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4 Of The Best Luxurious Portable Hot Tubs Reviewed

There’s something inherently luxurious about a hot tub. The ability to melt away your stress and the problems of the day in a tub of bubbling, invitingly warm water just raises up the hairs of your arms and makes you arch your back and neck a little in anticipation. via GIPHY Unfortunately, economics makes hot […]

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How To Relieve Neck Tension And Pain

Neck muscles stretches | Massage | Pillow change | Posture and sitting ergonomics Neck pain is quite literally debilitating. It’s also extremely common. If you look at this piece, it states that 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain, and 15% experience neck pain. So many body movements come from the neck; turning, looking downward, […]

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Best Heating Pads Reviewed [Guide]

For lower back pain & sciatica | For neck pain | For arthritis | For cramps | With massage | With auto shut-off | For legs & knee | For bed | For neck & shoulder | Dry/moist I was 27 when I first realized my previously indestructible body had suffered a muscle injury. Lifting […]

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Best infrared saunas reviewed

Far infrared sauna therapy might sound like something Buck Rogers or Han Solo might use to get relaxed after a long day of saving the universe, but it’s actually a well-known technology used to simulate the effects of moderate exercise and reap the benefits. It has been given a thumbs up in short-term studies of […]

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