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Magic Union Power Lift Massage Recliner Review

Magic Union’s Power Lift massage recliner heated vibrating chair is a faux leather made, remote controlled seat massager that offers vibration and heating functions. With over 5 preset massaging functions and 2 control features to take command, this is one of the best massage recliner models designed to offer relaxation and ease, focusing on thighs […]

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Esright Heated Massage Recliner Chair Review

Recliners today are more advanced and comfortable than they’ve ever been. There are also a surplus of options to choose from, so it can be a bit overwhelming choosing one. With a variety of colors, materials, additional features, and shapes, it can be hard to decide what recliner is right for you. Could it be the Esright […]

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OWAYS 3D Massage Recliner Chair Review

The OWAYS massage chair is a full body massager in the style of a modern, stylish rocking chair. It has 6 massage levels (3 “tapping” and 3 “kneading”), with rollers in the back, and in the adjustable neck pillow. It also has vibrating motors in the seat, and a heating function for the back. These […]

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