Why Cupping is Good for Weight Loss

If you’ve tried faddy diets, you’ve gone on relentless exercise regimes or you genuinely do eat healthily but nothing shifts those extra pounds, then you need to re-think! It’s widely documented that certain alternative therapy treatments can actually help you reach your weight loss goals.

One of the most talked about (and the most successful) is cupping for weight loss. You possibly wonder why all the conventional weight loss methods stop working after a while. Well, one of the main reasons is that after the age of 25, your metabolism starts to slow down.

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From your mid-twenties, your body starts to lose its fat burning tissue which means that fat stops burning off as easily. Cupping helps to restore the energy that your body needs to shift those fat cells. A traditional Chinese medicine treatment, it’s designed to promote faster weight loss as long as you also follow a healthy diet and regular exercise.

It’s proven too. This study on mildly obese Japanese women shows how cupping (along with exercise and healthy eating) can actually promote better weight loss result. Before you embark on cupping for weight loss, here’s some more information.

What is Cupping Massage Therapy?

The Ancient Chinese therapy cupping dates back to over 5,000 years and was used in the Far East (and many Eastern European countries too) to promote natural healing. Cupping stimulates blood circulation in the area of concern, unblocking energy channels and breaking down fat cells too. It also is an excellent method for encouraging the lymphatic system to rid itself of toxins and impurities plus it reduces water retention.

Additionally, it gets rid of lactic acid build up in the muscles which are why many athletes use it for muscle recovery. The process involves using warmed suction cups made out of flexible plastic or sometimes glass (never at a hot temperature). The cups are placed on pressure point areas of the body to create a vacuum between the cup and the skin. The suction is released using a piston mechanism at the top of the cup.

Cupping shouldn’t hurt but be aware that most cupping techniques leave a mark on the skin. The deeper the mark, the more toxins present. Marks typically fade between three days to three weeks.

Is Cupping Good for Weight Loss?

Cupping can certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals along with a sensible diet and exercise plan. The Chinese base cupping on “Qi” (energy). When Qi is restricted, it results in excess fat building up because the metabolism isn’t fast enough to encourage weight loss. Using cupping therapy, Qi is restored and the actual process ruptures fat cells which are flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system.

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However, remember that as with any form of alternative medicine you do need to examine your overall lifestyle. In order to get the best possible results, you must eat a healthy diet; reduce your saturated fats and sugary food. It’s best to try not to eat late at night and factor in daily exercise. Drinking 2 liters of water daily is important to keep your body hydrated too.

How to do cupping therapy for weight loss at home

To achieve best results, you need to target the areas where you’d like to see a reduction in weight. Normally, this is around the abdomen, thighs and bottom areas. Cupping sets usually contain a variety of sizes so choose the right size for the area of concern. The smaller the cup, the smaller the area it will target.

If you’re a cupping beginner, take care not to apply too much pressure on the skin because you could cause blistering and read all the steps below to avoid making mistakes.

    • Start by taking a warm shower and cleaning yourself thoroughly
    • Remove excess body hair particularly targeting the area of concern
    • Dry yourself thoroughly
    • Use a light cream or oil on your body (but check the cupping set you’re using can cope with oil)
    • Make sure the room you’re using is warm and comfortable
    • Warm your cups using the instructions provided in your set
    • Connect the extension with the cup along with the pump gun

The 2 Week Diet

  • Place the first cup onto your stomach (or other areas of concern)
  • Draw the gun handle to create a vacuum (it removes the air in between the cup and the skin)
  • Remove the connector. The cup should balance on the skin using the vacuum to keep it in place
  • Move the cup slowly to the left and right (in a circular motion) taking care not to release any air
  • Place the next cup and continue until all cups are placed
  • Wait a little time (maximum ten to fifteen minutes although build up the time slowly with experience) and release the pressure in each cup (don’t pull the cup away from the skin as this can cause injury)
  • You will likely leave a red mark where the cup has been, don’t worry, this is entirely normal
  • You should need around ten sessions but always take a break after ten sessions to allow your body rest time
  • Apply a soothing cream following treatment

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Why cupping is good for weight loss

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