Massage on any part of the body brings a tremendous sense of wellbeing. As well as alleviating pain and discomfort in the joints and muscles, it relieves tension and helps you to relax. There are both mental benefits and physical benefits and there also other advantages, such as achieving an anti-aging result.

While you can’t stop the clock turning, you can genuinely minimize lines and wrinkles through facial massage. However, you must also remember to carry out treatment regularly to keep up a youthful appearance and to maximize on the results! Facial massage boosts blood circulation and in turn, this encourages formation of new collagen.

That’s why the skin on your face looks better after massage, it should be visibly plumper, with a glowing complexion and any lines and wrinkles should look less visible.

Turkey Neck & Lymphatic Drainage


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You can also use facial massage on your neck to firm and tighten, so removing the appearance of “turkey neck”. As well as for anti-aging purposes, facial massage kick-starts lymphatic drainage. That’s the removal of toxins and impurities and helps to banish zits, acne, blocked pores and reduce sebum production.

The lymphatic system is what removes these impurities through natural waste and a healthy lymphatic system will improve the look of your skin.

Using a Facial Roller Massager


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When you have a facial your therapist will usually incorporate a long, therapeutic facial massage however, you don’t always have access to a facial so can you do it yourself? The answer to that is yes, you can – and one of the best ways to enjoy facial massage is to buy yourself a facial roller massager.

Facial Roller Massager Types

There are a couple of different types, those using a simple roller (sometimes with raised nodes) to stimulate collagen and tightening or for a deeper massage, there are microdermabrasion products. These feature tiny needles that lightly penetrate the skin to really boost collagen production. They do generally produce faster results and they’re painless.

Using a roller is easy; you simply select the desired speed and roll a handheld massager around your face upwards and downwards, repeating areas three or four times while slowly applying slight pressure. For a thorough anti-wrinkle treatment, it’s best to use these in upward strokes, so discouraging sagging skin.

With so many different types on the market, it’s difficult to pick out the right one for your needs. We review the top facial roller massagers, what they do and whether they work so you make an informed choice.

Facial Roller Massagers Reviewed

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Esarora Ice Roller

Esarora Ice Roller

This budget priced facial massager retails at just $11.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and is suitable for lots of different actions:

  • For eye puffiness
  • For migraine relief
  • For minor skin injury
  • For anti-aging

This massager is a roller with slightly raised nodes that deliver a massaging action on your face. You use this massager in the morning, before putting your make-up on for best results. Massage it all over your face to stop wrinkles and boost skin plumpness.

It also relieves fatigue and calms the skin from inflammation so it’s a great solution to sunburn, reducing redness quickly as it tightens the pores and detoxes the skin.

The best way to use this is to place the product in the freezer for 10 minutes and then use it over the skin; it’s cooling and calming and really improves the overall look of your skin in just one use.

Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument by Sdara Skincare

Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument by Sdara Skincare

Retailing at $20 (depending on where you buy it from), the Sdara product has rave reviews. This derma roller is different to the one above in that it uses micro needles (.25mm) on the roller to penetrate the skin. The needles are so small that it the experience painless and it stimulates collagen so skin plumps up and stays plumper for longer.

You do need to perform the treatment regularly for best results. The needle action also gently exfoliates dead skin so skin appears glowing and youthful. Use it anywhere on the face or even on the body.

For use, wash and dry skin, apply light pressure rolling the product backwards and forwards a few times and then change direction. Use moisturizer or serum after use. For best results, you should use this product once or twice a week (it is not for daily use).

The roller should be replaced every couple of months after regular use and the product comes in a handy carry case so it is suitable for traveling.

Healthy Care Micro Needles Derma Roller

Healthy Care Micro Needles Derma Roller

Here’s another microneedle derma roller which promises to plump up skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote a younger looking complexion. Retailing at just $12 (depending on where you buy it from) it features titanium needles that are just 0.25mm so it doesn’t hurt when you use it.

Gently roll it backwards and forwards over the face to exfoliate and massage, it’s suitable for the face, forehead, nose, chin and even the neck. Safe and pain free, it is recommended by dermatologists.

Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Kit by JJ Ellie

Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Kit by JJ Ellie

This product uses 540 titanium needles all situated on a roller. The needles are tiny, just 0.25mm and penetrate the skin lightly to boost collagen production and enhance skin so it looks radiant. Featuring microdermabrasion it gently exfoliates revealing a younger looking complexion.

Completely safe and painless, it’s recommended by dermatologists and retailing at just $14 (depending on where you buy it from) it’s a good, inexpensive skincare product.

Use this product on the face, rolling it upwards, downwards, backwards and forwards four or five times before applying skin creams and serums but only use it once or twice a week. It’s suitable for use on the face, neck, nose, forehead, chin and scalp.

The JJ Ellie facial roller massager comes with a 100% money back guarantee, giving you extra peace of mind that you’re buying a quality product.

Two in One Rose Quartz Roller By Mikacare

Two in One Rose Quartz Roller By Mikacare

Of course, if you don’t want needles, you can still use a quality roller and this one by Mikacare uses a natural semi-precious stone roller for a massaging facial experience that boosts skin quality and tones the muscles. At $25 (depending on where you buy it from), the double-sided roller area is made entirely from hard rose quartz which has healing properties as well as smoothing capabilities.

Additionally, the roller helps to reduce puffiness and eliminate dark circles round the eyes while promoting better lymphatic drainage as it removes toxins from the face. Skin is left feeling firm, smooth and soft with lines and pores visibly minimized.

This is definitely a great product if you don’t like the thought of needles.

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