Von Racer Reclining Massaging Office / Gaming Chair Review

Sloppily sitting on a subpar gaming chair that provides minimal to non-existent comfortability can spell countless failures. If you are a professional gamer, you know that a plush and comfortable chair can actually elevate your game in more ways than one. The VON RACER Massage Reclining Chair is designed for comfort and is one of the best gaming massage chairs out there. 

It’s a snug, cozy gaming chair and massager in one. With an ergonomic design - large size, thick soft seat cushion and armrests, retractable padded footrest and super high backrest - this massage reclining gaming chair helps in supporting well your spine and neck. Additionally, this specific gaming chair has a massage feature that helps on relieving backaches and muscle cramps.


Von Racer Massage Chair

Large size 27.6” W x 27.1” D x 48.4”- 51.2” H

Extra high backrest (24.8” x 32.7”)

360° swivel, a height-adjustable mechanism

Weight: 49.6 lbs


The VON RACER Massage Reclining Gaming Chair comes with a One Year Warranty


This ergonomic gaming chair is designed to provide luxurious comfort of the highest level. It has an extra headrest pad, which is usually not available on other brands. It also comes with an innovative lumbar cushion with a USB electric massager implant to help relieve your muscle pains while sitting.

This Von Racer chair is best known for its multi-functionality. It is not only perfect for gaming sessions; it can also fit in an office setting and could complement any computer desk. Wherever application you wish to use it, it’s there to give you that much-needed relaxation anytime.

With three different massage modes, you are presented with options for different massage strength. This is something unique as most massage pads just have one level of massage setting. The comfortable cushion delivers a satisfying and relieving feeling to sooth different body parts while sitting.

The gaming chair is readily adjustable using the height regulating mechanism. You can simply adjust it to whatever preference you are comfortable at when playing or working at the office. It has a working recliner (adjustable from 90-175 degrees) that enables you to switch your position from time to time. The backrest can be locked at any position you desire because it has a recline locking system. In addition to that, it has a retractable padded footrest. Truly, this chair can be used at just about anything that requires sitting – gaming, working, reading, video streaming, or just simple relaxing. 

The chair is very easy to assemble and feels sturdy once you’re seated. The frames are made of high-quality material that is meant to last long. Its base is made with top quality nylon and has smooth-rolling caster wheels. The gas spring, which enables the height adjustment, is explosion-proof and follows the strict international standard. 


  • Made from good quality leather
  • Comes with an extra headrest pad
  • There are three different modes of massage
  • The price is decent for the item’s quality


  • The availability and shipping of the item are limited to some places
  • The Lumbar feels a bit too hard and becomes uncomfortable with time


Overall, the Von Racer office massage chair is stable and sturdy enough to last for several years, as long as it’s well maintained and used with care.


Carmen is an entrepreneur and content marketer. In a former life, as a corporate business executive, she relied on yoga, reflexology and other alternative practices to fight stress, anxiety and find balance. She’s on a mission to build healthy habits for a balanced, healthy life, connecting body, mind and spirit.