Do you feel in need of a massage treatment that addresses your spiritual wellbeing alongside your physical health? Do you suspect that you are being held back from reaching your full potential by your own negative thoughts and mental blocks? Lomi Lomi massage could be perfect for you.

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi massage is a complementary massage treatment that aims to soothe both body and mind. It is a massage delivered with conscious loving intention. Lomi Lomi translates as “to break up into pieces with the fingers.” The therapist uses their hands, forearms, and elbows to deliver strokes of varying speeds and intensities.

Through the therapist’s touch, the client is encouraged to release unhelpful beliefs and negative memories. Lomi Lomi massage practitioners believe that negative thoughts – or “programming” – is stored throughout the body, not just in the brain. The rationale is that when the body’s tissue is stimulated in the right way, the client will enjoy greater mental clarity.

What are the origins of Lomi Lomi massage?

According to Dr. Kathryn Hilgenkamp, Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Hawaiian healing practice. It is
is based on Huna philosophy, which centers around the idea that all living things crave love and harmony. Love as a healing tool is at the heart of Lomi Lomi massage practice – in fact, it is sometimes known as “Loving Hands” massage.

Lomi Lomi massage therapists work to relieve energy blockages while redirecting energy to new locations in the body. Huna philosophy states that humans are made up of various “selves,” including the “higher” and “lower” selves. It emphasizes that a therapist must treat the body and mind simultaneously. In this paradigm, illness is the inevitable result of energy blockages.

What are the benefits of Lomi Lomi massage?

An Lomi Lomi massage therapist’s primary aim is to encourage the client to enter into a state of total relaxation. Lomi Lomi massage is good for people with depression, anxiety, or muscle tension. By the end of the session, the client feels both calm and revitalized. They may find that old, outdated beliefs and negative self-talk seem irrelevant. Lomi Lomi massage can affect clients on a profound psychological level.

Massage improves circulation and stimulates the body’s natural detoxification and healing processes. Lomi Lomi massage is therefore helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain or long-term illness. It also supports the immune system by promoting good lymphatic functioning.

According to the Acupuncture Massage College, Lomi Lomi massage can improve posture, slow the heart rate, and lower blood pressure. Each session is tailored to the needs of the client, making it safe for all age groups. However, if you have recently had surgery or have a long-term medical condition, it’s best to check with your doctor before getting a Lomi Lomi massage.

What can you expect from an Lomi Lomi massage session?

The connection between client and therapist is an important aspect of the treatment. Lomi Lomi massage usually begins with a moment of contemplation or prayer. Your therapist may gently lay their hands on your back as they focus on their healing intentions. They might ask you to focus on your own treatment goals, and state them either aloud or in silence.

You will then be asked to lie on your stomach. The therapist will massage your bare skin, using towels and sheets to protect your modesty as required. Therapists use massage oil to help their hands glide smoothly across your skin. They will use long strokes, primarily with their hands and elbows. You may be asked to lie on your back so that the therapist can massage your stomach.

Some clients report feeling a sense of emotional overwhelm during and after an Lomi Lomi massage session. This is perfectly normal. You may also notice that your muscles feel soft and your joints loosen slightly. Occasionally you may be offered the opportunity to receive a massage from two therapists at once. This is thought to help the client relax even further.

What techniques are used in Lomi Lomi massage sessions?

In the video below, you can watch a typical Lomi Lomi massage massage and learn more about the key techniques. The presenter also speaks in dept about the spiritual aspect of the treatment:

Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional practice with a long history. There are no standardized manuals that a therapist must use; their intuition and personal preferences guide them. Some Lomi Lomi massage use hot rocks to encourage the flow of blood around the body to specific areas that require healing. Others place plants on the body to manipulate the client’s life force.

Your therapist may gently manipulate and rotate your joints whilst stretching your muscles. According to Huna, this encourages the release of tension. Lomi Lomi massage should never feel uncomfortable. Therapists try to work with the client’s body, not against it.

Finally, you might also notice that your therapist sways or dances slightly as they work. This practice is thought to enhance the flow of energy between the client and therapist. While dancing, the therapist might hum. The vibration is believed to help release energy blockages. During the session, the therapist will also use breathwork to regulate energy flow.

How does Lomi Lomi massage compare to other forms of massage?

Lomi Lomi massage versus Swedish massage:

Lomi Lomi massage shares some similarities with Swedish massage. Both treatments make use of long, firm strokes that move out from the heart. However, Lomi Lomi massage therapists also use their forearms and elbows to manipulate the tissues. In addition, Swedish massage does not have the same spiritual connotations as Lomi Lomi massage. It is based on Western physiology as opposed to life energy.

Lomi Lomi massage versus deep tissue massage:

Lomi Lomi massage uses strokes that exert significant pressure, but it is not considered to be a deep tissue massage. The goal of deep tissue massage is to alleviate knots in muscle and connective tissue using slow strokes across the muscle grain. It is more intense than Lomi Lomi massage and some people find it uncomfortable.

Lomi Lomi massage versus Shiatsu:

Like Lomi Lomi massage, Shiatsu massage entails energy work. However, Shiatsu massage therapists apply pressure to the body in a rhythmic pattern designed to stimulate acupressure points. Unlike Lomi Lomi massage, Shiatsu is a fully-clothed massage usually carried out on the floor or a low table.

For those in need of spiritual healing along with physical therapy, Lomi Lomi massage is a wonderful option. If you have been feeling in need of a psychological deep clean, why not try this ancient Polynesian healing method?

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