5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Head Massager Spiders

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Head Massager Spiders (Scalp Massagers)

Spider massagers (or scalp massagers) originally came from Australia, designed by Aborigines who noted the benefits of using long, multi-twigged branches for a rigorous, thorough head massage. Yes, they may look very strange, with their metal long legs and generous handle at the top, but they really do deliver a superior head massage.

Shaped like a spider (hence their name), with a number of long, dangling legs, they’re quite a simple innovation really. Usually made out of metal, the legs are spindly enough that they have some flexibility, allowing them to really massage the scalp well.

They’re also long enough to reach all over the head, from the top to the crown and down to the base of the neck. At the top of the spider massager is a handle, which you operate to move the contraption around your head, making sure to stimulate all the areas.

Using a Head Massager Spider

The best way to use a spider massager (or scalp massager) is to place the contraption on the top of your head and then move the legs so they cover the head. Then you should maneuver the spider massager upwards and downwards in generous, circular shapes. Keep the movement nice and slow to really feel the benefit, it’s a very relaxing feeling.

What Spider Massagers Do

There are a number of benefits when using a spider massager:

  1. They can help to alleviate symptoms of a headache and prevent the onset of a migraine
  2. They encourage feelings of relaxation and calm
  3. They boost endorphin levels (the happiness hormone!)
  4. Spider massagers help to stimulate circulation in the scalp, so improving the texture of your hair and with long-term use, they can even help to boost healthy hair growth
  5. Users report feeling calm and peaceful after a spider head massage


Our favorite spider massager is the Kikkerland Spider Massager which retails at just under $10 (depending on where you purchase it from). Made out of stainless steel with coated ends and brushed aluminium, it’s designed to help to increase blood flow to the scalp for better circulation.

It’s also ideal to use at the end of a busy day as it relaxes stressed muscles, alleviating pain and discomfort. Ideal for deep relaxation, it’s one of those stress relievers that you shouldn’t be without and what makes it entirely useful is it’s small enough to take with you wherever you go.

So, you can use it at home, in the office or take it on your travels. Do note, this is manual use, it won’t vibrate and nor is it mechanically operated. Buy it for yourself, or if you have a friend who suffers from stress and anxiety, it makes a wonderful gift!


Head Massage Spiders

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