Wahl Heated Lumbar Massage Home & Auto Cushion Review

The Wahl Heated Lumbar Massage Home and Auto Cushion provides the ultimate custom in-chair massage experience, at a very affordable price. This back massager for chair specializes in lumbar support, through its thick cushion and therapeutic massage wrap that promote relief, making it one of the best massage chair pads in the market. 


Wahl Heated Lumbar Massage Home & Auto Cushion

Dimensions: 5.3 x 13 x 17.3 inches ;

Weight: 2 pounds

Massage function: Vibration


The most acclaimed feature of this auto cushion is its custom massage setting which will allow you to choose between massage and soothing heat. You can even have it on at the same time for more relaxation. This back massager for chair is also perfect for those who are on the lookout for something that can relieve their pack pain whether they are at home, work or in their cars. The cushion is specially crafted with thick foam and plush fabric to ensure that it’s dense enough for a cozy feel at all times. It’s also made with light material for easy transfer wherever you want to use it.

This Heated Lumbar Massage Home and Auto Cushion from Wahl is also a great option to consider, because of its lumbar support to the natural shape of your lower back. It comes with 4 amazing massage motors to bring relaxation to tight muscles. If you wish to add extra heat, you can also depend on its heat technology for faster results. 

Did you know that massages are great boosters for your health? Adding this massage to your daily routine can help out with your pain management whether you are experiencing chronic pain or injury recovery. It significantly helps in decreasing inflammation and relieving various body pain such as stress, muscle tension, and tightness. This massager is proven to see instant results in helping with recovery and healing.

The advantage of this lumbar massage cushion is that it has Wahl therapeutic massage wraps. They are ideal to combat lower back aches, tight, tense or knotted shoulder muscles, aching knees, stiff necks, and more. The pain you are feeling will eventually have some improvement after adding a massage wrap on your body.


  • Lightweight and Easy To Transfer - It’s convenient to use daily given that you can easily transfer it from your house, to your car or even to your office. Its materials are very lightweight to carry as well.
  • The Massage, Vibration, and Heat Settings Are Effective - These settings are unique and practical varieties to suit your massage needs
  • Great For Light Massages - The vibration setting is ideal for users who love light yet relaxing massages


  • The straps may be too short - You may find it hard to secure but with careful strapping, it will suit your seat properly
  • The heat may not be too strong - The heat setting is more ideal for those who like their massage with medium heat

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