Review of the Thermapulse Relief Wrap

One of the latest products to come to market, the Relief Wrap by Thermapulse is a massaging vest product that you wear on your torso over your clothing. The wrap is designed to get rid of pain, stiffness and tension in your muscles by using heat with vibration (there are different vibration settings). Do bear in mind that it only targets the back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Ontel Thermapulse

Thermapulse Relief Wrap retails at approximately $44.99 (depending on where you buy it from) so it offers a good value pain relief option. The wrap features four pulsating massage settings and two heat settings for convenience, so you manage the type of relief you want.

It plugs into the mains power (it is not battery operated) and the extra-long 9 foot cord is convenient if your mains source isn’t close to a comfortable chair or your bed. With a digital LED controller, you set the pace and you manage the level of massage comfort that’s delivered.

How Does it Alleviate Pain and Discomfort?


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The main aim of the Thermapulse Relief Wrap is to reduce tension and pain in your muscles and it does this by encouraging better blood flow throughout the area of concern so boosting circulation. That blood flow helps to reduce stiffness and soreness and reduces inflammation so helping to soothe discomfort. The result should be that you feel relaxed and pain-free.

So, if you have pain caused by injury, exercise, poor posture, illness or medical conditions such as arthritis and general back pain it could be what you’re looking for. It’s well-known that physical massage can help to remove the pain or significantly reduce it and the Relief Wrap uses targeted vibration massage. Using that vibration in conjunction with the heat mechanism you can expect good results and certainly plenty of tension relief.

Will it Fit Me?

Unless you are extra-large in size or extra-small, it should fit. It is generous in size and adjusts, hugging the contours of the body for maximum effect. The cover is comfortable to wear, made out of a plush material that is entirely machine-washable so easy to keep clean. It also features magnetic closure to keep it from moving.

It’s Relatively Convenient

You can use Relief Wrap while sitting at home, watching TV or even while at your desk because you wear it on your body. As you can choose from high and low settings to get the massage you want and administer the pressure that you like, it is a convenient home-use method to reduce your type of tension.

Additionally, the Thermapulse Relief Wrap has an auto-shut off feature that enables after two hours of idle use therefore reducing the chances of over-heating.

Does it Work?

Yes – it works but bear in mind that it only works on your lower back, shoulders and neck. It won’t help you with pain in your legs, arms or feet. Additionally, the heat function doesn’t reach a high temperature so some people might prefer a different product that delivers more warmth.

As mentioned, it’s unsuitable for you if you are a very small person or a very large person as its one-size-fits-all shape is designed for average sized individuals. Remember, it’s also not very portable because it’s quite large and bulky and as it only works with mains power, you must have an electricity source.

It might not work abroad as it doesn’t have dual voltage.

But if You’re Not Happy…

You have almost two months to decide as the manufacturer is so convinced that you will enjoy Relief Wrap that you get a 60 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy.


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