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Muscles often go into a spasm and this can happen for a variety of reasons, for example, heavy exercise, lots of sport, failing to stretch before working out or due to injury. That is your cue to apply a few techniques or maybe some natural muscle relaxers that would ease the discomfort. A muscular spasm feels like tightness or hardness. It can even resemble a bulging area on your body and it can throb or cramp too.

Most of the time, a muscular spasm relieves itself with a little gentle stretching or massaging the area to reduce symptoms. Generally, muscular spasms occur in the neck, calves, ribs, feet, hamstrings and quads but can also occur anywhere on the body. Muscle spasm isn’t age related and can happen anytime.

Pregnant women are particularly prone to muscle spasm because of the sudden increase in weight and the muscles relaxing. Muscle spasms also affect those who suffer with muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis.

Foods & Plants That Reduce Muscular Spasm

chamomile - natural muscle relaxersAs well as stretching, various natural muscle relaxers are available on the market to help and you can also try natural muscle relaxants such as chamomile (applauded for its ability to relieve tight muscles and its anti-inflammatory properties). You can also try adding a vitamin D supplement to your diet (those who experience regular muscle pain may be deficient). Remember, vitamin D comes from natural sunlight so if you don’t get outside much or you live in a cool climate, a supplement may well be beneficial.

Another great supplement is magnesium which regulates normal muscle function. You can get magnesium from bananas, brown rice, almonds and legumes. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and muscular movement, you can get calcium through a supplement but it is far better for you to ingest calcium through food such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, spinach, quinoa, kale, sardines and watercress for example.


streching - natural muscle relaxers

Stretching also helps to get rid of cramp and muscular tension. You should always stretch your muscles before and after workout, to stop tension building while you train. Stressing your muscles during workout creates little tiny tears in the muscle. If you allow yourself time to stretch these tears will heal very quickly. You need slow movement which helps to keep blood and oxygen circulating round the body.

These slow movements prevent cramp. Often, the pain you experience in muscles can be relieved by stretching the opposing muscle, this works really well for back or neck tension. As a word of warning, never stretch to the point that it hurts and don’t pulse your stretch. Relax into each one, breathing deeply and feeling the length of your muscle as you stretch. Stretching is also good for improving mobility.

Herbs Suppliments

- natural muscle relaxersDee Cee Labs Formula 303 Maximum Strength Natural Muscle Relaxers Tablets

This screw-cap bottle contains 250 maximum strength, homeopathic natural relaxant tablets, ideal for natural tension and stress relief. Safe and effective, these tablets are perfect for alleviating that cramping feeling in muscles and they work quickly to provide relief.

They aren’t cheap, at $40 (depending on retailer) but they are very potent, made with natural valerian (a known relaxant). Each tablet is capable of reducing tightness in muscles anywhere in the body. They are also an excellent aid for insomnia

TENS Unit & EMS Two-In-One Handheld TENS Machine

Tens Unit - natural muscle relaxersTENS Units have been popular for years, especially during the latter stages of pregnancy to alleviate muscular spasm (Braxton Hix syndrome) and during the early stages of labour. At just under $40 (depending on retailer) is the TENS Unit & EMS two in one handheld TENS Machine which comes with a lifetime warranty.

This small machine works by safely pulsing the area of concern with 20 levels of pulse intensity and speed to stimulate muscles and nerves. There’s also a useful timer, giving you control over sessions ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. Customizable settings, there are ten different massage modes so you can easily select the right one for your required pain relief. This model has an easy to read LCD screen which shows the mode selected, intensity level, the timer and battery life.

Completely portable, you can take this with you wherever you go. The design includes six adhesive gel pads, two lead wires, a USB cable adaptor, two pad holders and rechargeable lithium battery. Finally, the manufacturer offers 100% money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied.

Prime Natural Muscle Relaxers/Relief Essential Oil Blend

Muscle Relief Essential Oil BlendAt just $9.49 (depending on retailer) is the Prime Natural Muscle Relief Essential Oil blend which is lightly scented and delivers a superior aromatherapy and therapeutic experience. For the price, you get a 10ml bottle of 100% natural, pure essential oils, all of which are therapeutic grade.

Ideal for muscular pain and muscular spasm, this little miracle boasts analgesic oils with anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic qualities that help to get rid of stiffness, joint pain and cramp. Containing peppermint, eucalyptus, chamomile and camphor essential oils, no additives or preservatives. The bottle is a dark amber colour so won’t deteriorate and it comes with a useful dropper to avoid using too much in one session. Simply massage a few drops into the area of concern and wait for the spasm to completely disappear!

Naturisme Cosmetics HUSH RUB Natural Muscle Relaxer

HUSH RUB muscle relaxerThis 3.4 ounce muscle relaxer retails at approximately $19.95 (depending on where you purchase it from) and provides you with a very effective natural product that is simply rubbed into the affected area. Soothing and cooling, this pain relieving moisturising cream is made with a combination of Arnica (known for its anti-inflammatory properties), Lavender (calming and soothing), Blackseed and rosemary.

It is so potent; it is even effective on arthritis. As well as its moisturising ingredients, this muscle relaxing is also nourishing to the skin so it feels hydrated, smooth and most of all, comfortable.

TMJ Relief Pillow Best Neck and Shoulder Muscle Relaxer by Accutrig

TMJ Relief Pillow

This clever traction device helps with pain relief management and cervical spine alignment. Retailing at $17.99 (depending on where you purchase it from) it works to give your neck and shoulders muscular spasm and pain relief. Simply place the cushion structure over your shoulders and the device applies pressure to relieve tension and discomfort, muscles soon relax.

You only need to use the device for 15 minutes and you’ll feel refreshed with more mobility. Wear it lying down, sitting up or even while driving as it gives excellent support. The manufacturer offers 100% guarantee refund if you are dissatisfied giving you added peace of mind.

Peanut Self-Massage Ball

5BILLION Peanut Massage Ball

At just $12 (depending on retailer) is the self-massage ball, a clever device that gives you instant relief. It delivers a deep tissue massage for myofascial release and acupoint pressure. Just 5” in length and 2.5” in diameter, it’s small and neat and shaped like a peanut. This design is ideal for reaching the back of your spine and vertebrae without any discomfort when you lay down.

Made out of 100% natural rubber, it’s firm but not too hard and it comes with its own free carry bag and workout guide so you can easily follow the instructions for use. Perfect for alleviating pain in the neck, back, legs, feet and shoulders and it comes with a 100% manufacturers guarantee.

Natural Muscle Relaxers

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