Contrary to popular belief, you can massage the eye area. However, you need the right tools to perform the treatment without damaging the delicate skin. Remember, the skin around your eye area (lid, socket and just underneath) is the finest skin on the body and it’s prone to stretching, sagging and fine lines.

In fact, the eyes are often the first place to show signs of aging so never apply too much pressure or stretch the skin as this will only add to decrease of elasticity.

Eye Massagers for Puffiness, Anti-aging, Lymphatic Drainage and Migraine

Luckily, you can use eye massage to gently revive tired looking and puffy eyes. In fact, an eye massage is the most beneficial treatment for dark circles as they need help dispersing. Massage of any type boosts the lymphatic system, encouraging it to drain away toxins and impurities from the skin.

When you perform regular eye massage, you encourage that drainage. As well as lymphatic drainage, an eye massage can often alleviate migraine symptoms so you don’t have to reach for your bottle of pain relief medication!

Gentle, Light Strokes and Patting

When you do use eye massage, remember to only use the lightest strokes on the area, pat with your fingertips and never press hard. For the best eye massager tools available to buy, read on and choose the right one for you.

Eye Massaging Tools Reviewed

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Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

Foreo Iris Illuminating Eye Massager

This clever little eye massaging tool by Foreo retails at $139 (depending on where you buy it from) so it’s certainly not cheap but it is effective on removing eye bags, as an anti-aging treatment and for relieving tired looking eyes. It is especially designed for the sensitive eye area and with regular use; you will notice a reduction in crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags.

Shaped to massage the eye contour, eyes look visibly revitalized after just one use. Use it in conjunction with your favorite eye cream or serum and lightly press on the contours of the eyes for 30 seconds.

The hypoallergenic eye massage tool uses a sonic tapping motion that gently pulsates so it’s better than manual fingertip use. There are two modes so you select your preference. The Pure Mode delivers a manual style eye massage and the SPA mode delivers a slightly firmer (yet still gentle) massage experience. An excellent product, you can purchase your own here.

Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Massager

Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Massager

This little contraption retails at $99.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and uses a combination of heat, vibration, air pressure and even music to deliver an entirely effective, soothing solution. Foldable and small, it’s an essential you shouldn’t be without especially if you’ve noticed sagging and tired looking eyes.

Choose from three modes, including the heat, air pressure and vibration options. Each helps to reduce signs of aging and tiredness but also help with migraine pain. The product is made out of eco-friendly materials and a super-soft skin cloth so it won’t damage your skin.

The air mode is excellent for the acupoints of your eye muscles while the gentle heat encourages circulation to your eye so reducing puffiness. Vibration is excellent for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Just use it once a day for 30 seconds for the results you want. Buy your Breo iSee here.

Touch Beauty Sonic Vibration Eye Massager

Touch Beauty Sonic Vibration Eye Massager

Of course, if you don’t have the budget then you will love the Touch Beauty Sonic Vibration Eye Massager. It retails at just $9.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and delivers an excellent eye massaging experience. The massager uses a combination of heat and vibration to relieve dark circles, tiredness and puffy eyes.

The heat helps to unblock pores and puffiness so you look fresher and the vibration increases circulation to the eye area, so encouraging lymphatic drainage and visibly reducing signs of fine lines. Use it in conjunction with your favorite eye cream for the ultimate spa experience.

This eye massager is small and portable so you can take it wherever you go for a quick eye pick-me-up! Buy yours here.

SUNMAY Ionic Heated Eye Massager

SUNMAY Ionic Heated Eye Massager

This eye massaging product retails at just $19.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and works effectively on fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. For a thoroughly rejuvenating experience, this battery operated product uses ionic heat on a roller wand to literally roll away lines and puffiness. It also comes with its own protective bag for when it’s not in use.

The Sunmay uses vibration and heat which is soothing and comforting. It keeps constant temperature of approximately 40 Deg C and the ionic function activates skin cells so they promote better collagen production. For your added peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a 100% guarantee. Buy yours here.

Pretty See Sonic Eye Massager

Pretty See Sonic Eye Massager

FDA registered, this small device retails at just $14.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and features high frequency vibration for a thoroughly soothing anti-aging experience.

Easy to use, you simply apply your favorite eye cream and massage gently using the product which uses micro-current technology. The thermal heat mode relaxes eyes and relieves tiredness as it encourages better blood flow to the area. It also increases elasticity and firmness.

Ergonomically designed in an arc shape, it fits the eye area to perfection and being so compact and lightweight, you can take it with you wherever you go. Buy your Pretty See Sonic Eye Massager here.

Hairby Eye Massager with Heat

Hairby Eye Massager with Heat

This portable eye massager uses heat for a soothing experience and helps to reduce fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Retailing at $26.99 (depending on where you buy it from), it is not battery operated and is USB chargeable, making it extra-convenient!

The heat opens up pores and helps to absorb your chosen eye cream or serum, it reaches up to 42 Deg C which is a pleasurable warmth that is extremely comfortable.

The vibration mode uses 7,000 movements per minute and this is what reduces signs of fatigue while also promoting better blood circulation, so plumping up the area.

This device uses an intelligent sensor that immediately engages once it comes in contact with your skin and it’s so effective that you can use it on other areas of the face such as forehead, nose and mouth.

Completely portable, you can take it with you wherever you go. Buy your Hairby here.

iCoostor Facial Massager

iCoostor Facial Massager

Suitable for all areas of the face, the iCoostor is a facial massager that delivers gentle vibration (158 micro vibrations per minute) to the skin combined with a roller mechanism. It retails at $20 (depending on where you buy it from). The temperature heats to 42 Deg C which is soothing and warming.

It encourages better blood circulation and promotes regrowth of collagen so it is entirely anti-aging, therefore helping to reduce sagginess while restoring elasticity to the area of concern.

Using sensor technology, the device initiates once it touches the skin and switches itself off when it is removed from the skin. With an angled head, it fits any contour on the face and you can use it on the forehead, cheeks and jawbone. A mini-pencil design, it is sleek enough to pop into any size handbag.

The manufacturer offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, for added peace of mind. You can buy yours here.


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