25 Fun, Uplifting Things To Do By Yourself

It’s your job to show the world how to treat you, and the better you treat you, the better the world will treat you. You don’t have to prove anything. Your woke up perfect in your imperfection.
  1. Go for a walk – in nature, in a park and enjoy breathing the fresh air.
  2. Hug a tree – they are true soul healers
  3. Rearrange your wardrobe and discover old clothes again.
  4. Simplify your life – get rid of old clutter around you, be open to clarity. Try using KonMari method for decluttering in order to spark joy!
  5. Donate your old clothes to a donation center
  6. Visit a museum you’ve never been to before
  7. Take a class online, watch a webinar to learn a new skill or to develop yourself.
  8. Go for a long brunch with a good book
  9. Spend half a day at the flea market perusing through old treasures
  10. Go on a weekend break and explore a new city with a map
  11. Go hiking and have a picnic in nature
  12. Order sushi for dinner and watch a romantic comedy with a glass of wine
  13. Make a grocery and meal plan for the week and go to the local market to shop fresh fruits and vegetables
  14. Bake a cake you’ve never tried before
  15. Go through old pictures and select some to print in an album for a friend or family member
  16. Do a yoga practice for strength and confidence boost. I love Yoga with Adrienne Deepen and Flow practice
  17. Take your bike for a leisurely ride and go your favourite cafe
  18. Meditate for 10 minutes listening to music for inner peace to connect body, mind and soul. Breath and just be in the moment
  19. Take a bubble bath after giving yourself a foot massage with a drop of lavender essential oil
  20. Take some time to do affirmations: “ I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough. There is nothing to prove.”
  21. Do a 3 mile walk at home program. I love Laslie Sanson’s program as my lifetime exercise routine.
  22. Start an herb garden or organise a terrarium
  23. Go to a tea house and get your own personalised mix of teas, dried fruits and herbal blends.
  24. Start journaling – let your emotions and intuition guide you
  25. Give yourself a mini retreat weekend – go for a massage, pamper yourself and really relax!


Here is a free printable that you can Pin to your Pinterest board or print out to keep as a reminder for your daily routine.


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Carmen is an entrepreneur and content marketer. In a former life, as a corporate business executive, she relied on yoga, reflexology and other alternative practices to fight stress, anxiety and find balance. She’s on a mission to build healthy habits for a balanced, healthy life, connecting body, mind and spirit.