Get All The Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage At Home

There are many types of massage. There’s sports massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and there’s lymphatic drainage massage but what exactly is it and will it benefit you? Celebrities certainly swear by it.

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle (the Duchess of Sussex) has regular lymphatic drainage facials at in London and her skin glows with youthful good health so there’s plenty of evidence that this type of massage works wonders.

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

This therapeutic massage technique uses light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes designed to boost the lymphatic system and get rid of all the toxins and impurities in the body.

It opens up the lymphatic system so it flows better and works to the optimum. The massage gently pushes the toxins away from the skin, so they no longer “cling” on. It’s superb for cellulite as fatty deposits remove themselves and pass through the lymphatic system, leaving the body via waste.

Additionally, the manual stimulation encourages the production of collagen and elastane so over time and with multiple lymphatic draining massages, skin looks youthful, glowing and healthy.

What is the Lymph System?

The lymph system helps your body to fight infection. Being part of the immune system, it moves oxygen and vital nutrients into your body’s cells. On route, it collects impurities, flushing them out of the body through the lymph nodes.

The pressure from the blood vessels and the muscular movement of your body push the lymphatic fluid around. For a healthy lymphatic system, you need to encourage good blood circulation and muscle movement.

Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Lymphatic System [Infographic]


What are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

  • Good lymphatic drainage supports your immune system so having a lymphatic drainage massage can impact your general health in a positive way
  • Excellent for preventing common illnesses such as colds and viruses
  • It speeds up healing
  • Reduces water retention and bloating
  • Encourages weight loss because stimulating the lymphatic system helps to raise your metabolic rate, so burns calories
  • Helps to relieve lymphedema (when the body swells excessively, normally in the legs, feet, and arms)
  • Reduces swelling and puffiness
  • Promotes glowing, plump and firm skin
  • Breaks down cellulite because it encourages the removal of fatty deposits beneath the skin
  • Encourages better circulation
  • Speeds up scar tissue healing
  • Cleans out blocked pores because it encourages removal of toxins and impurities


Self-Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the Face

Rather than going to a specialist massage therapist, you can perform lymphatic drainage massage on yourself. You can either use your fingers or you can buy a massage product such as cups (for cupping) or a lymphatic drainage roller which works by applying pressure and rolling the product over the face.

Follow our steps for a finger lymphatic drainage massage and try out this effective method to promote a younger looking complexion:

  • Start with a warm room because heat is essential in increasing lymphatic drainage
  • Cleanse your face and moisturize
  • Begin using a light tapping motion with your fingertips on your forehead, just above your eyebrows. Move across the eyebrows toward your hairline (30 seconds)
  • Tap gently underneath each eye just above the cheekbones for about 30 seconds
  • Then using your forefinger and middle finger gently rub in circular motions above each eyebrow toward the hairline (30 seconds)
  • Then, in the same area, trace your fingers outwards from eyebrow to hairline in long motions (30 seconds)
  • Moving to your ears, using the forefinger and middle finger, press lightly at the base of your ears and drag your fingers towards your chin, repeat (30 seconds)
  • Massage the chin and jaw using your forefinger and middle finger, sliding fingers backward and forwards (repeat ten times)
  • Use the same motion across your collar-bone towards your shoulders (ten times)
  • Repeat massage
  • Drink lots of water post-massage as you need to rehydrate


Self-Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Legs

Especially effective in removing cellulite and boosting circulation in the legs, this self-massage technique really goes a long way to improving the appearance and texture of your skin:

  • Start with a warm, comfortable room
  • Use light pressure, if you can feel your muscles under the skim, you’re pressing too hard
  • Stretch the skin from the inside of your leg upwards and outwards towards your hip
  • Repeat this from the top of your leg down toward your knee
  • Then reverse and move the skin upwards (alternating your hands) towards the top of your body
  • Repeat the above ten times
  • Place both hands behind your knees
  • Then use a kneading motion, roll upwards ten times
  • Massage the lower legs by placing one hand at the top of your shin and the other behind the leg
  • Stretch the skin upwards and then release
  • Continue this motion downwards towards your ankle
  • Repeat with upward strokes in your ankle and feet
  • Push each toe gently upwards using your fingers
  • Repeat ten times

Set aside 20 minutes a day for lymphatic drainage and drink plenty of water to help your lymphatic system flush out toxins and impurities. It’s very important to stay hydrated post-massage. Also, try your best to be active because this helps to encourage healthy lymph flow and keep your system moving effectively.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Tools

Here are our favorite products for effective lymphatic drainage massage:


The Original Chi Himalayan Anti-Aging Jade Roller

This 100% natural jade facial roller by Krasr retails at just under $30 (depending on where you buy it from) and is effective in delivering a superior lymphatic drainage massage. Easy to use, you simply glide it over the area of concern for a smoother, firmer and more youthful looking skin.

The roller is double-edged and specially designed to help minimize fine lines, shrink pores and tighten up sagging skin for a brighter looking complexion. It stimulates the lymphatic system by moving toxins and impurities through the body so it is eventually removed via natural waste.

Featuring small and large rollers, the roller is excellent to use on hard-to-reach areas specifically around the eyes. It works on all skin types and is small enough to take with you wherever you go. For best results, use for ten minutes daily.


Dry Brushing Body Brush Set by OrigiBiz

At just under $20 (depending on where you purchase from) is this dry brushing body brush. This is an effective tool in self-massage and ideal for lymphatic drainage as well as in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Complete with a removable long handle so you can reach right down to the base of your spine, this brush stimulates blood circulation and encourage fatty deposits to disperse, eventually leaving the body through the lymphatic system.

Not only does it encourage a smoother skin, it brightens and softens it. The all-natural bristles are designed to comfortably brush the skin without causing any irritation and it’s suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

The brush also fights inflammation and cleanses by getting rid of dead skin cells. The bristles help to distribute your skin’s natural oils, keeping your skin nicely moisturized too. Use in or out of the shower and with or without massage oil. With a 30-day returns guarantee, you get additional peace of mind.

Anti-Cellulite Cup with Cellulite Massager by Meili

This budget cupping product (just $7.99 depending on retailer) goes a long way to removing cellulite and encouraging healthy lymphatic drainage. Use it with or without a cellulite-busting cream or oil. The set comes in a drawstring pouch and features transparent silicone cups.

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The cups are based on the Ancient Chinese therapy of cupping and involve suction. They gently create a vacuum between the skin and the cup which stimulates the lymph nodes to remove toxins and impurities. You carefully move the soft, flexible cups without releasing the air until you have completed the massage.

Cupping is well known for its ability to increase blood circulation, boost the metabolism and get rid of toxins from deep tissues. With prolonged use, this kit can help to get rid of cellulite and improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin.
Additionally, the massage is deeply relaxing and good for promoting better overall wellbeing. .

For best results, massage for ten minutes a day (take a break after ten days).

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