pressotherapy feature, which is a medical and beauty treatment that eliminates lymphatic drainage and fluid retention so that your skin and muscles can breathe freely.

 If you are looking for a cost-effective massager, VITALZEN Plus® is the device for you. The massager provides a massage experience that is already enough for 5-10 minutes, and it automatically shuts down after 15 minutes. This allows the foot massager to save energy cost, which means that you can use the massager every day without any guilt.

Vitalzen Plus Functions Demonstration Video


  • The foot massager is portable because of its folding sections
  • The thermal massage option is a unique and handy feature
  • It has three massage modes that include full, lower, and upper which you can modify and adjust in accord with your preferences


  • It is expensive compared to other brands


 VITALZEN Plus ® Massager is manufactured by Global Relax, which is a leading online store dedicated to providing the best massage and spa treatment and equipment. For 20 years, it has continued to produce many high-end products and consistently comes out with promising material. There are only a handful of competitors that can compare to Global Relax, hence, so you can be assured that the VITALZEN massager would be worth your bucks.


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