Best Recliners For Back Pain Sufferers, With Lumbar Support

Back pain can be triggered by a lot of factors; stress, age, bad posture, or a hereditary or congenital disease that affects your back. While most people will turn to massages and therapists, everybody could benefit from using additional lumbar support at home, to provide pain relief and relaxation.The best recliners for back pain help not only provide optimum relaxation for tensed lower back muscles, but are actually ideal to take pressure off from the spine discs.

The best recliners for back pain, in fact, are designed specifically to support the elderly and people with bad backs by providing adjustable lumbar and feet support.The additional functions of massage recliners with heat features are of great help to release tension and soothe sore lower and upper back muscles. Here are some of the best recliners for back pain available in market to use in the comfort of your living room.

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

Maximum Capacity: 300 LBS

Seat Height: 19”

Material: Foam cushion stuffed with polyester and high-density sponge

Accessories: Remote control and side pocket bags

Colors: Camel, Chocolate, Light Brown, Brown


Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Seat height: 28.7” (backrest only)

Material: PU leather padded with thick sponge

Accessories: 2 cup holders, 4 storage bags, remote control

Colors: Black, Espesso, Coffee, Cream, Grey

Zvago Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

Maximum Capacity: 300 LBS

Seat Height: 47.5”

Material: Synthetic leather, upholstered and made of solid birch wood as base

Accessories: Footrest extension, removable lumbar pillow, remote control

Color: Cognac

The 10 Best Recliners For Back Pain (Newest Models)

1. Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV Power Lift Recliner ChairThe CANMOV Power Lift recliner chair is a heavy duty recliner seat designed with modern style and efficient function to provide ultimate lounging experience.

Available in camel, chocolate, light brown, and dark brown colors, this special chair has been made from antiskid upholstery with overstuffed pillow design gracing the armrest, back, and seat to offer a comfortable seating experience. 

The CANMOV power lift recliner chair requires only 10 minutes of installation. It was specifically designed to help the elderly and those with limited mobility lift themselves up more smoothly and safely. 

Pro: Its motor is quiet that provides additional comfort and relaxation. The entire seat is found to be very comfortable and soft, thanks to its material, and is easy to assemble.

Con: The entire chair may be a bit small for people with bigger body structure.

2. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Esright’s Massage Recliner Chair is a unique seat with massaging, vibrating, rocking, and heating functions. It’s thick material—made from leather and padded with thick sponge, has been purposely done so for intensive use. It can swivel up to 360 degrees, and may recline up to 150 degrees. 

Considered by users one of the best recliners for back pain, it is equipped with heating function that is specifically designed for lumbar relaxation, usually comes in 2 separate boxes upon purchase, but may be assembled easily. With seat dimensions as wide as 22.1”, it aims to provide better comfort for most of its customers.

Pro: The chair is easy to assemble and will only take roughly 20 minutes to do so. The chair is huge enough to accommodate users with bigger body structure, and equipped with several chair accessories such as cup holders and side pockets for additional comfort.

Con: The offered warranty may be questionable, as vendors would often ask for shipping fees and other similar payment needs prior to honoring warranty. The chair does not provide specifications for Maximum Weight Capacity, but customer experience suggests it to be on the lower end, as the chair easily breaks for users on the heavy side.

3. Zvago Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

Zvago Dual Power Zero Gravity ReclinerThe Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner is a unique recliner chair offering zero-gravity recliner option with massage and heating features for soothing sore muscles. It’s massage features, operated through a remote control, is equipped with multi-pulse vibration nodes to help press tense muscles, with the heat aiding not only in the lumbar area, but also soothe and recover the sore areas. The unique design and advanced features make the Svago one of the best recliners for back pain, without having to compromise on looks.

The chair, available in Cognac color, has an extendable footrest with a removable lumbar pillow. The headrest may easily be adjusted for correct positioning of head and neck for optimal comfort, and armrests may be extended to support all possible angles.

Pro: The product is very easy to assemble. It is simple and offers nice angling for reclining the chair.

4. Homegear Recliner with 8 point back massage function

Homegear Recliner with 8 point massageSpecifications:

  • Maximum Capacity: 485 LBS
  • Seat Height: 24.5”
  • Material: leatherette finish
  • Chair Accessory: 2 cup holders, 2 4 chair/ storage pouches, remote control
  • Available Colors: Black, Brown, Cream

The Homegear Recliner Chair is a unique recliner and massage seat specifically designed to provide relaxation and comfort. It is equipped with an 8-point electric massage system, with a heating function targeted specifically in the lumbar region to provide comfort to tense muscles. It features multiple massage modes, and have 3 timer settings, allowing users to customize the massage and heat features according to their specific needs.

Homegear’s recliner chair is also designed to provide a full 360 degrees swivel, making it a convenient furniture for users wherever it may be placed; be it in an office, in the patio, or even in the living room. It has at least 2 cup holders and 4 chair pouches— one for each side and two in front— to provide additional comfort and convenience to drinks, books, mobile phones and magazines.

Pro: Easy to assemble, with a good height to provide enough comfort even for a tall person or someone with a big body structure. Its variety of massage features, including its heating functions maximizes the relaxing opportunity it offers. The price also comes in cheap and offers good value for money.

5. Divano Roma Oversized Rocker and Swivel Recliner

Divano Roma Oversized Rocker and Swivel ReclinerDivano Roma Furniture’s oversize brush microfiber rockers and swivel recliner is an efficient living room accent chair composed of microfiber fabric and woven texture. This full reclining 360 degrees swivel chair has an overstuffed padded seat back and arms, and has an upholstery of microfiber fabric to provide comfort to its user.

This oversize recliner and swivel chair is easy to assemble, and is capable of both reclining and rocking. The back rest is movable and may be assembled and removed from its place as needed.

Pro: A unique accent chair, with soft and quiet noise. Easy to set up and assemble. The seat does not have any electrical support (massaging or heating features), but is a good and convenient accent chair that may be placed in living rooms.

6. JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power Lift-Recliner

JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power-Lift ReclinerSpecifications:

  • Recliner chair with power-lift mechanism for easy in/out; ideal for a living room or den
  • Comfortable cushions made of high-density foam, polyester fiber and independently wrapped pocket coils
  • Durable bonded-leather (PU) upholstery in a dark shade of brown; wired power control (included) ensures easy operation
  • Space-saving wall-hugger design only needs 4 inches of clearance from wall to lift or recline
  • Measures 34.6 by 37 by 41 inchers (LxWxH); quick, easy assembly required

The JC Home Sabadell Wall-Hugger Power-Lift Recliner is an efficient power chair offering massage, vibration and heating features. It creates an even cozier, more welcoming abode with help from the Sabadell collection of furniture from JC Home.

The Sabadell collection includes pieces that offer both ultimate comfort and user-friendly convenience—like its wall-hugger power-lift recliner, for example, which offers kick-back relaxation and easy in and out. Pieces in the Sabadell collection typically work well in a living room, family room, den, bedroom, or office.

Pro: The Sabadell collection offers modern aesthetics, and it includes pieces with smoothly curved contours and tufting for added dimension. Sabadell works well on its own and integrates nicely into modern- or transitional-style existing ensembles. 

Con: The chair is a bit slippery. It’s faux leather and difficult to get any traction to be able to stand up

7. Flash Furniture Massaging Recliner

Flash Furniture Massaging ReclinerSpecifications:

  • Seat Height: 42”
  • Material: Leather and polyurethane
  • Chair Accessory: Side pocket for storage, ottoman seat and remote control
  • Available Colors: Black

The Flash Furniture Massaging leather recliner chair is a combination of recliner and ottoman made from black leather and soft upholstery. It has plush arms and integrated headrest. 

The chair may be controlled via a remote to provide maximum massaging power to massage the back, thigh, legs, and lumbar area. It has 9 massage modes with 5 intensity levels. It also has a heating feature with set timer to control massage features for your benefit. The massage feature focuses on vibrating. The chair may be reclined manually, and has additional pouches located on the side of the chair for additional storage and extra human comfort.

Pro: The chair is easily assembled and does full reclining features. The Ottoman, although a separate unit, also has the vibrating features once plugged into the chair.Con: Although equipped with several massage modes, the massage features is limited to just vibrating. Its electric plug is also quite short and would need location adjustment.

8. Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage Recliner

Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage ReclinerSpecifications:

  • Maximum Capacity: 294 LBS
  • Seat Height: 43”
  • Material: leather
  • Chair Accessory:
  • Available Colors: Black, Brown, Cream, Grey, Red

The chair’s space saving design, available in at least 5 colors, is also designed to save space, and would require only about 2” of wall clearance. 

The Human Touch Novo XT2 3D S and L Track Massage Chair is a zero-gravity recliner that is equipped with heat and massage features. Its massage nodes are strategically placed to apply pressure to key healing points. Its dual lumbar heat feature is for specifically targeting the lumbar position to help relieve muscle pains. 

The chair also has an extended foot and calf massager to provide optimum reflexology experience. The intensity may be adjusted and the leg rest may be adjusted according to the height.

The Human Touch Novo Xt2 3D recliner is equipped with 5 intensity settings, 5 acupuncture massage intensity options, 6 body massage and 3 foot massage speeds, making it one of the best recliners for back pain in terms of advanced massage features

9. Relaxzen 8 motor massage recliner

Relaxzen 8 Motor Massage Recliner With OttomanSpecifications:

  • Maximum Capacity: 
  • Seat Height: 40.6”
  • Material: Polyurethane leather with wood base
  • Chair Accessory: Ottoman chair and remote control
  • Available Colors: Beige and realtree camouflage

The Relaxzen 8 Motor Massage Recliner chair is a powerful vibration massage chair with 8 motors equipped within the unit. Aiming to target the 4 zones in the full back, legs, thighs and lumbar, this massage chair offers over 5 intensity levels to 9 massage nodes, and is equipped with heating feature targeting the lumbar area for soothing muscles.

This living room chair for bad backs provides a wood base to help easier swiveling function, while the cushion is made from plush foam to guarantee comfort. It has a properly matched separate ottoman for relaxing the feet to go with the reclining feature of the seat. The remote control provides a convenient way to control the massage and reclining features of the seat.

Pro: The heating function may be activated even without turning the massage function on, which helps well with sore muscles. It is easy to assemble, and has a vast range of massage modes and intensity levels to choose from. The vast intensity features allowed better chance for adjusting the features according to specific needs.

Con: The chair does not have gliding and swiveling functions.

10. Human Touch Whole Body Relaxer Massage Recliner

Human Touch Whole Body Relaxer Massage Recliner (1)The Human Touch WholeBody Swivel-Base Massage chair is a unique massage chair that offers relaxing features for the whole body. It helps pinpoint all pressure points and automatically target them to help relief and soothe tight muscles. Its lumbar heat modules specifically targets the back for the smoother process. 

The Human Touch Chair is also equipped with the CirQlation Figure-8 Technology, which helps improve overall circulation, which will benefit the body from high blood pressure, sleep issues, low blood pressure, and fibromyalgia.

This recliner for back pain sufferers offers 5 auto massage programs aimed to target the full back, upper back, lower back, for relaxation, and for sleeping. It can swivel up to 55 degrees, and has three stationary massage techniques to choose from. A comfort pillow is also made available for extra comfort.

Pro: The chair is purchased as a fully assembled unit, and will therefore not need any assembly time. The chair is also endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic, showing its authenticity as a useful relaxing massage chair. The chair is also high enough to reach the pressure points of tall people, and is available with a three year warranty.

Best Recliners for Back Pain - The Complete Guide

Finding the best recliner chairs for back pain depends solely on your preference, budget, and keen eye. These recliner chairs are specialized specifically to provide comfort, especially for those who are suffering from back and knees problemsand the elderly. 

Selecting the best recliners for back pain needs some research into user habits.Do they need these chairs for relaxation and comfort, or for health reasons? The elders may want to get a soft cushioned seat that may feature reclining capacity so they can lift themselves easier from the chair. Those with sore muscles and back problems on the other hand, may want to have the massage, heating, and vibrating features to soothe their tense muscles. These are some of the details to consider if you need an orthopedic recliner for back pain relief.

Main Types Of Recliners For Back Pain

Power Lift Recliners

Also known as the riser recliner, this chair allows the user to lift themselves upward, providing convenience in getting up and off from the seat. Due to it being highly motorized, power lift recliners tend to be pricier compared to the other types of recliner seats. 

Zero Gravity Recliners

Zero gravity recliner chairs are named so due to its design that is aimed to mimic the posture of an astronaut during lift-off. The rationale for this is that such reclined position distributes the stress across the body, and therefore lessens the stress at the back, and at the same time improves circulation.

Massaging Recliners

These provide the full relaxation and back rest experience. These massage recliner chairs are usually equipped with vibrating setting or Shiatsu nodes that target sore muscles by kneading or vibrating.

Heated Recliners

Aheated recliner seat is usually for those with back problems looking for comfort and soothing. The recliner chair is usually equipped with heating features that targets specific areas, usually the lumbar region, to soothe the tense muscles there.

Recliners With Footstool

As the term suggests, these recliner chairs are paired with ottoman and foot stools, either as an attachment or a separate extension or accessory to provide extra comfort to the user.

Benefits of using good recliner for back pain

The recliners are generally designed to provide comfort and relaxation and helps reduce stress that usually materializes through back pains. Going into a reclining position effectively helps distribute the weight all over your body to provide a better circulation. As a result, the  strain on the muscles in the back area lessens, and relaxation is achieved. 

So, how do you know when you found a good recliner for back pain relief? As long as it has a good lumbar support, then a recliner chair is good, for not only will it help alleviate pain from the upper back area, but the lumbar support will also ensure that the lower back will not get the brunt of the stress. Others would also prefer to get a good chair not only equipped with reclining features, but also with massage and heating functions to boot to experience optimum relaxation and comfort experience.

Features to look for when choosing the best recliners for back pain

There are a few key features one has to take into consideration when choosing the best home chair for lower back pain. 


Is the upholstery and stuffing of the chair made from good material enough to provide you comfort during long hours of sitting? Also check if the covering material is smooth and comfortable enough for your skin to be in contact with for a long period of time.


Some chairs may have nice features that will fit all your requirements, but this may be one thing that hinders your purchase; it is not big enough or small enough to fit you. Sitting in a seat that does not fit you feels uncomfortable; a small chair may be too restricted, while risking to sit in a big massage chair may be uncomfortable especially if it is hitting the wrong points in your back, you’d only end up being injured. This is why you need to be very critical in the dimensions and check things out to find that Goldilocks moment for your selection.

Price Range

While getting a massage chair may be an indulgence, you should still avoid splurging and sticking to your budget. You usually get your money’s worth, but with proper planning and consideration, you may still end up purchasing a good deal for your money.

Massage Function

Here are different approaches to the massage function; there are recliner seats that offer simple vibrating that helps shake your muscles. There is also a deep tissue massaging, in which pressure points are basically kneaded and releases tension from your muscles by breaking it down from your back. You should always consider what is it you actually need and prefer to avoid unnecessary spending and enjoy is maximum benefits.

Additional Functions

You may want to look at the additional functions a recliner seat offers; are there additional pouches or cup holders to support your other needs? Would you like them to be able to swivel, or would you like a seat with wheels to help you move efficiently? These are some of the functions you need to look into, based on your preference.

How can a recliner help with back pain?

Dealing with back pain is a complex process.  Apart from ensuring that you relieve yourself from stress, you may want to make sure that you maintain a good posture and avoid slouching to avoid inducing more physical stress over your back muscles. 

The best recliners for back pain generally play with the concept of Ergonomics, which generally refers to providing an efficient approach to design and furniture arrangement for the purpose of increased productivity and health. Recliner chairs aim to ensure that users are able to sit comfortably without hurting their back. 

Through the use of power lift technology for instance, users would be able to maximize the reclining and lifting features of chairs so that they can lift themselves up without hurting their back or exerting too much effort. This is applicable more especially for the elders and those who have back problems. 

The massage and heating features also help in easing back and muscle pains of the user. By carefully targeting pressure points and tense muscles, the recliner chairs help provide an extra level of comfort to its users. Further, the heating features aid well in soothing inflamed muscles and tendons, maximizing relaxing features.

Why is sitting posture important when dealing with back pain?

Best recliners for back pain are designed to reduce the tension and pressure on the back, shoulders, neck and feet – when they are fully reclined. If equipped with massaging function, this helps break down your tense muscles, and the heating function will help reduce the soreness. Getting a good orthopedic recliner with good back support is as important as maintaining your posture; you may want to make sure you select and maintain a good chair, otherwise, you will just induce more pain to yourself rather than relieving it.

Falling Asleep in Recliner Chairs

Some recliner chairs on the other hand, are also designed to aid users for sleeping. As mentioned earlier, there may be instances where moving and lifting one’s self up from the seat may be difficult, and so these chairs are specifically designed to help provide better comfort.


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